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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jog. But be SAFE

Wherever we are at whatever given time, it's always best to watch our back or have a companion do it for us. Criminal minds must be lurking in every corner possible, day or night, as long as there are susceptible victims not worrying about their safety. Let's help Naga City achieve zero-crime rate. Sounds impossible but it sure helps when all of us, sane and concerned citizens, are vigilant and heedful in practicing safe and non-suggestive behaviors.

Jogging at the park is one example, even when it's a few steps away from our house --how cruel can times get. The park, especially on early mornings, is one place we tend to feel homey at. In reality, it's the worst place for us to just go bouncing about and be carefree leaving our things unattended and ourselves pretty prone to crimes like sexual harassment, or even physical injury. This country needs people who are responsible -- day-to-day heroes going after criminals protecting the rights of the powerless victims. In Naga City, we need just about enough of these people especially during outdoor exercises like, well yes, a jog at the park.

When such bad encounter happens, let's not  hesitate to report the incident to the barangay or report it to the police  for blotter even if the suspect/s is/are unidentified. It's important to have presence of mind to be able to get all the available information to identify the perpetrators - serial number of  getaway vehicle, distinctive mark on the suspect's face and body, clothes he/she is wearing, time of the incident, witnesses during the time of incident, etc. It's also advisable to have distance. Don't go chasing the criminal if you're alone to prevent from further harm. Shout to attract attention and call help from the area.

Our Naga Police-Tanods are approachable and 'alisto'. Avail of the contact number of your barangay. Our Naga Policemen are as alert. Let's trust them. It's give and take in peace and order. 

The fastest number to dial is 3000 for emergencies. Pls. visit this page for more informatin on specific details. http://naga.gov.ph/see-naga/plan-your-trip/about-naga/emergency/emergency-numbers/

The best and first thing to do is Know Thy Neighbors. Goodluck! Be safe at all times!

 It pays to get fit.=)


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