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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Suhoton Beach, Brgy. Vito Siruma

Siruma is not just all about the long shores facing San Miguel Bay. Some parts has a view of the Pacific too. I’m sharing a different side of Siruma which is at Barangay Vito, accessible by boat. 🚣
🏝00:20 and 02:04-02:34 is the Sand bar at Brgy. Vito
🏝00:53 - 02:03 The Suhuton Beach for me is like the Dragonstone of Siruma. Well not so much, pero ung small tunnel has that feels haha pero push ko padin. 🤣GOT fan lang po talaga until now. 02:48 is by foot at Suhoton, look for the small tunnel at 03:00
⛰03:20 is at Old Siruma Island or Matandang Siruma na inaapod

Try to Google the location so that you can imagine where these beaches are. How far is it? From Brgy. Pamintan, Brgy Vito is only around 20 minutes far. So it will really depend kung sain na resort po kamo hali.

Quality time with family and relatives last April 14 indeed. Thank you Doc Dennis R. for bringing us there! Dios Mabalos po!
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