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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ksarap Daet

Ksarap ang "Food na Masarap"
Vinzons Avenue, Daet, Camarines Norte
(In front of SM Hypermarket)

I graduated college in 2006 but I started working 2007 and Daet was my first base in the world of work. For a short time I had the chance to experience what Daet offers to locals and tourists and Ksarap was one of them.

These photos were long kept and edited (June 2012) but busy me was not able to make a post for this. There's no excuse this time especially that I will be one of the Solemates of www.solesearchingsoul.com for the #DateinDaet on May 3-4, 2014. Flashback of memories in Daet is now consuming me. I'm really excited for this coming weekend with my fellow bloggers.

It's not halo-halo, it's not the typical ice cream. One of my favorites in Daet is a frozen dessert called sherbet. It comes in different flavors that will surely let you crave for more. It's very affordable and perfect for summer. Sherbet is close to ice cream / halo-halo / frozen shake but still unique as it is. I do not know if we will be able to have a sherbet during our #DateinDaet, I hope we will. =D

Mango Sherbet

Ksarap serves huge servings especially for meals. 

Ksarap is the only restaurant that has sprinklers to keep the atmosphere fresh. Don't worry it won't get you totally wet.

These photos were taken June 2012 when I had to drive for my mom due to work. There were a lot of improvements if I will be comparing if from 2007 and I'm sure there's more improvement by this year. 

Ksarap is actually a residential area turned restaurant on the frontyard. Perhaps there are function rooms by this time of the year. You can check their official website at www.ksarap.ph

Bikol Espesyal episode with Ksarap

Monday, April 28, 2014

3-Day Sale May 2014 at SM City Naga

Happy 5th Year Anniversary SM City Naga!! 

The Department of Labor and Employment together with City Government of Naga thru the Metro Naga PESO, SM City Naga, Naga College Foundation, PIA and Philippine Army will once again sponsor a LABOR DAY JOB and LIVELIHOOD FAIR on May 1, 2014 at SM City Naga

It's time again for the SM City Naga 3-Day Sale. I have listed down a few shopping tips for those who are rooting for the 2-Hour special. Take advantage of the additional 10% off from the tag.

  • Visit the mall a day or two before May 2 and take note of the items that you're planning to purchase. By this time, you can take your time in fitting some of the clothes or shoes that you want. Ladies, you know what I mean. 
  • Have the item/s reserved especially for the ones with limited stocks. 
  • Be early on May 2 so that you'll be able to purchase what you need during the first two hours.
  • If you are with a companion and there's a long queue at the counter (and you are still figuring out what to buy), have one of you line up at the cashier. You can always let the person behind you pay first if in case you reach the counter and you're items are not ready yet. Teeheeee

Source: SM City Naga FB

For SM Advantage and Prestige Card Holders enjoy an additional 10% during the first 2 hours!


Over lunch a while ago, I could not help but admire McDonald's and Coca-Cola's initiative to value the art of conversation with their #BetterTogether Campaign.

As far as I can remember, McDo has been showing as very substantial ads in different forms of media. Remember the "Kuya" commercial last year? It's one of the most touching ever. Or the morning song "Hooray for today" which we sing with giving us a positive vibe each day.

While McDo continues to address social issues through ads, may we also internalize what we watch and put the good values back in our own systems.

McDo pretty much knows how to offset their downside (fast food and health concerns) by putting good values in their ads. Nevertheless, it's always our choice whether to patronize Ronald McDonald or not. Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Many of us are guilty with this. =))
Better Together by Moira Dela Torre

Date in Daet 2014

Re-blogging a good friend's Date in Daet 2014.

The Date in Daet 2014 #DiD2013 is chance for bloggers to unite and be heard. It's about time we also shine bright like those who are in the metro. Everything and everyone is going digital and bloggers are a big help not only to the businesses and tourism of every region but we can also serve as an eye opener to our fellow Bicolanos that we are truly blessed with scenic spots and great discoveries. Now let's go fellow Bicolano Bloggers!!! 

Image Source: solesearchingsoul.com

A little info from solesearchingsoul.com
"DATE IN DAET 2014 is a tourism advocacy campaign that aims to provide a getaway for Bicolanos & Bloggers to discover and rediscover Daet, Camarines Norte at the same time foster partnerships with stakeholders.
#DiD2014 wishes to spread the good word online about Daet  through the "blogkadas", (bloggers group and their network of friends) by highlighting its places of interests together with the local products & services to tickle the interest of fellow Bicolanos, Filipinos and even foreigners, especially those fun and adventure loving tourists who are also tech-savvy and rely to internet for information......"
To know more about the #DiD2012 http://www.solesearchingsoul.com/5/post/2014/04/date-in-daet-call-for-sponsors-and-partners.htmlWe are also calling for the support of sponsors in Daet. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cafes in Naga: Bear Cups Patisserie

WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD. A new bear themed pastry and cake shop recently opened at the ground floor of ADC hotel. Just like the Eight Spices restaurant, this new shop is also under the management of the hotel. Feast your eyes as we enter a haven of teddy bears. But before that, let's travel down to your memory lane. I believe most of us has had at least ONE teddy bear held in our arms right? Just a thought of teddy bears makes us smile what more when we see and touch them.

