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Monday, April 30, 2018

I tried a one day juice cleanse and I love it

I have been drinking Pure Nectar by Fruit Magic for quite some time, but it's only when I have the chance to substitute my other drinks to this healthier option. Upon getting to know their products more, I knew that they have a 1 to 3 day juice cleanse sets and back then I had this thinking that I don't need it just yet. After having my lab test (that's the time when we get to feel a little something here and there), most of my results are on the normal range but I have to be on guard for my sugar and cholesterol level since the results are nearing the borderline. The cholesterol part is actually surprising for someone who is as slender and thin as me. LOL

For the first time, I tried a one day juice cleanse from Pure Nectar and I’m not gonna say that it was easy, but I am really happy that I pushed through with it.  I'm not a vegetarian, I'm not a fitness addict either and you guys know that I post a lot of my #NCDfoodtrip like I am an unofficial endorser of products and services that I really like. With my blogging life for 9 years, I realized that I have to be more mindful of what I eat and drink given the kind of lifestyle that I have.

Doing a juice detox will require you to become physically and psychologically ready, learn to accept that what you are doing is no joke and avoid temptations at all cost. I was actually worried about post-cleanse effects that may hinder me from doing my office work. So, I did a lot of reading and religiously followed the guidelines (HERE) about the one-day juice cleanse program of Pure Nectar. 

Sometimes I realized that yes, we keep on consuming imported food supplements and vitamins that we forget that we Filipinos have a different kind of lifestyle and diet. Pure Nectar's juice cleansing program has an edge over other products because it is crafted according to an average Filipino's diet. 

To keep it short, here are some quick guidelines about this one-day juice cleanse program of Pure Nectar.
  • Take a light high fiber meal the night before performing the juice cleanse. In my case, I ate kamote (sweet potato), yes, I was serious. 
  • Can you eat during the day of your cleansing? As much as possible NO, so to achieve maximum benefits of the program. I'm so proud of myself I was able to achieve that! If it is unavoidable, however, a minimum amount of steamed, broiled, boiled or raw vegetables and/or fish is acceptable. 
  • The only thing that you can actually consume during the program is WATER. Why? To avoid mouth sores, which is one of the normal detoxification reaction of the body. 
  • NO COFFEE and other STIMULANTS on the day of the program and even a few days after.
  • Listen to your body during the detox process. 
  • Don't forget to read the rest of the pre-during-post detoxification guidelines HERE

WARNING: Temptation to eat is really high! I actually felt like "busog ako pero gutom ako".  Imagine?! Possible pala 'yun! My body was actually screaming for some sugar and carbohydrates that day. 

Follow the proper timing when to drink. If I was able to do it, you can do it too!

Once a follower on my page left a comment after I posted a not so healthy food and said "sayang ang Pure Nectar" and so I replied, "this is exactly why I need the Pure Nectar in my diet because I have a different kind of lifestyle."

RESULTS? I felt light and renewed after the program. It's a bonus that I was actually conscious of what to eat. Perhaps the only detoxification reaction that I got was a mild headache and it was tolerable. This juice program is not actually for weight loss, it's more about rebooting your system and flushing away all the toxins. 

This set includes: 7 bottles of Pure Nectar cold-pressed juice: Mega Omega, Olympian, Tropical Fuel, Restore & Renew, Body Cleanser, Alka-Boost,Green Supreme, 1 bottle of Lemon Kefir (500mL), Reusable Thermal Bag

"Water kefir is a lacto-fermented beverage made with water kefir grains and sugar water. You would think that something made of sugar water would be overly sweet but that is not the case at all. The “grains” (called so for their appearance) feed on the sugar leaving it with an extremely mild sweetness. It’s a Probiotic! Probiotics are good bacteria that help you keep a healthy gut. These good bacteria help us to digest our food, prevent allergies, boost our immune system, and overall keep our body healthy. Since many probiotic supplements are not reliable we choose to get our probiotics through fermented foods – and water kefir is a great way to do that! Get Increased Immunity! That’s right, probiotics help to boost your immune system. This means that you will get sick less often. That’s great as we are headed into back to school season."
I love this reusable bag! This bag kept the juices cold throughout the day, well almost for the last bottle. This will be actually perfect for outings!

