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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cafe Federico

Cafe Federico is a place where you can watch a part of downtown Naga City just like on a live TV. These windows (as shown in the photo) surrounding the cafe serves as your view deck of Elias Angeles Street, Plaza Quince Martires, San Franciso Church, and a part of P. Burgos St. and Penafrancia Avenue.

I just fell in love with the scenery, watching the pedestrians and vehicles pass by with old trees surrounding the Quince Martires that I could not help myself but take a few photos because I rarely dine in at this Cafe. Imagine looking at the same spot at night with the lights gleaming from the 24 hour food block, majestic lights of the church on the other side and top it off with the classic lamp posts of the plaza at the center. What makes Crown Hotel's spot very special is that, the curve bend is the turning point of INA going to Metropolitan Cathedral during Traslacion Procession every Penafrancia Festival.

While enjoying the view, one can order Cafe Federico's and The Park's favorites like the Hung Ma Bread, beef brisket, and other Chinese dishes. Oh, don't forget to order a cup of coffee while enjoying the scenery.

Cafe Federico is located on the 2nd floor of Crown Hotel Elias Angeles St. Naga City or contact them at (054) 473-1845

Freedom Triathlon

Freedom Triathlon 
March 3, 2012
8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/377579438923231/

1050 mtr Swim - 15.5km Bike - 5.5km Run

Registration Fee: 1,000.00
Inclusive of Sublimated Finisher Shirt, Swim Cap, and Medal

Overal Winners:
1st - 5,000.00
2nd - 3,000.00
3rd - 2,000.00

Age-group Category:
18 - 30 Trophy and Sponsors Item
31 - 40 Trophy and Sponsors Item
41 - 50 Trophy and Sponsors Item
51 - Above Trophy and Sponsors Item

Relay Category:
Top 3 Overall relay ( 2 man relay only for the 3 events )

2011 Bar Examination Results

Congrats to my HS batchmate from SJS Atty. Leo Archival Imperial AND to my college batchmates
from SLUAtty. Roberto Mabalot and Atty Hiedi Manginga

For the 2011 Bar Exam Result please click this link --> http://sc.judiciary.gov.ph/bar2011.html

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dalagan OragonYear 3

Dalagan Oragon 2012
March 25, 2012, 4:30 AM
Plaza Quezon

Registration Sites (TBA)

5k-150 inclusive of race bib and finisher's medal
10k- 200 inclusive of race bib and finisher's medal
28k- 350 inclusive of race bib, finisher's medal and finisher's shirt

let's run with our most comfortable running outfit...
singlet not included to make our run fun and affordable.

Monday, February 20, 2012

UNC 64th Foundation Anniversary

Week long celebration of UNC's 64th Foundation Anniversary
February 13-18, 2012

"Onward Greyhound: Uncovering New Challenges"

Monday, February 13, 2012

BBT at Avenue Square

New place with new flavors. The second branch of Bubble Town is now open at the Avenue Square in Al Fresco style. Bubble Town Tea House operated its first branch at Panganiban Drive and pioneered the Tea Industry in Naga City.

I ordered a new flavor which is the Milky Coffenut Tea in slush with 80% sugar. I'm a fan of BTT's "slushy" teas 'coz I want the coldness to last longer than the usual. Tea with a blend of coffee, sounds nice right? Lots and lots and lots of flavors to choose from, only at Bubble Town.

View from the inside

Friendly baristas at your service :)

These two cuties will meet you near the doorstep

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines 2012: Wine. Dine. Be Mine.

Source: Avenue Square Facebook

Don't have time to set-up your own candlelight dinner at home? Why not treat your special someone & loved one to a very special Valentines Dinner at Avenue Plaza on February 14, 2012. Aside from the 5 course dinner, a glass of wine, and a heart warming entertainment, you'll also receive 900 pesos worth of gift certificates from our event partners. So hurry, reserve your seats today! Call 473 9999 now. ♥

Valentines at Red Platter

Eat All You Can
Breakfast Buffet
for only Php 270.00 per head

February 13 & 14, 2012
7:00 - 10:00 AM

See posters and print ads for details

Walk for Life, Walk for Love

Walk for Life, Walk for Love
"Padagos na Paglakaw, Padagos na Pagdaramayan"
February 26, 2012

Registration Site:
SM City Naga


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jog. But be SAFE

Wherever we are at whatever given time, it's always best to watch our back or have a companion do it for us. Criminal minds must be lurking in every corner possible, day or night, as long as there are susceptible victims not worrying about their safety. Let's help Naga City achieve zero-crime rate. Sounds impossible but it sure helps when all of us, sane and concerned citizens, are vigilant and heedful in practicing safe and non-suggestive behaviors.

