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Friday, August 30, 2019

#NCDfoodtrip: White Bean Cafe

#NCDfoodtrip Sain kita makakan? A simple question yet difficult to answer if you are in Naga City. Sa ka-centrohan kan ciudad, may White Bean Cafe'.

What’s the first thing in mind when you hear about White Bean Cafe? Me, it’s pasta. The first time I blogged about White Bean was way back 2012 and pasta has been one of the reasons I always come back. This time we had Gambasetti 🍝Yum!!! Just look at the serving size.

Being one of the dainty cafés in the downtown area of Naga, White Bean also serves rice meals that are actually just waiting for you to discover. Just look at White Bean’s Beef Kare-Kare. Not only that it is plated well with Puso ning Batag (Banana Flower) but it’s very delicious, with a serving size for one person and can also be shared should you have other dishes.

Beef Kare-Kare

White Bean is also known for sandwiches of different kinds commonly paired to their pastas just like the Chicken Pesto Tomato. 

I can still remember that White Bean was also one of the first cafes in Naga that introduced the Italian Soda. White Bean’s coffee has also been established well when it comes to getting that perfect brew whenever you are in the busy streets of Naga.

At White Bean you can actually enjoy their food and drinks in a pleasant interior, light to the eyes and just right enough to enjoy a quiet meal. Oh, did you know that they also serve Kakigori? 🍧A Korean shaved-iced dessert that would really delight you if you’re craving for something sweet. Link to post 

Did you know that even though White Bean is in CBD I, they actually have enough parking spaces at the back of Nagaland Hotel? While Centro Naga is now becoming a “walking city”, meaning, it’s better for you to walk it off to reach a certain establishment, White Bean is right where you need them to be.

Blue Raspberry

Ceylon Black Lemon Iced Tea

Cafe Latte

I have always been proud of homegrown brands like White Bean, because they are now time-tested despite the many other cafes in and out of the city. (Wasn’t able to take photos of the whole place because there were other customers )

Sabi ngani kaiyan, Naga may be an inland city, pero we are known to have sooooo many restaurants, homegrown that is, maiba-ibang klase, mamili ka sana. And I believe this is one of the reasons why Naga is called “An Maogmang Lugar”, yes we are happy to welcome national and international brands, but at the end of the day, we Nagueños keep coming back to our homegrown brands that they become our comfort foods and White Bean is one of them. ❤️

Ground Floor, Nagaland Hotel, Elias Angeles Street #NagaCity


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