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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Southern Sound

Southern Sound
Car Audio and Accessories
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

DBP Regional Marketing Center for Bicol and DBP Naga Branch

DBP Regional Marketing Center for Bicol and DBP Naga Branch
at Panganiban Drive Naga City

On this page you will see updates of the DPP Regional Marketing Center for Bicol. The new building is right beside the old DBP building (see photo below)

As of October 12, 2012

As of April 2012
Photos by oragon.com of SSC CamSur

DBP Naga
October 23, 2012

DECA Corporate Center

DECA Corporate Center
Panganiban Drive, Naga City

TENANTS As of March 2015

Deca Homes

BDO, PNB (Old Allied Bank), First Naga Bank

Young Learners Hub Tutorial Center
Cambridge Child Development Center

Blue Water Day Spa
Unit 301 and 401 2nd Floor Contact No. (054) 881-2034
Contact Number:  (054) 881-2138 & 09159021910.

Nails Cocktales Hand & Foot Spa
Unit 206A 2nd Floor Contact No. (0917)-590-0400
(054 881-2441 or (054) 238-0215

As of October 4, 2013
nth BDO Branch in the city

As of July 15, 2013
Opening and blessing of the new PNB Naga-Panganiban Branch

As of June 10, 2013

As of May 29, 2013

As of September 23, 2012
Photo by Naga Boy of SSC CamSur

As of April 2012
Photos by oragon.com of SSC CamSur

Caramel Bakeshop SM City Naga Branch

Caramel Bakeshop SM City Naga Branch
Ground Level, beside Banco de Oro

For Caramel Bakeshop E-mall Branch CLICK HERE
For Caramel Bakeshop P. Burgos St. Branch CLICK HERE

Landbank Naga Rotonda Branch

Landbank Naga Rotonda Branch

On this page you will see updates of Landbank Naga Rotonda Branch

Sep. 10, 2013

As of May 28, 2013

As of April 12, 2013

Photo by oragon.com of SSC CamSur

April 11, 2011
SOON TO RISE Landbank Naga Rotonda Branch

Keep Moving

Help Seminarians!
Join the Fun Run!

Keep Moving
May 20, 2012, 5:00 AM
Cathedral Grounds

Friday, April 27, 2012

Job Fair on Labor Day

Calling ALL NCF Alumni

The Biggest JOB FAIR for 2012
Sponsored by: DOLE, Metro Naga PESO, SM City Naga, ABS-CBN Naga and in partnership with Naga College Foundation
@ the SM City Naga Event Center
May 1, 2012

Source: Naga College Foundation Facebook

Eat, Learn and Run

Eat, Learn, and Run
by Naga Boy of SSC CamSur

Original post lifted from Skyscrapercity Naga, Iriga and CamSur Thread 69
All photos and content is from Naga Boy

Thanks Doc!

The Pro Chef's Office at the yet to open ADC Hotel in Naga City, CamSur

Is a unique restaurant 
that let's you enjoy find dining 
and learn to cook it too...

We were booked to a 
4-Course Low Calorie Dinner 
at The Pro Chef

Where food is cooked right
infront of the diners
in an elevated open kitchen by the
Resident Chef..

We started with a creamy
Roasted Pumpkin Soup as a starter….

Sesame oil pan fried Dory 
with Blanched vegetables
and Fried Tofu for appetizer…

Grilled Supreme Chicken on Garlic Mashed Potatoes
with Bacon And Broccoli
in Spicy Chocolate Sauce for the main course

…and Sugar free Cookie Crumble 
with Sorbet and Blueberries for dessert.

My kids were delighted
as it was their first time to see
their dinner being cooked
right before their very eyes..
using freshest herbs and ingredients...

...and amazed with the chef's dedication
and passion to dish out our dinner...

The Pro Chef’s Office
Coffee Shop and Library is open everyday

The Kitchen and personal fine dining 
is by reservation…

It is one resto that lets you eat good food-
and learn and NEVER want run away...

Bon Apetit!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guide to Bagolatao Minalabac

How to get to Bagolatao, Minalabac?
This hidden piece of paradise is quite bumpy to get to. Minalabac is home to pebble beaches along the coasts of Ragay gulf. Here's something to look forward to...

You can take a photo of the whole Bagolotao beach from a rock formation. Exciting? But it doesn't end there.. there's more to explore.

Where is Minalabac Camarines Sur? 
From Naga City, it is a 40 minute jeepney ride going to the coast of Bagolatao, Minalabac. It's near, it just looks far because of the kind of travel along the way. As of today, partial areas are now concretely paved but most of them are only half way. What do we mean by half way? You'll see why in the photos that it's a work in progress but half way.