Jogging at the park is one example, even when it's a few steps away from our house --how cruel can times get. The park, especially on early mornings, is one place we tend to feel homey at. In reality, it's the worst place for us to just go bouncing about and be carefree leaving our things unattended and ourselves pretty prone to crimes like sexual harassment, or even physical injury. This country needs people who are responsible -- day-to-day heroes going after criminals protecting the rights of the powerless victims. In Naga City, we need just about enough of these people especially during outdoor exercises like, well yes, a jog at the park.

When such bad encounter happens, let's not  hesitate to report the incident to the barangay or report it to the police  for blotter even if the suspect/s is/are unidentified. It's important to have presence of mind to be able to get all the available information to identify the perpetrators - serial number of  getaway vehicle, distinctive mark on the suspect's face and body, clothes he/she is wearing, time of the incident, witnesses during the time of incident, etc. It's also advisable to have distance. Don't go chasing the criminal if you're alone to prevent from further harm. Shout to attract attention and call help from the area.

Our Naga Police-Tanods are approachable and 'alisto'. Avail of the contact number of your barangay. Our Naga Policemen are as alert. Let's trust them. It's give and take in peace and order. 

The fastest number to dial is 3000 for emergencies. Pls. visit this page for more informatin on specific details. http://naga.gov.ph/see-naga/plan-your-trip/about-naga/emergency/emergency-numbers/

The best and first thing to do is Know Thy Neighbors. Goodluck! Be safe at all times!

 It pays to get fit.=)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cafes in Naga: Rafabel's Cakes and Patisserie

Naga City - Our city is home to many homegrown cafe brands. At SM City Naga, there are two homegrown coffee shops and one is presently located just right outside the SM Cinema.

The second homegrown cafe that we have in the mall is the Rafabel's Cakes and Patisserie. Prior to their branch at SM, they started along Panganiban Drive fronting St. John Hospital. Unnoticed by many back in the days, Rafabel's was already sampling Naga City with junior sizes up until they offered whole cakes plus cookies and other pastries. I remember dropping by along Panganiban just to buy a solo cake from them. There was a time when the coffee shop closed their SM Branch for quite some time and kept me wondering that it's impossible for them to close because its obvious they have many regular customers. Only to know that they underwent renovation and that was a big relief.

I don't know if you will agree but Rafabel's has indeed established their brand especially in terms of cakes. Boxes and boxes of cakes are usually all out during special days of the year. No themed cakes but only relying on the classic cakes but all are exquisitely baked. Their cakes are not that sweet but just sweet enough for the palate. They also serve Baked Lasagna which also tastes good. 

Clearly Rafabel's has drawn a lot of regulars at their SM City Naga branch which is right in front of the boutique Von Dutch. Now after quite some time, rumor has it that they will be joining the food and entertainment strip of Magsaysay Avenue. Now as one of the tenants at the ground floor of Villa Caceres Hotel, Rafabel's has found a match of their store concept that will complement the Venetian design of the hotel's newest wing. The cafe is beside the new Bistro Roberto also a decades-old entertainment provider to many Naguenos. 

So yesterday, September 3, I asked my friends who would want to go with me to Rafabel's Magsaysay just to see the store up close and personal before everybody gets to enjoy the place haha. My only break from my Saturday routine was 12 noon to 2pm. So, I haven't eaten my lunch that's why coffee and cake became my lunch instead. I learned that they will be having their grand opening today, September 4. Congratulations to Rafabel's for this new venture! Thanks for adding up to Naga's fine coffee experience. Here's a few photos of their newest branch. Enjoy!

My favorite cakes would be Oreo Cheesecake, Ube Cake and Choco Mousse. For the drinks, I like the Choco Mudslide and their Dilmah Tea. 

Rafabel's Naga Cakes and Patisserie
Facebook Page: Rafabel's Naga
SM City Naga Branch: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
 Magsaysay Avenue Branch: 8:00 am to 2:00 am

Valentines 2012: Gift Suggestions

CLICK HERE for Valentine Promos in Naga 2014

Last Sunday, I happen to stumble upon these cute little pieces of heaven for people with sweet tooth that are perfect for Valentines near the SM City Naga activity center.

