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Friday, April 13, 2012

NCD at The Pro Chef's Office

April 10, 2009 marked the beginning of an idea that has changed my outlook in life. A life that made me feel so lucky to be staying in my own city to work and establish my career after my tertiary education. I love my city, I love Naga.

Last April 11, 2012, I visited one of the newest cafes in the city. So I guess this visit was special which is in celebration of NCD's 3rd year anniversary.

I was really curious of how competitive their coffee concoctions may be compared to the existing coffee shops here in Naga. Yes I'm a certified coffeeholic and to visit the cafe was fused in my schedule. How did I knew about it? Initially, I saw it from a a tarpaulin hanged right in front of 7-Eleven Sunnyview Hotel Branch.

"The Pro Chef's Office Culinary Essentials" is the FIRST culinary cafe and studio in Naga City (or even in Bicol I suppose) to date. I must admit the name of the cafe is quite long so I'll just call it Chef's Office from now on. 

LOCATION: No other than the entertainment strip of Naga City at Magsaysay Avenue. Located at the 2nd Level of the ADC Hotel and Commercial Complex. If you're not yet familiar with the building, it's right beside Beanbag Coffee. Other tenants of the ADC as of today are Moonleaf Tea Shop, Mexicali Restaurant and Hands and Strands. The place is very accessible and blends along with the other restaurants, hotels and shops in the area. 

THE PLACE: In ratings of hotels, I'll give it a perfect 5 star!! For personal reasons particularly the veranda of the cafe, it makes me feel like I'm back in SM Baguio (oh save the pine trees!) dining or having coffee with my college friends. Plus, the interior of the cafe is also for the win with lots of books to read and ambient lighting to soothe your mood. Ambiance?? It's the ambiance of Starbucks few years ago when it was not that highly sensationalized. For sure you know what  I mean. Based on my initial experience, if you are someone who keeps it quiet and low, the Chef's Office is so suited for you. The place is also WiFi ready, Naga is just a big wifi zone where people desire to be always connected online. 

BUDGET: Php 175 to 250 per person

The perfect spot to take photos

With wooden floor which can definitely you a homey feeling

Housewares for sale

with books to read

At the veranda

a different angle at night

The view at the veranda

THE COFFEE and MENU: I was looking for a frapp like coffee but found another type of concoctions just like the Chimpanshake that I ordered. Such a cute name indeed, very catchy! I will have to go back and try everything on their menu. LOLS

In my observation , the coffee price ranges like in between Beanbag / Starmark and The Coffee Beanery. While for the sandwiches and main dishes they are around 120 up. Food is great and the serving is huge! Veggies are fresh, dressing is tasty, bread is perfect and to top it off it's healthy. 

This shake has slices of banana, chocolate syrup and beanut butter. Very interesting right?

Triple Chocolate Shake for my colleague

Cappucino for my other colleague

Muscovado sugar for the cappucino 

What I had.. Muffin Burger

Tuna Melt Sandwich

SOMETHING UNIQUE: Since the Chef's Office is a studio at the same time, their KITCHEN is one of the most special areas of the whole place. It's a world class kitchen / studio where one can learn how to cook Italian and other special recipes and get a certificate after the whole program. The kitchen makes you feel like your on television I must say. 

THE BARISTAS: Very accommodating, especially the lady (I forgot her name) who showed us the kitchen. :)

Just an objective criticism:
The tables outside the veranda is quite wobbly. I hope the management can do something about that to avoid spills. 

Will definitely go back to the Chef's Office! See yah there!

April 18, 2012 Visit
Strawberry Milk Shake

Caramel Drink


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