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Monday, February 15, 2016

10 Summer Essentials of a Blogger and an Office Girl

Summer is almost here. I just had my pre-summer getaway in Camarines Norte last Chinese Lunar New Year and boy it was freezing. Talk about cold summer nights literally. I and my officemates had no other schedule available wherein most of us are free plus more work is upon us when summer time officially starts. (A separate blog post will be dedicated to the Caringo Island 2016 visit)

Traveling has a subjective requirement when it comes to gears that we have to bring. Here are my summer essentials if you are someone like me who frequently go on long road trips, island hopping and a little bit of hiking / chasing waterfalls BUT you just can't let go of your office works. It doesn't matter if you are a blogger or not, again, your essentials would be dependent on your purpose of traveling.

1 -4 Camera, Power Bank, Netbook, Mobile Phone. Many of you already know that I'm just a part-time blogger. Whenever I go on trips, I usually bring with me office works especially when there are urgent matters. Thus, the netbook is almost always a requirement for me. But then again it depends on the kind of trips that I'm going to. Mum got this @acerph #AcerOne10 that I am actually loving because of its functionality and power, (obviously why I ended using it more than my mum does). Let's face it, iPads and stand alone tablets still has limits and typing on a keyboard makes me think better. This Acer One 10 is really for keeps! I do not own any DSLR yet, that's still part of my bucketlist for quite a time already. But thanks to my supportive friends like @iamrjb and Kuya Pao for always being my savior when I need good cameras. A power bank is a must for people like us who are always on the go. I usually carry two with me, enough for a day since I usually use the data connection a lot. I just re-contracted from Globe, I'm currently using an iPhone 6s for my daily updates. To be honest, it actually makes me lazy to bring bulky cameras. Taking photos, editing and posting them is much more easier right? Mobile phones and your travel apps come in handy when you get lost. Just make sure you have your data connection with you. 

5 - Sports Camera. Dashcam in my case. I'll have to invest still on a sports camera..(Update: March 2016, I was able to invest on a GoPro Hero 4 Session, yey!) Any watersports junkie like you might be into sports camera. You can check out my dascham videos on my Facebook Page and Instagram account. Bought this dashcam at Hypertech Computers at the ALDP Mall along Diversion Road. HERE's my review on the Transcend DrivePro 220 dashcam.

6 - Swim wear. Well of course, as an office girl I usually cover up myself whenever I go on beach trips and island hopping. Branded apparels like Speedo is a good investment too. When it's for swimming, Speedo is one of the trusted brands in the market. 

Speedo Swim Gears
 Use this discount voucher when you purchase at Zalora Ph

7 - 8 Dry Bag and Dry Pouch for your Mobile Phone and other gadgets. This photo below was during our Colasi Falls adventure last year. After an hour of hiking, before you get to the falls you'll even submerge your self in waist-deep water. Thankfully I really brought my dry bag. This dry bag is from Ace Hardware for only P199.75 it can carry 5 liters of weight and it floats on water. Yes it does! Mine is already a year old and is still in good condition. Just have to clean it properly every after trip. It has a good quality too, thicker than most dry bags I have seen around here in Naga. 

9. Bag. I usually bring with me our North Face Bags. If it's an overnight stay, I usually bring the small one on the left but if it's a 2 to 3 days trip, I usually bring the orange one. I use these bags because it has a cushion at the back perfect for my netbook if I usually bring one. The straps make everything secure at your back and your torso.

This was last February 2015 during my Sorsogon escapade. Read about my trip HERE.

10. Sunblock. Beach bums be like, pour on your sunblock before going to the beach. Well for the most it, I think it only lessens the tans. But if you plan on getting tanned during summer, just put a little to achieve the color that you want. 

There you go, your essentials might be different from mine. Oh I forgot, bring along with you, prayers. It's always nice to start and end your trip with a prayer. I'm also looking forward to my Catanduanes trip this March. My first inter-island province to be featured on my blog. *excited*. Summer is here, can you also share your summer essentials on the comments below? Be sure you are Summer 2016 ready.