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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Solar Energy System Supplier and Installer in Naga City

It’s been 3 months since our home took the leap last Feb 29, for mother Earth πŸŒ. No more brownouts. It’s as if everything fell into place when we decided to have our home powered by the πŸŒžsun. We have been in quarantine for months now and we are at home all day and night plus the summer heat is unavoidable. There is always something for every one. I’ll try to explain the benefits of this investment without being too technical.  (Originally posted May 31, 2019)

πŸ”…Gridtie Hybrid πŸ”…
Casureco BILL from 4000>1100php 
6 panels 410 w each - 2.4 kw 
Bitek Battery 51.2v 105 ah 
5 KW Luxpower

DAY / solar will power loads and will charge battery 
NIGHT / battery will work with grid and reduce the grid consumption. 

πŸ“ŒInstalled by JRV SOLAR
429 Filoville, Opal St. Calauag, Naga City (formerly located on the 2nd floor of Maybank)
Rajiv 0917 791 9107
Jema 0949 952 7772

BTW as of March 2021, nasa Ragay na po si JRV Solar dahil nakapa tugdok na sinda ning self-sustaining building (GPS Ragay) 😍. Same contact numbers and page po, dawa yaon sinda sa Ragay, yaon pirmi ang technical support all the way. Just tell them po na tig refer ko kamo. They also ship solar products nationwide.

INTERESTED? please contact Raj at JRV Solar with the number above and inquire about available packages that will suit your needs at home or office. Saro po sinda sa haloy ng company here sa Naga, sinda po si dating yaon dyan sa taas kang Maybank. Tell him that you read about their services through NCD so that you can get a good offer too. You can even start at P95K and have only a few loads dedicated for solar energy. Thing is you can start with a low cost and upgrade later on. Never hesitate to ask questions. Ask everything you need to ask along with self-readings that you need to do. To further explain how it works, please continue reading below. It’s quite long, but bare with me, I cannot explain everything in just a paragraph. 


To simplify the terms:
Load - means your electrical appliances at home
Grid - Casureco2. So GRIDTIE will mean the system is tied to the Electricity Grid
Hybrid Solar Inverter - manages both solar panels and a battery bank simultaneously, which enables batteries with either by the sun through the panels or the electricity grid. It is SMART, meaning you can see everything REAL TIME through an App. Battery percentage, solar yielding, energy consumption etc.

It took us months to learn about as to how the system works and what would best fit our lifestyle at home. Canvassed many suppliers, both local and national too. With the consistent advice of friends who also have their own system for yearS, we were able to finally decide to have our own installed last Feb 29.

Top reasons why we invested in Solar Energy (please take note that this is in reference to our own using and lifestyle), yours might differ in many ways or another.

ADVANTAGES of Hybrid Gridtie
πŸ”… No brownouts
πŸ”… Reduce Casureco Bills
πŸ”… Clean Renewable Energy. We enjoy the power of the sun. Guilt free!

πŸ”… Net metering. We can sell the excess electricity to Casureco, which will mean even lesser bill on us. This I still have to do with Casureco and inquire about the requirements.
πŸ”… Having the hybrid gridtie will lengthen the lifespan of the inverter and battery. Thus low maintenance cost.
πŸ”… This summer time, we have been enjoying the AC from 11am to around 3pm, guilt free, pure solar energy.
πŸ”…JRV Solar also keeps track of our system, it’s connected to the internet.

How about when it's raining?

πŸ”…There’s a COST to it. This simply means the bigger the investment the more comfortable and convenient you’ll get. Bako man po kami mayaman, everything was carefully planned for years at the right time. If one can buy a brand new car, why can’t you invest in solar energy? 
πŸ”… ROI is at 5 years or lesser. This is for a system like ours. See, it’s like a car but solar energy is clean. Maybe we can buy a hybrid car next time, who knows hehe
πŸ”…I know you are wary about typhoons passing by our region. It’s like this, just make sure the area for your panels (roof or ground) is sturdy. If you are doubtful about your own roof, have it fixed first or make it stronger. I even had the installation checked on how the panels were mounted on our roof and thankfully, both my friends said it was sturdy and strong enough. 

♦️Curious about our loads at home? I’ll just state here the big loads. Back then we started changing most of our appliances to inverter type and there has been a noticeable decrease of energy consumption. 
1 Inverter Ref, 1 hp split type AC inverter, 1 hp window type AC inverter, 1 hp window type non-inventer, 1/2 hp window type AC, 1 smart TV, fans, 1 washing machine inverter (which I only use once a week or once in 2 weeks during the peak hours of the sun, para libre kuryente parin hehe). Plus of course you don't forget about the lights and other small gadgets like your router etc. You’ll actually learn more about how everything works little by little.

See how the app works HERE

🌎To give you a glimpse of how our family is a very “Mother Earth conscious family” you may check the hashtag #NCDecoblog on Facebook on how we do our share in caring for mother earth consistently.

⭐️We have posters that act reminders at home (parang school/office lang noh hehe) in all electrical switch and faucets, yes ALL. Why put them all around at home? Because mind conditioning STARTS AT HOME, saving mother Earth, starts at home. All of us, family members have this automatic hand switching off what needs to be switched off which became part of our values and system every time when we go out. We religiously segregate and keep a lot of re-usable materials (cabinets of them). We have 6 pairs of trash bins (bio and non-bio) inside the main areas of our home. We are that OC, we know. Hehe These are just of the few things that we do at home. But I thank God I have this upbringing that’s why I’m also doing my best to somehow influence you (I hope) to do the same. 

Here’s something that we learned for ourselves. Even though we have this system already, our OLD HABITS of energy conservation are still being practiced up to know. Matipid parin kami both in electricity and water. This all started as a dream before and now we enjoy the power of the sun day and night. I never appreciated the sun more than ever.

πŸ‘‍πŸ—¨Something to read:
✔️Try to join Solar Power Philippines Group - you’ll learn about how Filipinos are now shifting to solar power. Sikat din si Raj duman hehe he has so many clients all over the Philippines.
✔️3 different types of systems: Gridtied, Off Grid and On Grid. 

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