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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ad Congress 2011 in CamSur



Naga Smiles to the 22nd Philippine Ad Congress Events

"THE BAR WARS" a bar-tending, flair-tending and cocktail mixing competition open to all amateurs and professional enthusiasts on NOVEMBER 17&18,2011 at THE WESTPARK LEISURE HUB

***This is a competition for restaurants, bars and professional bartenders in the field of Bartending (Cocktail Making and Flair Tending)

ANNOUNCEMENT: October 20, 2011

The Provincial Government of Camarines Sur is in need of young, dedicated, aggressive and energetic VOLUNTEERS during the Philippine Ad Congress.

Qualified and selected applicants will receive a daily allowance with free snacks and lunch.

Date of Duty: November 15-17, 2011

  • Male (10) and Female (30)
  • 20-25 years old
  • At least 5'3" in height
  • Can understand and speak English
  • Clean looking or with pleasing personality
Date of Duty: November 15-20, 2011
  • Female only
  • 20-25 years old
  • At least 5'3" in height
  • Can understand and speak English
  • Clean looking or with pleasing personality
Date of Duy: November 15-20, 2011
  • Male
  • 20-30 years old
  • At least 5'5" in height
  • Can understand and speak in English and Tagalog
  • Clean looking or with pleasing personality
All interested applicants may come for pre-qualification interview on Wednesday October 26, 2011 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and bring their resume with picture at the CAMSUR EMPLOYMENT CENTER, 2nd floor, Capitol Main Building, Provincial Capitol Complex, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur.

For more details, visit Camsur Employment Center or call at (054)4775858 / 4777468 please look for Ms. Brim or Sha


When it rains, it pours. Just right after the successful El Verde setting a new Guinness World Record, here comes another blessing for Camarines Sur.The Ad Congress this year will be held here in CamSur! The whole CamSur will surely benefit from this congress especially the two key cities Naga and Iriga.

News about CamSur's winning the bid for Ad Congress 2011:

Naga SMILES to the 22nd Ad Congress

Camsur-Host of the 22nd Ad Congress-There's room for everyone by mb.com.ph

Naga City, CamSur win Ad Congress Bid by naga.gov.ph

Cebu Loses Ad Con Bid to CamSur by PhilStar

It's CamSur for 22nd Ad Congress by PhilStar

22nd Ad Congress to be held in CamSur by New Media Philippines

Cebu tinalo ng Camarines Sur sa bidding ng Ad Congress by RMN News

22nd Ad Congress gigibohon sa Camarines Sur by Bombo Radyo Philippines

22nd Phil Ad Congress gaganapin sa CamSur by Philippine Information Agency

Guv not upset with AdCon Loss by Sun Star Cebu

A Guinness World Record for CamSur's El Verde

CamSur's El Verde has set a new Guinness World Record for planting most number of trees simultaneously...
64,906 trees were planted at Siruma last February 23, 2011. This is a world record that made CamSur popular and talk of the town not just here in the Philippines but around the world. CamSur has been known for CWC, Caramoan Island and marathons being held almost throughout the year but El Verde is something different.
The event last Feb. 23 is just the beginning, the aim for 12 million trees is waiting. I hope CamSur is ready to parent the trees planted over the years to make CamSur greener than before.

News and write ups about El Verde's triumph:





Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss UNC 2011

Miss University of Nueva Caceres 2011
February 14, 2011

Special Awards

Ms. Sophie Paris - Candidate No. 7(HS)
Ms. Steady Eddie - Cand. No. 5 (BA)
Ms. Mobile-Sun Cell. - Can No. 5 (BA)
Ms. Watsons - Cand. No. 6 (EA)
Ms.Occasions - Cand. No. 5 (BA)
Ms. AMS Press - Cand. No. 6 (EA)
Ms. Pepsi Cola - Cand. No. 2 (CS)
Ms. Natasha - Cand. No. 5 (BA)
Ms. Natasha Beauty - Cand. No. 6 (EA)

Ms. SFU - Cand. No. 4 (HS)
Ms. Blue Miracle - Cand. No. 3 (AS)
Ms. HBC - Cand. No. 3 (AS)
Ms. Tupperware - Cand. 7 (HS)
Ms. David's Salon - Cand. 6 (EA)

Minor Awards

Ms. Congeniality - Cand. No. 3 (AS)
Ms. Photogenic - Cand. No. 6 (EA)
Best in Uniform - Cand. No. 8 (BA)
Best in Business Attire - Cand. No. 6 (EA)
Ms. Talent - Cand. No. 6
People's Choice Award - Cand. No. 6 (EA)
Best in Production Attire - Cand. No. 2 (CS)
Best In Production Number - Cand. No. 2 (CS)
Best In Play Suit - Cand. No. 2 (CS)
Best in Long Gown - Cand. No. 5 (BA)

