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Monday, October 7, 2019

Ilaw Atbp. Opens Biggest Branch in Naga City, Bicol

Ilaw Atbp. opens its biggest and most complete store at the Heart of Bicol, Naga City. Owner, Edwin Pimentel considers the branch as a tribute to his mother who was born and raised in Brgy. Tabuco.

Ilaw atbp. sells both quality and safe local and global brands and they CUSTOMIZE the specific needs of clients from big project markets such as hotels and industrial projects to small households. LitesPlus is Ilaw Atbps. own line of product as well which they manufacture. Affordability at its finest with even a chandelier for your homes for as low as P1,000 or grandiose ones that would complement hotels and establishments.

They are also the exclusive distributor of LiOA outdoor lamps from Vietnam, one of the two most trusted global brands in outdoor lighting. In addition, they import their own decorative lights and have numerous designs – making Ilaw Atbp the most flexible in the industry with its diverse line up of products for lighting. 

Outdoor, indoor, on the ground or on the corner, Ilaw Atbp actually provides a 360 degree location for your lighting and electrical needs. There’s nothing more satisfying for customers than having our needs customized and personalized.

Formerly located at the Central Business District II of Naga for 10 years, #IlawAtbpNaga is now along Maharlika Highway in Brgy. Del Rosario with a bigger showroom fronting Camella Naga.

Oh btw, opening sale is until October 9 with up to 50% discount, so better visit #IlawAtbpNaga now!

The company has been in existence for 20 years already with 14 branches nationwide. They also offer franchising packages with no royalty and renewal fees. You may contact Anne Talosig at 0915 603 2663 or 0939 908 4545. Email them at franchising.ilawatbp@gmail.com or rbtilawatbp@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Allergy and Immunology Clinic in Naga / Allergologist in Naga City

Dra. Kristy M. Pinoy-Villamayor 
3rd Floor of Bicol Cardiovascular Diagnostic Cooperative (BCDC)
Clinic Hours: Monday - Friday 2pm to 6pm
Adult & Pedia Allergy and Immunology Clinic
Contact No. 0923 845 0720 (Please take note that it is still first come first serve basis when you go to the clinic)

Sharing a very personal experience, I’m sacrificing a little of my privacy as I want to help those who are also experiencing the same condition as mine. Pardon the drama if others may see it that way.

Since last year I have been looking for a doctor specializing in Allergy and Immunology here in Naga City and there was none at that time. I realized that there is no such thing as “simple” illnesses, because illnesses when not prevented nor treated will always be deadly. Though for emergency cases, yes you can go to general practitioners but still, going to specialists tells a different story. 

I was told then last year by my doctor that there’s only one Allergy / Immunology Clinic here in Bicol and it’s in Daraga, Albay. I let it pass and tried to just take the usual antihistamines just to alleviate the effects of the allergy. I had a pretty busy schedule and can’t drive to Albay for a check up. I admit, I was neglecting my health. 

Around Feb of this year, I learned that Naga now has a doctor specializing in Allergology/Immunology. Then again it was just around March, on my birthday, with no plans, I had the strength to visit the clinic. 

Fast forward, series of lab tests were conducted (and I even found another condition). For the past months I also had to do my own homework, taking note of allergens which triggers me, took pictures of the rashes, the frequency and time it usually appears. Hives/rashes, rhinitis and I even had dermatographia (skin writing). At first I thought it was all about food allergy, but sad to say it went further to everything around me so to speak. I looked for supplements or alternative medicines but I was again scared that it might trigger something else again. It was becoming worse and the experience itself was disturbing me emotionally speaking, trying be strong as if it was just a simple rash. The thought of having it was stressful, depressing and even gave me a lot of anxieties. 

Last Sep 15, while covering the Highland Triathlon, something triggered my allergies, it was a different rash, it was worse at night and lasted until the Civic Parade day, my meds were surprisingly not working during that time. Thankfully, I was on duty for the Penafrancia Festival Coverage in the morning, so I contacted the clinic to set up for an appointment. I cannot anymore take the discomfort. I was wearing jacket or long sleeves even though it was too warm just to cover up my arms. I could literally let someone tie up my hands just to keep myself from scratching. I was afraid that I might end up in the emergency room in the middle of the Penafrancia festivities if will not have myself checked again.

