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Friday, April 20, 2012

NCD at Papa Krispy's Grilled Lechon House

Papa Krispy's Grilled Lechon House
@ WestPark Leisure Hub
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

As crisp as any lechon there is in the Philippines, I and my co-forumers of SSC CamSur crisply decided to eat dinner at Papa Krispy's Grilled Lechon House. Our decision was influenced by Doc Naga boy that according to him, they serve good food that kept them coming back to the resto.

Papa K, (if I may call it that way) is one of the few restaurants here in Naga that specializes in Lechon. Although their specialty is lechon, the resto anchored their menu to the Asian Fusion Cuisine, Pork Lechon and Chicken, Beef and Noodles. 

LOCATION: The restaurant is located at the ground floor of The WestPark Leisure Hub, Magsasay Avenue, Naga City.

THE PLACE: Personally, the interior is too colorful, maybe the owners can do something about this.  But just like what Doc Naga Boy reiterated, the plastics should go and we meant literally the plastic objects and decorations. But forget about how it may look, the food is the reason for you to stay and come back once in a while.

View from the inside

THE MENU:  Lechon is on the top list of course, but we tried the Lechon Sisig and personally I liked it as well as 5 of my co-forumers. It's quite spicy but tolerable to the mouth. It's nice to spice up your mouth sometimes. :D There are a lot to choose from the menu giving you a reason to go back once in a while. 

Lechon Sisig is for the win!!!

If I will be describing the Kare-Kare, it's quite different in terms of color, but int terms of taste is still superb to be Kare-Kare.

Chopsuey Curry? I really forgot the right name, but it's close to that :D
Just look at the plating, not all restaurants do the vegetable art. 

VALUE FOR MONEY: It's right on the budget, not too pricy and not too cheap. Oh, btw, thanks to my co-forumers, garzland who treated us dinner. :)

Visit Papa Krispy's Lechon House Facebook Page CLICK HERE


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