Major Awards

4th Runner Up - Cand. No. 7 (HS-Elizabeth Sta. Rosa)
3rd Runner Up - Cand. No. 5 (BA-Jenny Lumberio)
2nd Runner Up - Cand. No. 3 (AS-Emmyrose Briones)
1st Runner Up - Cand. No. 1 (ED-Lea Angelica Caceres)
Miss UNC 2011 - Cand. No. 8 (BA-Rose Valerie Rabang)

From Left: 3rd Runner Up, 1st Runner Up, Miss UNC 2011,2nd Runner Up, 4th Runner Up

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Cocina Conchita

One of the best tasting lechons in Naga City has a new place at Panganiban Drive, infront of Woolstreet along Panganiban Drive.

the NEW and Better place
Contact No. (63 54) 473-6876

Valentine Treats in Naga City 2011

Celebrating the season of love? Here's a list of available packages and treats this valentine season here in Naga City.

CLICK HERE for Valentine Treats in Naga 2014

Avenue Square
Aphrodisia, The Avenue of Love, The Love Bazaar, A Sweet Valentine Treat. CLICK HERE

Bigg's Centro and Magsaysay
Heart to Beat

Red Platter: Breakfast Buffet

The Tent

The Westpark Penthouse
Soiree of Love - Sexy Dance Party and Speed Dating Affair


Joan's Flower Shop Peñafrancia Ave. Naga City 811-5747
Kate's Flower Shop P. Diaz St., San Francisco, Naga City 8115748
Lito's Flower Shop Zone 3 Peñafrancia Ave. San Francisco, Naga City 473-6864

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine @ Avenue Square 2011

Going out this Valentine season? Avenue Square gives you a lot of options for you and your loved ones. Celebrate the season of love in the most exciting packages and treats only at Avenue Square Magsaysay Avenue Naga City.

For other exciting Valentine treats, events and packages CLICK HERE
(click on the images to enlarge)

Come and titillate your senses this Valentine's. Indulge in a passionate 5-course dinner that will heighten your experience of the good life..

For ticket reservations, please call the Avenue Plaza Sales Office at (054)473.9999. See you!

The Avenue of Love: On Air, Online, & By Request

The Love Bazaar
A Pre-Valentine Trade Fair

A Sweet Valentine Treat
@ Max's Restaurant


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beloved at Max's Avenue Square!

For a minimum purchase of P1,500 (dine-in, take out or delivery), you’ll get a box of delectable MCB Chocolates that will definitely make your love-inspired event sweeter!

Our promo is valid from February 12-14, 2011, so make sure to visit us within these dates. For inquiries or reservations, call 475-MAXS (6297).

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Live Stream DWNX

Live stream of DWNX at 

Friday, February 4, 2011

What Suits the Foreign Ear

On my second hearty month....

Reading a line that says 'Do Not Rush' in my Journey devotional, I come to a realization that hurrying about my to-do's just makes it worse for me. I need to breathe once in a while and just take chances, trusting God in my joyful waiting. So here's a blank page to remind me of that. I still keep myself busy with other hobbies aside from my career-hunting. I just happen to enjoy writing poems that eventually turn into songs in some moments in the bathroom, mostly happy songs and lullabies especially these past months when career seemed stagnant hehehe

My priority from among a list of my new year's resolutions would be to find and maintain a worthy job,. Secondly, I aim to hone my oral communication skills.

This involves practicing to speak clearly, articulately and with some sort of twang to be acceptable to other foreign ears. hehehe. I sound quite silly singing English words in my Bikol accent with this YouTube affinity. hahaha. Don't get me wrong, I am comfortable in my own Bicolana skin, I just need some refreshment. Sounding a little foreign do ring my ears. Considering English as a lingua franca, wherein most of us prefer accent to be neutral for practicality, has alot to say about why speaking ENGLISH is not 'basta-basta'.

We must've heard at least one funny Filipino anecdote in a call center setting. The usual scene is an irate customer becoming more irate because he cannot understand the accent of his supposed-to-be-comforting agent. And the agent doesn't have a clue why there seems to be an escalation. To add injury to insult, he tries to pull off a joke. Bad move. hahaha. (I remember a funny incident during my call center days as a novice CSR trainee in Sutherland. I'm thankful for the support and inputs of SUTH people because I learned a lot in my sojourn stay in the company.)