"ANG CUTE!!!!" this will probably be a common statement for the first timers here. 

THE NAME: Bear Cups Patisserie. The magic touch of teddy bears gives as magical comfort whatever our age may be. So why a bear themed pastry shop? Apart from the owners reasons (that I still do not know yet), I think the following reasons will suffice.. Teddy bears eases existential angst especially during our childhood years or maybe until your age now. It also represents our child-like innocence and sometimes reminds us of special people who gave us the teddy bear. Teddy bears also tops the list as a gift to remember special occasions aside from flowers. So teddies brings out the child in us. 

SPECIALTIES: Cakes and patries. They also serve breakfast meals, salads, coffee (hot, iced, frapp) and the like. 

LOCATION: Ground floor of ADC Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Date of Visit: April 22, 2014

STORE HOURS: (I have to check again but weekdays and weekends differs)

BUDGET: Light snacks will cost you around P55 - P150 the lowest. For a more satisfying stay, it will be around P250 up.

view from the lobby

view from the lobby

the menu

Toys, candies, gums and whatnots. For sure your kids will not go home empty handed, so bring a little extra cash.

The baristas corner
THE PLACE: Bear of all sorts is what you'll see. Everything on display is for sale. The dominant colors of white, pink and blue radiates when the chandeliers are turned on. Warm color fills the room when the pendant lights are also on. Visually cozy because of the bears on display. Since they are for sale, you can't actually hug them all you want during your stay. I think that's the missing part of the place, the opportunity to hug the bears all you want. Hygenic reasons and comfort while eating, these are the only reasons that I can think of perhaps why there are no teddy bears that you can cuddle lol. Since you can't hug the bears during your stay, I was actually expecting a couch, but there's none. A set or two might just pull it off to become cozier. Don't get me wrong, the dining tables are fine because it matches the tree-like woodwork on the side. 

Adorable teddies hanged.
Collectors will surely be delighted. Bear Cups Patisserie is not only for children but also for the young at heart.

Would you care to adopt a bear?
Guys, bring your date to Bear Cups patisserie!
Makes you want to hug them!

Dear parents, be sure to bring a little extra money because if you have your kids with you, chances are they will convince you to purchase those cute little accessories on display or even adopt a bear. 

Background music is also relaxing, suits the ambiance just fine. If you want a quiet time to relax rather than stay at a overcrowded coffee shop nearby, well then this is an option. And oh, ambiance wise? It's a little bit similar to White Bean Cafe without the teddy bears. On the second floor of the building, there's also another coffee shop, The Pro Chef's Office

Choco Nutty Frapp

 Hot drinks starts at P40. Iced drinks starts at P70.
Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Madness

Chef's Salad
 Cheesecakes starts at P119 to P139. Cupcakes starts at P55.

There's still a lot more to taste. Bear Cups Patisserie will definitely be on my list where I can concentrate in updating nagacitydeck. See yoo soon Bear Cups!

Nokia Flashback

I was born in the 80's and growing up in the 90's was like growing up side by side with the development of computers, the internet and mobile phones. In handheld and personal communication devices, Pagers were also common to the wealthy together with their family members. I didn't get to experience Pagers. Nokia's history of cellular devices started in the 80's, but since I was in my early childhood years back then, wala pa akong kamuwang-muwang.

So goodbye Nokia and welcome Microsoft Mobile. When I first heard the news about it, I could not help but reminisce the good old times I had with Nokia phones.

High school to college life. The 5110 was the first phone that I got from my parents back in high school. Ooooh the amazing colors of the casing/housing gets me excited because you know how much it costs back then. Say like P500 or even more right? I can still remember my favorite which was a metallic brown/orange type of casing with black keypads. The game Snake was really very popular. Did you use the four buttons or only two?. The next phone I got was 3210 which had a heavy weight on the upper portion of the phone. The 5110 and the 3210 were the only phones that we got that was made in Finland. Yes, it was a very important question in every cellular phone store back then.

Nokia 8210, one of the smallest Nokia phones ever. I was blessed enough to use one. The smaller the phone, the pricier it becomes. Those were the days. The next was the 3310 with the dark blue casing.

Wala pang autoload or eload, prepaid cards were also very expensive. Lowest was P300.

Up L-R: 5110, 3210
Down: L-R: 8210, 3310
Image Source: gsmarena.com
College years in Baguio with Nokia. For a limited time I also got to use a 6210 which was light and thin. I was a music junkie before and so I kept on saving a part of my allowance during my first few years in college for me to buy my first dream phone, the first music phone of Nokia (if I'm not mistaken) which was the 5510. I even had my own "racket". Since I had thousands of  mp3s in my computer, I made personalized audio CD's and sold them for a hundred peso. Ohhh memories! A lot of people didn't like the 5510, but I very much did. That 5510 of mine had bad and good memories. The cherished 5510 was accidentally dropped by my best friend while listening to it that it caused a little glitch eventually. Every time we remember that incident we could not help but laugh about it. Bad experience because I got robbed (salisi gang) while in a computer shop. I was doing my research and had something printed, I left my bag on my seat and when I returned back, poooof! Ang sakit sa bangs!!! Pinag ipunan eh and just like that, everything in my bag were stolen. But I didn't give up, I bought another one, but a second hand one.