Pure Nectar also has a 2-day and 3-Day Cleanse set. 

I think I might be doing this at least once a month or once in two months if budget permits. If I can buy a coffee or any other drink at a hundred plus or so, I believe I can actually push through with this. Not only that I was able to test my limits, but I was able to learn how to listen well to what my body needs. On to a healthier blogging life!!! Give it a try guys!

Pure Nectar Naga
2nd Level Robinsons Place Naga
Front of Daiso Japan

Thursday, April 12, 2018

#NCDFoodtrip: Caffe Primo, an uptown cafe in Naga City

A drive to uptown Naga is always a treat. The turns and fine concrete road with the fresh air coming in through your car's window is something that you can not get from the downtown area. A dip in the hot or cold waters of Isarog always come to mind when we travel to this side of Naga. Now, there is a cafe worthy of your drive away from the city's bright lights and noise which is located inside Caceres Heights Subdivision called Caffe Primo. According to their page it is an Italian inspired Caffe sure to give guests a much needed break from Naga City’s busy environment.

Caffe Primo has the feels of a slow vibe. Much to be noticed is also a casual to a semi fine dining feels being part of the Primus Hotel & Resort. Right after we had a dip at Panicuason Hot Spring, I decided to check out the place since we were in the area. 

I always ask restaurants about their best sellers, Pizza is one in Caffe Primo, I believe. This is the All Meat Pizza, I was expecting an all-meat loaded pizza but hey I love veggies so I'm not complaining. It actually tasted good! 

We ordered Caramel Machiatto and Salted Caramel Latte, Cafe Americano and a Java Chip Frappe. I loved their hot drinks, the Java Chip was so-so, but hopefully the other frappes are good. One thing I learned in cafes, it's difficult to have a drink or food inspired from famous brands. It's either you get it right or you totally flunk.

Here's the price range of Caffe Primus menu:
Salad 150 - 220
Pasta 230 - 260
Pizza 450 - 480
Sandwiches 125 - 250
Burgers 220 - 260
Desserts 110 - 180
Hot Beverages 95 - 175
Iced Beverages 100 - 160
Frappe 145 - 180
Juice 140 - 160
Tea Beverages 95 - 140

They also included in one menu the restaurant of the Resort Hotel, I just forgot the name of the resto.

Was expecting the frappe to be in a fancy glass, perhaps this is what they really opted to use even in dine-ins

We sat near the windows overlooking the pool. Hoping to come back soon and I can't wait to try the other food and drinks. Ambiance is a so nice and the baristas who are VERY COURTEOUS tops it all! Even my mom noticed it so it's really a plus plus point. 

I believe the tranquility of the place is the purpose of this cafe together with the food that you can actually enjoy with your friends and family. Caffe Primo is also for solitary pursuits and the food and drinks that you can order is already a good company. Looking forward to my next visit at Caffe Primo! Don't forget to share your favorites!

Caffe Primo
Primus Hotel & Resort
KM9, Pacol, Caceres Heights, Naga City
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CaffePrimoPH/
Cafe Hours: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact No. 0917 506 9156

Monday, April 9, 2018

Sumlang Lake at Camalig, Albay

Sumlang Lake Eco Park
Camalig, Albay

Open daily:
Monday - Thursday 8AM to 6PM
Friday - Saturday 6:30AM to 6PM

  • Entrance: P20 per head
  • Parking lot fees: P20 for vehicles, P10 for motorcycles
Balsa Tour - P50 per head
Kayaking - P50 per head for 30 mins
Aqua Biking - P50 per head for 30 mins
Floating Cottage - P500 for 1 hour

 They also have an in house restaurant called Socorro's Lakeside Restaurant and Grill

#BicolDeck #nagacitydeck

#NCDFoodtrip: Take Me Out Snack Bar and Grill

Night outs are not anymore about the booze, but more about the good food shared with your friends or family and the endless stories that keeps the company alive. Plus, I’m actually trying to avoid the hassle of parking, huge crowds and loud places. Take Me Out Snack Bar & Grill can definitely deliver and hits the spot! They were formerly located along Magsaysay Avenue where I never had the chance to dine because of the limited parking space. This time that they are now located at M. Plaza along Roxas Avenue (Diversion Road), this spot is becoming a regular option for me and my friends. Obvious landmark you can actually see is BDO Diversion, at the back of that is Take Me Out. 