The condition is called Chronic Urticaria, I’m not ashamed anymore that I have it, as will continue to fight and be in the disposition that with the right knowledge and self care plus prayer, everything will be fine eventually. Sometimes others might think that it's only "arte arte" lang when I see others so picky and doing away with too much high or low temperatures, pollen, dust or any other allergens. And gosh I love dogs, we have many dogs at home so how can I even live with that fact if one thing that I like will be taken away from me?

Stress. Stress is indeed one of the causes of many of our illnesses today. There are a lot of studies and researchers around this niche. There are times when I didn't have any food intake and if I'm emotionally upset, rashes come out, I can attest to that. I'm a mental health service provider by day, imagine the energy that you could get from talking to people. I'm just human enough to reach a certain point of saturation, we too get weak. Apart from that office task, I also teach part time after 5pm. If being workaholic means working after 5pm and even weekends, then, yes I was that person especially last year. When symptoms started to come out, I decided to lessen my teaching hours to focus on recovering on my health. And oh, I forgot, I still have a blog to maintain and it honestly gets to my nerves when I reply to inquiries that are out of this world or can even be searched on Google. Sorry guys, but sometimes a lot of people are asking the wrong questions on Facebook. Wrapping all these up, it's now almost a year that I have been off my personal Facebook account. I created an account just to maintain my blog and it was big relief. I just had to find out what was causing all these allergies and focused on my health. 

So sometimes when I say that I want to disappear, those were days that I wanted to hide myself from everyone because of self-pity. It's when you look in the mirror and see yourself with all the manifestations and ask, why is this happening to me? I’m now living with it and this journey is just another story.

Doc Kristy, thank you. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this here, because I really wanted to help those who are also misdiagnosed and who do not know where to go. You saved my Peńafrancia 2019 coverage. Thank you Doc Ramon C as well for recommending Doc Kristy. 

Dra. Kristy M. Pinoy-Villamayor 
3rd Floor of Bicol Cardiovascular Diagnostic Cooperative (BCDC)
Clinic Hours: Monday - Friday 2pm to 6pm
Adult & Pedia Allergy and Immunology Clinic
Contact No. 0923 845 0720 (Please take note that it is still first come first serve basis when you go to the clinic)

Friday, August 30, 2019

Lechon Belly for Order in Naga City

#NCDfoodtrip Maray pa lechon kahit may belly tempting parin! But kidding aside, I really could not say anything more when we talk about options here in Naga. We have a lot and I found CJ's Lechon Belly as a belly very good product! This is really perfect for the coming #PeñafranciaFestival or for any occasions that you have.

I’ll go straight to the point, this 2-kilo lechon belly is a “classic” flavor with very CRISPY balat (check out my IG Story/FB My Day) and JUICY/TENDER ang meat on the inside.

Notice the slice of the meat (sensya na dai perfect ta sala si gamit kong knife haha), it’s so tender and it’s obviously FRESH meat as you taste it. Peks man! Feeling ko masiramon man ang spicy flavor ninda, will try it too sa sunod.

Choose from Classic and Spicy Flavor🌶🌶 minimun 2 kilos to order and it starts at only P1,000! Very affordable sinda!
FB Page https://www.facebook.com/cjsbellychon/
For orders contact them at 0917-145-8311or 0921-885-3539

They are now accepting orders for the #Peñafrancia2019 Fiesta (for pick-up only). For any other occasion, they actually deliver right to your doorstep.

*Oh and dagdag ko lang...Notice also that CJ’s did not use a plastic rope/straw? to package the product.That’s actually the very first thing that I noticed and it’s a PLUS👍🏻 point for me because it’s #EarthFriendly! 🌎 Hoping that you guys continue it plus the paper box too. ❤️

#NCDfoodtrip: White Bean Cafe

#NCDfoodtrip Sain kita makakan? A simple question yet difficult to answer if you are in Naga City. Sa ka-centrohan kan ciudad, may White Bean Cafe'.

What’s the first thing in mind when you hear about White Bean Cafe? Me, it’s pasta. The first time I blogged about White Bean was way back 2012 and pasta has been one of the reasons I always come back. This time we had Gambasetti 🍝Yum!!! Just look at the serving size.