Image Source: gsmarena.com

L-R: 6210 - 2100 - 3350 - 8250
Source of Nokia Images: gsmarena.com
For a while I also used a Sony Ericsson during my college years, the K700i and K500i. The rest was history and used other Nokia phones like 3350, 2100 and 1600.

Unfulfilled wish. I turned back to Nokia when I landed my first job. Even though Nokia was making new models and the giants Apple, Samsung, Blackberry were dominating the market, I still pursued my unfulfilled wish from college. It was a business phone, the E63. The E63 was my last and also hard to let go phone. What do I like about the E series of Nokia? The phone literally had a good value, good feature and the price depreciated so slow that for so many years I waited and I waited until I could afford it.
Image Source: gsmarena.com

Below are the remnants of Nokia phones that we have at home. 
3350 (needs a battery change) and 8250 (on/off button needs repair and also needs battery change)

C1-01, this is my mom's phone, LCD was crushed, Smart postpaid
We handed down the 1600 to a relative, but was not taken cared of properly. tsk

6680 still functional but needs battery change. Amazing video call experience back then.
6600 mild scroll problem and also needs battery change

Just like Nokia, Sony Ericsson apparently separated ways. Will have a separate TBT post for the SE and Motorolla brand.

My top 3 Nokia phones would be the 5110, E63 and 5510. 5110 as the "first love-never-dies" and the other two for something that I worked hard for. It was fun reminiscing the good old days with Nokia. It did connect me to my significant others because I was far away from Naga. How about you what were your favorite Nokia phones? 

Can't recall what model of Nokia phone you once had? This timeline will help you...

Click on the image to enlarge or visit http://www.newlaunches.com/entry_images/1107/12/nokia_timeline.php

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Giligan's Restaurant Naga

Giligan's Restaurant SOON TO OPEN!

Gerry's Grill Naga has now transferred to Magsaysay Avenue. Click Here for photos.

RJMC Grand Hotel

Another new hotel along Almeda Highway, RJMC Grand Hotel

This is beside Lendes Tourist Inn and Gas Station

2013 Top 25 Taxpayer Business Tax - Local Corporation in Naga City

More power to these companies!

2013 Top 25 Taxpayer Business Tax - Local Corporation

1. South Star Drug, Inc.
2. Bigg's Incorporated
3. Camarines Sur Electric Cooperative II
4. Libertad Consumers Corporation
5. LaConcepcion Commercial Corporation
6. Stretch Distribution, Inc.
7. Graceland Food Industries
8. Bonheur Marketing Crop.
9. Robiedo, Inc.
10. Excelsure Marketing Corporation
11. Nagaland Development Corporation
12. Lisam Enterprise Inc.
13. Concepcion Grande Development Inc.
14. Graceland Food Indusries
15. Licomcen, Inc.
16. Naga RITS Corporation
17. Golden 7 Holdings Corporation
18. Multi-Ware Econ-Sales Corp.
19. Isarog Gaming Corporation
20. RT Montana Distribution Corp.
21. Iriga Joe Motors Corporation
22. Easystride Inc. - Franchiesee
23. JY Brother's Marketing Corporation
24. Graceland Food Industries Inc.
25. New Site Estate & Realty Dev't. Corp

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Tallest and Biggest Burger in Bicol?

Let's do a little #TBT of Bigg's Diners burgers.
Classic Burger, Cheesy Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger (my favorite), Bigg's Extreme Supreme Burgers and now the Bigg's Tower Burger. Did I miss any?

At present, the crown goes to Bigg's Tower Burger. Can we claim that the Bigg's Tower Burger is the tallest and biggest burger in Bicol? Let's explore more, maybe there are still others.

Want to know more about the Bigg's Tower Burger and new products of Bigg's Diner? CLICK HERE

Bigg's Extreme Supreme Burger
Photo by http://camsurstaystray.blogspot.com

This photo of Bigg's Diner is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Image Courtesy of https://mariawenttotown.wordpress.com/2
Cheese Burger

This photo of Bigg's Diner is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Once upon a time, almost 4 years ago, the crown belongs to Miguel Angelo's Whatta Burger located at Cereza. It was the biggest in terms of diameter. They even had a contest that if you finish eating the burger in 4 minutes, it is free and you'll get another 50% off on your next order. How about Bigg's Tower Burger eating contest or any similar event? I think Bigg's Diner can also pull this off, they're one the best brands in Bicol in the food industry.

CLICK HERE  for a #TBT post of Whatta Burger.

Hello to the Linao Family!! From us at Skyscrapercity Thread