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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cafe Federico

Cafe Federico is a place where you can watch a part of downtown Naga City just like on a live TV. These windows (as shown in the photo) surrounding the cafe serves as your view deck of Elias Angeles Street, Plaza Quince Martires, San Franciso Church, and a part of P. Burgos St. and Penafrancia Avenue.

I just fell in love with the scenery, watching the pedestrians and vehicles pass by with old trees surrounding the Quince Martires that I could not help myself but take a few photos because I rarely dine in at this Cafe. Imagine looking at the same spot at night with the lights gleaming from the 24 hour food block, majestic lights of the church on the other side and top it off with the classic lamp posts of the plaza at the center. What makes Crown Hotel's spot very special is that, the curve bend is the turning point of INA going to Metropolitan Cathedral during Traslacion Procession every Penafrancia Festival.

While enjoying the view, one can order Cafe Federico's and The Park's favorites like the Hung Ma Bread, beef brisket, and other Chinese dishes. Oh, don't forget to order a cup of coffee while enjoying the scenery.

Cafe Federico is located on the 2nd floor of Crown Hotel Elias Angeles St. Naga City or contact them at (054) 473-1845


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