THE STORY: I was building rapport with this nice American male customer. Because of my Filipino accent, he mentioned being a tourist in the Philippines and that he's had enough of Korean tourists. Then our conversation suddenly became puzzling to him. That's when I tried to ease him up since I thought he disliked Korean in general. hahaha. Suddenly I sounded stupid. Meaning that Koreans must be the world's top or most common tourists nowadays, I said something he could not instantly digest. 'Aahh', I said in an attempt to sound smart. 'Koreans are rice, eh?', I added as if reaffirming or clarifying his opinion. hahaha. I knew what I was saying but the connotation was different to him. hahaha. Being a tourist in the Philipppines helped him understand me later on in our 'business' small talk. That was after I explained further how I compared Koreans to rice being a staple food in the Philippines, or something to that effect.

My native tongue is very 'pang-KANTO: fast-speaking, has 'punto', and loud..hahaha. I'm not sure i can pull this off by end of the year. Yes, phrase of the day: PULL OFF. So never be pulled down by minor sound glitches or physical flaws. Lesson of the day: Always aim to be better amidst limitations by seeking adaptable strategies. hahaha Now I sound corporate. =)

A tribute: Our Smiles at Naga

In a test of power and wit, comes ignorance and deceit.

Basing from information at http://www.filipiniana.net/publication/the-humming-bird-and-the-carabao/12791881647663, the book is entitled, 'The humming-bird and the carabao" by Eusebio Lopez. I also learn of different story interpretations from net users at http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080206194318AAkwP7r. But what's enthralling is my nephew's innocent post of the two characters face to face conveying something entirely different. All i know is it's good.

I may have to relate this carabao-bird thing with today's signs of the times. Under City
Mayor John Bongat's State of the City Address, we are formally introduced to the city logo.
Designed as a combination logo, 'Naga SMILES to the World' statement complements its symbolization. Although this city may be focused towards a new age of trends, the agricultural aspect of the logo is more pronounced. What hopeful relief for our fellow farmers and agriculturists because this sounds like a big support coming their way! Cheers!


In the said SEE-MEET-INVEST-LIVE-EXPERIENCE-STUDY integration, we experience an improving lifestyle, healthier in a way that we now keep at pace with other developing cities in terms of tourism, healthcare, infrastructure and commerce. Seek affordable consultation in one of those clinics which has chic interiors and state-of-the-art facilities, not to mention accommodating nurses or attendants. Take a hike along Almeda Highway or Del Rosario to view nice housing communities, or visit about 4 malls in a row if you start either in Peñafrancia Avenue or Panganiban Drive.

At SM Dep't Store's Toy section

Even in socio-cultural aspect, now it is less 'visually-criminal' to wear clothes that speak our personality because of media and other advertising projections of an urbanite. It is easier to find a niche in the city with regards to interests just by gratifying ourselves in a coffee shop like my favorite Coffee Co. with Alfredo pasta or a Mango Strawberry Milk Shake (an option for non-coffee drinkers) and hooking up with free WIFI internet service while chilling out with a group of friends that seem to grow in a rather more solid company, if not bigger more diverse crowd, as each week passes by. Local businesses are sprouting about as we are assured by PNP's drive for public order and our city government's campaign towards economic stability. Play billiards, go clubbing, experience bar-hopping, dine in style, sing with an audience, and even visit nearby historical churches where our devotion to INA and/or other patrons and saints magnifies our faith in God. Three (3) varying cemeteries accdg. to structure can also be visited where our loving departed are laid to rest. All these fun and solemn activities are found in accessible Magsaysay Avenue tagged by some as Naga's Little Malate.

About to enjoy my Mango Strawberry Milk Shake at Coffee Co. located behind DMG Building along Peñafrancia Ave. the coffee shop stands beside Mudbugs (not in photo)

Magsaysay: Little Malate. Chilling out with a bottle of beer at Molino Grill in fusion with an ice-blended coffee from Beanbag Coffee and free WiFi Internet service around the business compound delights all.

As a Nagueña myself, I should be proud of Mayor Bongat's modified political moves in support to earlier goals and achievements of Ex-Mayor Robredo, now DILG Secretary. To add, our 'cute' Mayor must have the Atenean spirit of being a 'man for others' so another Cheers to that! What can an educated man do to us, citizens? What can he do for the minorities and even for those seeking justice in our judicial system? I leave these challenging questions up to him with hope of a better future for all of us. This is not any typical home assignment or temporary indulgence that is why we, civilians, Profit & Non-Profit Organizations (PGOs/NPOs), and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) alike, need to remain nationalistic in our individualistic selves and lead frugal lives in response to atrocities such as crime, disease, disaster and poverty. I think a moral fiber plus a Christian background is one good formula alongside other virtues needed to withstand any sad reality we inevitably witness today.

Looks like 2011 opts to welcome another batch. A good sign, ey? =P

I believe we are also called not only to celebrate but to keep praying. We need to continue envisioning Naga City as a happy and progressive community living in harmony to make possible the vision that this new government upholds. As I would always tell myself, 'Goodluck' with a sounding 'smile' on our faces.

So then, the world will listen. = )