Take Me Out is known for their burgers and tacos. They also serve pasta and other TMO favorites.

Going to places with huge crowds with very loud music is not any more my game.  Is it just me or I’m feeling old already? haha

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Let's #Sneaktify at SM City Naga

Art in itself is therapeutic and we don’t need to be a full fledged artist to enjoy it. Art encourages self-discovery and emotional growth, so let’s Shop & Make Art and get #Sneaktified! 

What more if you can win out of your art? Transform ordinary sneakers into a walking piece of art starting April 1 by joining #SNEAKTIFY. A total of 1,000,000 SM Shopping Money will be given away!

Here’s how to join the Sneaktify.

  • Purchase of at least 2k receipt from The SM Store including the sneakers from any of the partner brands like Kicks, Sprint, Sugar Kids, and Tough Kids.
  • Design the sneakers according to the 4 categories: Fashion, Futurology, Cutie Cartoons and Crazy Patterns
  • Submit at the booth where you registered together with the application form and receipt (with purchased sneakers) within the promo period.

From April 1- June 30, 2018, SM City Naga will choose winners to compete in the regionals.

You can also buy sneakers with ready patterns and it comes with 3 color pens.

You can use paint, sharpies, patches, color pens, glitter pens or any other art materials you can think of in designing your sneakers.

From all the entries, only the TOP 10 PER CATEGORY will advance to the cluster finals to be held in SM City Dasmarinas, SM City Lipa, and SM City Santa Rosa.

4 Categories to choose from

From the cluster finalists, 40 ENTRIES will be chosen and will get a chance to be featured on the runway during the #SneakerSesh: Runway Showdown. You can get model or you yourself can model the sneakers during the finals. One grand winner will be named per category to take home Php 30,000 worth of SM Shopping Money.

#AlwaysACelebration #SneaktifyAtSMSouthLuzon #ILoveSM

Let's Sneaktify this summer! Join now! Don't forget to share you masterpiece!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Failed Relationships

When relationships fail, we see our vulnerabilities. This engagement ring was supposed to be a declaration of love to a significant other. While we thought choosing an engagement ring is an easy task, it’s actually not. The prongs, the cut, and the grade might ring a bell to those who are preparing to propose. Up until the moment you thought that your significant other was the one, everything can be wiped out in an instant. This is one of the moments when engagements fail even if you have the ring already (in real life), just as when you thought this could only happen in movies and teleseryes. When suddenly all these preparations don’t come as planned, you would probably flashback to those times what could have gone wrong. You might even question your worth and your efforts, doubt your partner’s intentions and worse, your partner’s character.

With all the possibilities of hate and blame along the way trying to process the failure of the engagement, the only way to move on is to accept the reality that it has failed. Yes, a fragment of hope might have been seen, but when things don’t get patched up and it gets down the drain, the diamond loses its ability to glisten and so does the relationship.

Outside looking in, I admire people who has been determined to say it’s enough. In my opinion, most failed relationships is a 50-50 blame game. It doesn’t need to have a complicated Math, because both parties contributed to both the joy and pain there is no matter how short or long you’ve been together.

When you see your friends stood up from failed relationships, it is not only them who will be vulnerable. Even you as supporters will become skeptic and doubtful about relationships as well. I believe there are no perfect engagements and relationships, everything boils down to how we handle the sa-ppiest moments in our lives and how we nourish them to become better partners and individuals for others. And oh btw, don’t bother looking back at how much it has cost you to reach a point where you bought a ring, it won’t help. 

Here’s to something that’s done and being vulnerable at the same time to new opportunities!

P.S. This is not an April Fool’s day post and I’m not engaged nor was supposed to be engaged. Maghunos dili kayo! #randomthoughts