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Monday, April 28, 2014


Over lunch a while ago, I could not help but admire McDonald's and Coca-Cola's initiative to value the art of conversation with their #BetterTogether Campaign.

As far as I can remember, McDo has been showing as very substantial ads in different forms of media. Remember the "Kuya" commercial last year? It's one of the most touching ever. Or the morning song "Hooray for today" which we sing with giving us a positive vibe each day.

While McDo continues to address social issues through ads, may we also internalize what we watch and put the good values back in our own systems.

McDo pretty much knows how to offset their downside (fast food and health concerns) by putting good values in their ads. Nevertheless, it's always our choice whether to patronize Ronald McDonald or not. Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Many of us are guilty with this. =))
Better Together by Moira Dela Torre


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