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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Enjoy 50 percent off savings and free delivery with love, foodpanda promo

MANILA, PHILIPPINES- Whether you’re raising your glass to romance or celebrating your independence, let love come in the form of special food delivery from the best on-demand food service, foodpanda.

February is the best excuse to order all the food that you love and enjoy the special perks without stepping out of your comfort zone. Not only foodpanda’s operation in Manila, Baguio, Pampanga, Naga, Tagaytay, Cavite, and San Pedro, Laguna are in full swing, it’s also fully operational in provincial key cities like Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete, and Tacloban. Areas from down south like General Santos, Davao, Cagayan and de Oro are also now experiencing the convenience of ordering their favorite food at a tap of their fingers! From fancy restaurants, your favorite fast food, to the best new bites in the city,  the 50% off + free delivery perk exclusive offer this love month is everything you need to make the celebration complete! Here are some of the top-rated options to get you feeling comfy and cozy. 

If you’re looking at impressing someone, remember what they say about the way to someone’s heart. Instead of just the usual chocolates and roses, up the ante and order her favorite cake at Tous Les Jours. Their bread and cookies are irresistible  food gifts too, a simple indulgence that you can order for your sweet-toothed family & friends. 

BonChon is another option if Korean crispy chicken is what you and your beau crave, especially they’ve got regular, spicy, and anything in between. Make Valentine’s day extra romantic and share off something the same big plate. Subway’s sandwiches are full of flavor, offers an assortment of choices, and easy to portion for two! From all things meaty, briny seafood, to guiltless veggies, there’s always something here that will fill you and feel good about eating with your someone special. 

Fortified with fresh and all-natural flavors,  wash  everything down with Yi Fang’s fruit juices and premium teas, which are sweetened with the goodness of fruits and compotes.

Nothing says I love you like simple yet thoughtful meals, that’s why something from McDonalds and Rica’s Bacsilog always hit the spot. From breakfast to dinner, burgers and fries are a classic combo while cheese and all things with eggs are feel-good food that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

This February, leave the work to foodpanda and skip the long queue, as it delivers fast, fresh, and with love, of course. From the perfect date at home, office gathering or inviting family and friends  at your place, foodpanda is a quick and easy fix that can always deliver straight to the customers’ doors. #NCDfoodtrip

MavenHands, Naga's First All-Around Errand Services

Naga City - Situated here in the Heart of Bicol, we now live in a neighborhood where traffic and congestion is already existent and we are preoccupied with a lot of tasks brought about by work plus personal and family concerns. Online food delivery services was the first industry in Naga that catered to the needs of Naguenos to just tap their orders from their smartphones and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. With all these innovations, Naga City is indeed changing in terms of its demands for living a maogmang lugar state of mind. 

Now how do we maintain that maogmang lugar culture that we have here in Naga given all these hectic schedule? I came across MavenHands on Facebook and the very first reaction that I had when I saw the page? Yes! We can have our house cleaned as in clean, clean where you won't leave any stone unturned, literally and figuratively speaking haha  We don't have any helper at home and we do all the chores in between our busy lives while working. 

MavenHands is "Naga City’s First All Around Errand Service". MavenHands is perfect for busy people, not only for the working class but for those who need an extra pair of hands or two in doing some chores. This helping hand is not just an ordinary hand but expert/quality hands in all of the services available taking it from the name itself "Maven". What's even better? They can do "Custom Jobs", probably any task or errand you need for the day.

Most availed and sought about service is the House Cleaning services, you can read some of the reviews from their FB Page for some testimonies. Rates are available at their FB page so don't hesitate to message them for inquiries. 

The main services are: 
A.)Home Services (House cleaning, ▪️Deep Cleaning ▪️Pressure Washing ▪️Furniture Cleaning and Sanitizing ▪️House Painting ▪️Gardening, Trimming, Weeding ▪️Moving Help ▪️Appliances Repair ▪️Plumbing ▪️Electrical Maintenance ▪️Pest Control ▪️Installations ▪️General Construction ▪️Architectural Planning and Design
B.) Business Services ▪️Office Cleaning ▪️Supplies Buying ▪️Personal Assistant ▪️Driver ▪️Pressure Washing ▪️Car and Truck Detailing and Cleaning ▪️Furniture Cleaning and Sanitizing ▪️Appliances Repair ▪️Electrical Maintenance ▪️Plumbing ▪️Pest Control ▪️General Construction ▪️Architectural  Planning and Design, ▪️Installations
C.) Personal Services ▪️Pet Care  ▪️Companionship ( Babysitting, Hospital Companion) ▪️Driver (W/ or W/out Car) ▪️Personal Assistant
D.) Car Services: ▪️Car Rescue ▪️Denting and Painting  ▪️Bumper and Plastic Parts Repairing ▪️UnderChassis Repairs ▪️Auto Body Repairs ▪️Interior Deep Cleaning ▪️Pressure Washing ▪️Car Detailing 
E.) Event Services ▪️Party preparations ▪️Waiter and Usher ▪️Events Set-up (Ingress and Egress)

Visit their page for bookings and inquiries.

MavenHands is actually one of the answers as to how we can spend more quality time with the people we care about and go through our daily tasks with the some extra MavenHands, thus making Naga City even more maogmang lugar. Whenever we need an extra help, an extra person, an extra hand, MavenHands might just be the answer to your needs. 

Thank you for MavenHands for giving us more reasons why Naga is enough for us that everything we need is right here in our very own city. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

foodpanda Riders Left Work to Help Affected Families

The first month of 2020 just ended and we have been through so much, not only here in the Philippines, but worldwide. A test of resiliency for us Filipinos took place like when Taal Volcano erupted this January and when a typhoon pass hit Tacloban during the last quarter of 2019. 

When calamity strikes, it interrupts plans - dinner plans, travel plans, career plans, marriage plans, family plans, 5 to 10-year plans, and life plans.  foodpanda, one of Ph's biggest food delivery service went out the extra mile in helping our fellow Filipinos. For a few hours in Tagaytay and also in Tacloban, foodpanda riders interrupted their schedule to bring affected families, from the recent typhoon and volcanic eruption, companionship, and good food to everyone in the area and created a Global Soup Kitchen.

Global Soup Kitchen aims to help families and children by bringing smiles to these affected people through the warmth of food. Over the last two years, foodpanda partnered with different orphanages and communities in Manila, Cavite, and Cebu to bring warm meals to more than 1,000 special children. Given the recent calamities, foodpanda riders continue to extend its reach to more people in Tagaytay and Tacloban. Warm meals, warms the tummy and the heart. A sparkle of hope lights up as foodpanda becomes one of the answered prayers by affected families. 

In the recent activities headed by the foodpanda heroes, the riders were able to deliver love and food to a total of 300 families and 1,200 evacuees in Tacloban and Tagaytay.

As a food delivery service, foodpanda is set to continue to make food more accessible, especially to the less fortunate and victims of calamity through the Global Soup Kitchen. With each success it has, the company will continue to give back, and bring its mission of giving good food to everyone as plans is still waiting to happen for these people.