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Monday, September 7, 2015

Avenue Plaza Hotel Launches New Menu of Cafe Plazuela

Naga City - Avenue Plaza Hotel (APH), the most awarded hotel not only in this city but in the Bicol Region has taken it's toll in providing world class experience to its patrons both local and foreign guests. Over a year ago of the same month, APH re-launched the famous Afternoon Tea after being originally launched for the first time back in September 2013. Behind the re-launched Afternoon Tea were two Global Chefs with decades of culinary experience in the name of Chef Paul Oraa (Pastry Chef) and Chef Rudy Velasco (Executive Chef) (Read HERE for their BIO). Avenue continues to invest in people with real talents and skills to provide world class culinary experience at the comfort of our home city, Naga. The Avenue Plaza Hotel  now on its eight year of providing the good life to guests is indeed a milestone. Happy anniversary!

Lingers to your soul. The Café Plazuela is always beautiful  the whole year-round.  The whole ensemble of the restaurant consists of the lights, chandeliers, chairs, ceramic tablewares, exquisite glasswares. Beyond the physical attributes of Café Plazuela the most important aspect in a restaurant is always something produced by people, the courteous and smiling servers, live music being played by talented musicians and the chefs behind the meal you are about to partake.

Around the world kind of menu but never leaving out the goodness of Filipino Dishes. Today, the NEW menu of the Cafe Plazuela is now open to the public and loyal guests of the hotel. It's an all around the world kind of menu for everyone to experience right here in the Heart of Bicolandia. Now many of the dishes might be word-class but rest assured that Avenue does not leave out the goodness of Pinoy food. Cafe Plazuela will be perfect for your special occasions and cherished moments. Remember, that even if you're not checking in at the hotel, the restaurant is always open to serve you.

Last weekend, together with the Bicol Bloggers and Nagayon Team, we were privileged enough to have a taste (just a few dishes) of the new menu. While Naga City Deck Facebook turned 20k Likes a night before our staycation at the Avenue, everything felt like it was destiny. I'm back home to the very first brand who supported my advocacy. I'll keep you posted for the separate article regarding our staycation at the Avenue. Now let's take this all around the world trip right here at home, shall we? There are numerous dishes on the new menu, so everything you’ll see here is just a sneak peek.

A separate blog post will be dedicated to the hotel's amenities. 
Everything just won't fit in one blog post if it's The Good Life Experience.  

Cold Entrees: Cold Cuts Harmony, Scottish Smoked Salmon Melba, 
Hot Entrees: Gambas Ala Venetian 

Scottish Smoked Salmon Melba 
Thin sliced smoked salmon, accompanied by a salad of baby greens, served with capers, 
lemon wedge, and Toast Melba.

Cold Cut’s Harmony
Medley of smoked ham, alami, and lyoner sausage on top of mesclun of lettuce 
which is served with horseradish and mustard sauce.

Gambas Ala Venetian
Garlic olive oil marinated Prawns sauteed in light spicy tomato concasse with basil. 

Creamy Shellfish Veloute Flavoured with Saffron and Basil
Orange-Scented Florentine Puree with Chantily Cream
Chicken Essence with Coriander Quenelles and Quail Egg

Luxurious Clab Louis, The Classic Ceasar Salad

The Luxurios Crab Louise
 Crabmeat and ripe mango salad rolled in thin crepes and served with lightly spiced cocktail sauce.

The Classic Caesar Salad 
Iceberg and romaine lettuce, tossed in Caesar dressing with  garlic croutons, 
anchovy fillet, crispy bacon, shaved Parmesan cheese 

All grilled portions are served with market fresh vegetables with your choice of starch and sauces. If you also want your meat to be well done or medium rare just tell the server. 

Australian Tenderloin Steak 
Other grilled meats: The US Rib-eye Steak, US Sirloin Steak and Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb.

My take on this night's superb dinner, a well-done Australian Tenderloin Stake
coupled with Red Wine. I just so love the sauce and the steak was really juicy, wrapped with bacon.

 Pan-Seared Chicken Supreme, Chicken Fillet Veronique, Baby Back Ribs, Pork Tenderloin Zurichoise

Pan-Seared Chicken Supreme
Mango stuffed chicken breast with martini apricote glaze served with green rice and sauteed vegetable

Seafood Medley, Prawn Pascagoula, Salmon Supreme Chasseur, Tuna Tataki, King Prawn Au Gratin, Salmon Belly Cabotini, Catch of the Day

Prawn Pascagoula
Pan seared in light garlic, basil and tomato sauce, served with pumpkin-potato puree and sauteed vegetables.

Seafoods Medley 
A combination of prawns, salmon, and mackerel fillet, wrapped in crepes, served with jasmine rice and vegetable julienned. 

Made with freshly rolled out dough and tomato concasse
Choose from Combination, Frutti di Mare, Vegetraian

There's always something for someone. 
Vegetarians will surely enjoy the Vegetable Garibaldi or the Rosti Potato Florentine 

For The Luxe Club members, don't forget to use your cards!! 

The pasta selections of Avenue is just so delicious. These new flavors is definitely worthy to come back such as Penne Al Forno, Fettucine Mariere, Spaghetti Bolognese and Vongole

Pinoy Food will never get left out at the Avenue. Have a taste of Laing Lasagna, Bagnet Avenue Style, Pork Humba, Sinigang, Bistek Tanique. 

The Avenue Club, Pan Bagnat, Salmon BLT, Plazuela Burger and Surf and Turf Buger

I'll be honest, I have a sweet tooth. I love every bit of color, flavor and sweetness of desserts.

I LOVE THIS!! Green Tea Souffle with Crystallized Oranges 
Delightfully light tea-flavored oven-baked custard with orange segments.

Exotic Fruit Gratin
Fresh fruit in season on a bed of crepes gratinated with Grand Marnier Sabayon 
accompanied with strawberry ice cream. 

Cappuccino Chocolate Cheesecake
Rich smooth and tangy combination of cream cheese and Irish coffee, served with strawberry coulis. 
Just perfect and beautifully plated!

Fresh fruit juices, chilled fruit juices, shakes, iced teas and flavored lemonade, and of course coffee is served at the Cafe Plazuela

Everything is not enough in one blog post. These are just few of the wonderful creations of the Chefs of the Avenue Plaza Hotel. There's many for us to try but as for me, I have a limited storage in my tummy, coming back to Cafe Plazuela will be a very good idea. If you have guests coming to Naga anytime soon or this coming Peñafrancia Festival, bring them to Cafe Plazuela and they will experience the good life and the best of Bicolano hospitality. It was a lovely night with my blogger friends and I may sound exaggerated but it was really an around the world journey of culinary creations. We're very grateful to your generosity, Avenue! Cheers to eight wonderful years and more, Cafe Plazuela and Avenue Plaza Hotel!

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