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Monday, April 16, 2012


by WASHASI warrriors

Here at WASHASI Laundry Shop, we take care of your laundry like a samurai does to his sword, thus, the motto: "The Way of the Washer". 

Washing is maximized with our brand new and dependable machines and supplies. Our water supply, we assure you, isn't secondhand contrary to popular belief about operating a laundry shop. =)
For residents of Naga (especially those living near centro, UNC, Sta. Cruz,.. the laundry is just a walk away.  

WASHASI laundry Shop recently had its opening and blessing last April 14 to welcome customers, tourists and residents, with the many services it offers at a considerable price!

We value  loyalty, honesty and honor like how a Japanese warrior follow Bushido. The Art of Sentaku (folding) is the way we manage our staff and it's valued customers... with love and beauty. We believe that whenever a washer feels good about himself and with his environment, the art he or she creates with work is equally wonderful. Laundry-making involves skill and talent, we believe.  Our staff are trained and willing to entertain you with your queries. WASHASI Laundry Shop boasts it's feel-good ambience  -  homey tambayan with available reads, domino game set for you to enjoy while waiting.

 Let us take care of your laundry the way of the washer. =)


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