These cupcakes are from Rafabel's Cakes and Pastries. Their stall is right infront of Penshoppe at SM City Naga but items are currently displayed at the activity center.

The polvoron cupcakes looks as if you don't want to eat them anymore and just stare at them for so long as you want.  It comes in the following sizes:
Singles, Box of 4, and Box of 32. They also have stand alone polvorons packed in tight resealable packs.

You can choose from among different characters that can suit the personality of the person you're planning to give this gift. These are just few of the gift suggestions for your special someone, friend or family member for this coming Valentines season.

So there, aside from the usual chocolates, cakes and flowers, at least you now have other options. Good luck!

NcDEcoBlog: Naga City, Let's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

On this photo is a recycled newspaper used as a paper bag when my father bought mangoes at the Naga City People's Mall (public market).

I was actually delighted to see this improvement even though it took some time and I am very particular and involved in taking care of mother earth.

Our usual practice at home (thanks to my mom who is an environmentalist) is to recycle everything that is recyclable until it wears out. You will be surprised to see our kitchen cabinets full of bottles, containers, cups, and a lot more. Kept safe and clean ready for future use and reuse.

Used plastic bags or even recyclable bags that you can use when buying for your grocery/market can actually reduce the usage of plastic.

Everything has to start from a little contribution to mother earth so that combining all our little efforts can make a huge impact for our environment.Go for a GREEN NAGA!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

ARiel LOves SKIN

Okay so I have to clarify a bit from what I forecasted in my previous blog, TRENDING: ADIOS TIGER, OLA DRAGON. I almost didn't considered the fact that fashion trends in Naga is not yet at par with Manila or New York (ehem), but we're catching up. We have mixed local and foreign brands like Primadonna, Kamiseta, Oxygen, Bench, Guess, F&H etc. to influence our tastes. We can access online fashion stores, watch fashion tv and get to know the sophisticated French fashion designers. I particularly am inspired by the works of New York fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Ultimately, we have streetfashion. I usually get elated whenever I see urbanites strutting the hallways like a supermodel would on a runway,  great fashion sense. And at present, looking around the metro almost every chillin' saturday night and sniffing at what's cooking in the pubs, grills, bars, restos and downtown centro by youth and the 'ayuts', it's not yet Goodbye to Animal skin/print. It is still very fashionable in Naga and it will stay on our fabrics and thingies maybe until mid this year. Besides, Dragon is alot similar with snakes skin, right? *getting droopy*

Just stroll downtown they're everywhere! It's an infection! hehehe. This is the kind of trend that have an advantage on me and Bs*y, considering that we're freaks over these sexy prints. Our Animal Skin/print (specifically, tiger. leopard, zebra, snake) collecting habit may go beyond, just maybe, our other treasured collections: my cheap strawberry stuff, lamb/sheep, guitar symbols, and her sophisticated lace collection which she recently (If I'm not mistaken) decided to collect with her partner's eager delight.

After convincing Bs*y to take photos and enjoy the 'getting huge' collection of Animal Print/Skin, she actually made a personal photo album with a short story to tell in her Facebook account, also for my private viewing. But here's a chance for me to share this exciting and daring experience with you, NCDeckers, with her permission of course. Yes, it feels a lot similar with viewing or tasting culinary plates with some exotic ingredients to savor.

 I can only imagine wearing this jaw dropping pair with my black buttoned down one-piece knee-length fitted dress.  PHOTO COURTESY OF Bs*y
 Her collecting spree had something to do with a trip to Legazpi City just to buy these Jansport bags, she said. It really does take us to heights or distance just to get a hold of our sweet fetish.  
  Now, This is my favorite, Reversible Sports utility bags by Jansport which she usually carries for work. PHOTO COURTESY OF Bs*y
  Bags!!!! Need say more, Ladies? PHOTO COURTESY OF Bs*y
 Some of her dresses... Roar!  PHOTO COURTESY OF Bs*y

Get Spotted too with Animal Faux Furs, Prints, Skins... savvy finds on your own trips to online fashion stores, downtown boutiques, tiangges, divisorias, department stores, school supplies shop and UKAY2!

It's all a matter of having fun with other people's work of art, designs, shopping experience and most of all celebrating newfound friendship or sisterhood with your friend with their sweet willingness to share what they have.

I know it does take some guts to do it!  Thanks Bs*y. =)

I must say, Girls or the so-called Ariels, just keep it real even with a skin on!


Bs*y for more of her cool animal-inspired stuff.


Betsey Johnson mini bio video link