Being one of the dainty cafés in the downtown area of Naga, White Bean also serves rice meals that are actually just waiting for you to discover. Just look at White Bean’s Beef Kare-Kare. Not only that it is plated well with Puso ning Batag (Banana Flower) but it’s very delicious, with a serving size for one person and can also be shared should you have other dishes.

Beef Kare-Kare

White Bean is also known for sandwiches of different kinds commonly paired to their pastas just like the Chicken Pesto Tomato. 

I can still remember that White Bean was also one of the first cafes in Naga that introduced the Italian Soda. White Bean’s coffee has also been established well when it comes to getting that perfect brew whenever you are in the busy streets of Naga.

At White Bean you can actually enjoy their food and drinks in a pleasant interior, light to the eyes and just right enough to enjoy a quiet meal. Oh, did you know that they also serve Kakigori? 🍧A Korean shaved-iced dessert that would really delight you if you’re craving for something sweet. Link to post 

Did you know that even though White Bean is in CBD I, they actually have enough parking spaces at the back of Nagaland Hotel? While Centro Naga is now becoming a “walking city”, meaning, it’s better for you to walk it off to reach a certain establishment, White Bean is right where you need them to be.

Blue Raspberry

Ceylon Black Lemon Iced Tea

Cafe Latte

I have always been proud of homegrown brands like White Bean, because they are now time-tested despite the many other cafes in and out of the city. (Wasn’t able to take photos of the whole place because there were other customers )

Sabi ngani kaiyan, Naga may be an inland city, pero we are known to have sooooo many restaurants, homegrown that is, maiba-ibang klase, mamili ka sana. And I believe this is one of the reasons why Naga is called “An Maogmang Lugar”, yes we are happy to welcome national and international brands, but at the end of the day, we Nagueños keep coming back to our homegrown brands that they become our comfort foods and White Bean is one of them. ❤️

Ground Floor, Nagaland Hotel, Elias Angeles Street #NagaCity

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Where to Stay in Albay: Innbox Daraga

Home for the weekend, here at Innbox! ❤️ Look! A #ContainerHotel! An affordable accommodation just 10 minutes away from the Legazpi Airport and about 5 minutes from Daraga town proper. Unique to hotels here in Bicol, it is constructed from recycled shipping containers, eco-friendly, air-conditioned, stylish and even INSTAGRAMMABLE at that with free wifi access, plus your basic bathroom facility with hot and cold shower.

Innbox is also perfect for “roadtrippers” because the rate starts at P500 only!

📍 Purok 3, Maroroy, Daraga, Albay
Contact Nos.: 09076995943 / (052) 7423572


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Run for Big Heart 2019

Join the ❤️ Run for Big Heart 2019 ❤️!!!
August 21, 2019

Register at:
- 2nd Floor, Honda Cars Camsur Pili - JLo BIG HEART Foundation
- McDonald’s Pili
- Petron Magsaysay, #NagaCity

Starting Point: Mcdonald's Pili, San Agustin, Pili, Camarines Sur
Assembly Time: 5:30 AM
Zumba: 6:00 AM
Gun Start: 6:30 AM

Run for Wellness 10: Cobbles Fest

The most anticipated and one of the biggest wellness event in Bicol is again set to toe the line this year!  This event is concertedly celebrated with the Penafrancia Festival. Southstar Drug’s Run For Wellness is set on September 15, 2019 at Plaza Quezon in Naga City. Organized by Rsrj Events Management.

The Run for Wellness is now running on its 10th year and is participated by around 2,000 runners with two categories that you will surely enjoy, 3K and 5K Color and Bubble Run. Register in select Southstar Drug branches in Bicol and get exclusive discounts.

Php 300 FOR 3K / 5K

Inclusive of Racebib, Singlet, Sunglasses and Finisher's Medal

 Select Southstar Drug branches:
 - Crown Hotel Bldg., Cor E. Angeles St. & P. Burgos St., San Francisco, Naga City, -Camarines Sur
- #77 Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City, Camarines Sur
 - Elevated Plaza, Vinzons Ave., Daet, Camarines Norte
 - Alfelor St., Cor. Rotary Road, Iriga City, Camarines Sur
-Rizal St., Legazpi City, Albay