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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Younis Visa Advisor Services in Naga City

Remember NCD’s old logos? The person who was making NCD’s banners and countdowns for Penafrancia Festival before way back early 2010ish is now in ‘the land down under’, Australia! 

How time flies indeed! Ralph Balanta, who I thought was staying for good in Naga before pandemic saw an opportunity in Australia. Nasa IT Industry siya and was working pretty well as freelancer and some side jobs, at his age he thought it was a past dream to work abroad, but little did he know that he had bigger opportunities to work with clients NOT ONLINE, BUT ABROAD. Kang nahiling kong nasa Australia na siya, nakaka ogmang maray na mahiling mo ang barkada mo, kapwa Nagueno na nagkakaigwa pa giraray marhay na opportunidad dawa sa panahon ning pandemya.

Kadakol na pong Visa Advisor Services digdi sa Pilipinas, but I can attest one SUCCESS story and that is with Ralph. 

I’ll be posting a few info about Ralph’s bridge on how he was able to successfully migrate to Australia in a few weeks to come, meanwhile here’s a few from the page of Younis https://www.facebook.com/YOUNIS.VisaAdvisor


All programs are open to Degree Holders, K-12 Graduates, and Undergraduates. 

No IELTS | No Show Money! 

Younis Visa Advisor Services is one of the most trusted Visa Consultancies in the Country. Take a step with us, take a step with trust. We can help bridge your dreams into reality.

✅️Free consultation and assessment

To register Click on the link below or email them:




Contact #:

Email address:

And send to Roby@YounisVisa@gmail.com

Or text them your details at 0961-562-0967

You may visit Younis from  9am - 5pm at the 3rd floor of the MMCN building, Panganiban Drive, Naga City (Former NSO building beside ABS-CBN) for a free orientation, consultation, and assessment. Find out how to live your dreams through our STUDY | EARN | SETTLE program. Message us on Facebook, call, or text 09322194337 for more details. See you!! 


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