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Sunday, February 5, 2012

ARiel LOves SKIN

Okay so I have to clarify a bit from what I forecasted in my previous blog, TRENDING: ADIOS TIGER, OLA DRAGON. I almost didn't considered the fact that fashion trends in Naga is not yet at par with Manila or New York (ehem), but we're catching up. We have mixed local and foreign brands like Primadonna, Kamiseta, Oxygen, Bench, Guess, F&H etc. to influence our tastes. We can access online fashion stores, watch fashion tv and get to know the sophisticated French fashion designers. I particularly am inspired by the works of New York fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Ultimately, we have streetfashion. I usually get elated whenever I see urbanites strutting the hallways like a supermodel would on a runway,  great fashion sense. And at present, looking around the metro almost every chillin' saturday night and sniffing at what's cooking in the pubs, grills, bars, restos and downtown centro by youth and the 'ayuts', it's not yet Goodbye to Animal skin/print. It is still very fashionable in Naga and it will stay on our fabrics and thingies maybe until mid this year. Besides, Dragon is alot similar with snakes skin, right? *getting droopy*

Just stroll downtown they're everywhere! It's an infection! hehehe. This is the kind of trend that have an advantage on me and Bs*y, considering that we're freaks over these sexy prints. Our Animal Skin/print (specifically, tiger. leopard, zebra, snake) collecting habit may go beyond, just maybe, our other treasured collections: my cheap strawberry stuff, lamb/sheep, guitar symbols, and her sophisticated lace collection which she recently (If I'm not mistaken) decided to collect with her partner's eager delight.

After convincing Bs*y to take photos and enjoy the 'getting huge' collection of Animal Print/Skin, she actually made a personal photo album with a short story to tell in her Facebook account, also for my private viewing. But here's a chance for me to share this exciting and daring experience with you, NCDeckers, with her permission of course. Yes, it feels a lot similar with viewing or tasting culinary plates with some exotic ingredients to savor.

 I can only imagine wearing this jaw dropping pair with my black buttoned down one-piece knee-length fitted dress.  PHOTO COURTESY OF Bs*y
 Her collecting spree had something to do with a trip to Legazpi City just to buy these Jansport bags, she said. It really does take us to heights or distance just to get a hold of our sweet fetish.  
  Now, This is my favorite, Reversible Sports utility bags by Jansport which she usually carries for work. PHOTO COURTESY OF Bs*y
  Bags!!!! Need say more, Ladies? PHOTO COURTESY OF Bs*y
 Some of her dresses... Roar!  PHOTO COURTESY OF Bs*y

Get Spotted too with Animal Faux Furs, Prints, Skins... savvy finds on your own trips to online fashion stores, downtown boutiques, tiangges, divisorias, department stores, school supplies shop and UKAY2!

It's all a matter of having fun with other people's work of art, designs, shopping experience and most of all celebrating newfound friendship or sisterhood with your friend with their sweet willingness to share what they have.

I know it does take some guts to do it!  Thanks Bs*y. =)

I must say, Girls or the so-called Ariels, just keep it real even with a skin on!


Bs*y for more of her cool animal-inspired stuff.


Betsey Johnson mini bio video link


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