On this map (shaded in pink) is the whole of Minalabac
Image powered by Google Map

 A: That is where we went, Bagolotao. But there are other pebble beaches in Minalabac such as Salingogon, Hamoraon, and San Antonio to name a few that you can go to.

Let's begin our trip!

TRANSPORTATION: The road is quite rocky, uneven and you'll even cross mountains literally. There are also areas that are "one way". Given the road condition, here are some tips. All wheeled vehicles can give it a go provided that you are a skilled professional driver. Sedans are not that advisable but you can risk it if you want to (may mga part na pwedeng sumayad sa ilalalim eh). I saw some sedans at the resort so it meant they got through the winding road. As of today, the safest and most advisable way to get there is to hire a jeepney but not just any jeepney. Hire jeepneys that have experienced and regular drivers of the place. That is what we did.

AND if you are not going for an overnight stay, it is best to leave Bagolatao at least around 4 pm so that it will not be too dark upon going back to Naga.

Rate: Php 2,500 or less. We bargained the jeepney that we rented, we ended up paying Php 2,200, not bad at all. 

White Pebbles Beach Resort offers Transportatin Services for P2500 
from Naga to Bagolatao vice versa.

The Shell Milaor Station is the perfect landmark for you to turn to Minalabac road. 

Passing by Milaor

Bicol River on the left

Rice fields on both sides of the road.

Take a look, this is what I meant by halfway, literally. haha
Parang right hand drive lang. lol 

You won't get lost, there are road signs 

Right of way 

Steep road ahead 

If you'll look closer, Naga City can be seen in this area, with the Naga City Coliseum very visible.

You are getting nearer and nearer to the mountains

Sea water will now greet you hello..

There are a lot of cottages that you can rent from Php 300 up to Php 400 depending upon the size and there are no entrance fees. 

We booked a reservation at White Pebbles Beach Resort which is apparently owned by the Municipal Mayor they say.

The whole lanai can be rented for Php 3,500 if you are staying overnight.
Amenities available are; rooms with bed, a billiard table, videoke, kitchen and comfort room. Use of the videoke and billiard is part of the payment. Who needs an air-conditioned room when there's fresh air from the sea. The resort is improving a lot. Shower areas are being properly situated together with the dressing rooms on the side.

Round and regular cottages

The pebbles will make you glow once you take your photos seated or standing. You'll see the magic!

Fronting the sea, this is the right side with the pointed mountain top.
Water is so high that you cannot see the "Bagong Latao Rocks"

During a high tide
with mr. crab
During a low tide

Off we went to the rocky side which is on the left side (vantage point: looking at the sea) for some rock climbing experience.
Youthful people and climbing enthusiasts will sure enjoy this.

Be extra careful while climbing. From these rocks you can let someone take your photo with the whole Bagolatao beach as your background. The view is just so amazing. 

There are other things that you can do in Bagolatao. Rent a boat to reach the other side of the pebble beach in San Antonio. From White Pebbles Beach Resort in Bagolatao, it's only 2 to 3 minutes away and you can now embark on another adventure. 
Rental is Php 300.00 for one hour with a capacity of 10 persons.

On the other side, San Antontio has fresh a water fall. See that coconut tree leaning towards the sea? At the back of that tree is the falls, tago lang kasi.

Freshwater then meets sea water

It looks small in this photo, but you can climb this falls up to the top without any hesitation but you'll only have to be very careful.

Since we had a boat ride during the low tide, we were able to take a peak at the small cave. But I'm sorry I do not have any photos.

Other things that you can do at Bagolatao is look for unique rocks as your souvenir, but don't get too much. You can also play with little sea creatures, but don't hurt them and put them back into the sea. :)

During low tide, you can explore this area with the huge black rock like a concert stage. I think they call this "Bagong Latao Rocks"

During high tide and given this low tide scenario, this part of the beach is not quite advisable to swim around.

Live corals! Please do not destroy them. :)

A small blue flish. We were also lucky to see a school of flying fish during that day.

Oooops you'll know what to do in case you step on one of these.

On the black rock during low tide, there was still enough water for us to use the boat after we went to the other side of the Bagolatao.

Our trip was one of the most funniest RandR's of our office. It was an Earth Day I will not forget! 
Pure fun and adventure only at Minalabac only an hour or less away from Naga City!

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice. 

Contact Details:
White Pebbles Beach Resort
Phone: 09052806366 or 09395869147 or 4729606
Email: whitepebbles@rocketmail.com