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Friday, April 6, 2012

Thank God it's Good Friday!

Some friends usually correct my 'wrong' choice of words in greeting people during Holy Week or when someone's loved one passes away. I tend to say, " Happy Holy Week" as if it's New Year. It gets them wondering why it's a happy situation and I suddenly find myself even more puzzled why it's such a bad thing. Well, I kind of misuse it on some friend's relative's wake by mistakenly saying, "Happy Condolence" with a smiley. There is a difference between these two awkward greetings, I suppose.

When Jesus died, although it brought temporary sadness among his early Christians, it consequently brought forth a lasting testimony to us, new generations of Christians, not to mention the great guilt Judas felt when he realized he was wrong for betraying Jesus. Thus, the so-called 'Judas Kiss'. And this great testimony is, God loves us all that He will never forsake us as He never did betrayed His own begotten Son. There goes the declaration, "Truly this was God's Son". Even Pontius Pilate knew there was no reason to condemn Jesus but still conformed to the angry mob.

Human weakness.

Is mob rule ever that scary? I believe not. As what history tells us, the power to put down someone's life because of false accusations, firmly believing on corrupted knowledge loses to the power of God.

Bad vs Good.

On this Good Friday, we thank God for Jesus' mission is accomplished. To die for our sake! Considering the sufferings inflicted by the jealous, dubbed 'righteous', low key Pharisees and other non-believers like the Jews,  Jesus must have been really really (as in major major) bullied down to earth. He was alone in this battle. I kind of remember Him everytime I am pestered by bloodsucking mosquitoes outside Beanbag while chatting and having Mango Banana Shake with friends. His followers could only do so much. Ultimately, He triumphs.

Thank God it's Friday! Good Friday it is.

"Weeping Women for the love of Jesus"
'Dolorosa (Mama Mary) in black veil escorted by black-dressed women. this is reenacting the grief of the early Christian women when Jesus died on the cross after suffering the beatings and falls for hours up to Mt. Calvary. My first time to experience watching a good Friday procession facilitated by Naga Metropolitan Cathedral down J. Hernandez st. in Sta. Cruz .
"The death of Jesus"
Paying respect to a socio-religious tradition, procession of wooden images of saints and Jesus, deeply rooted down to Spanish influence. 

His promise of a second coming brings hope to all of us sinners that God's grace has something to do with it. It's not all prayers and good deeds. It's not all 'Bahala na ang Dios'. Our free will separates us from the chimpanzees. We are conscientious human beings ready to take up our own cross, or maybe not. We know so much but understand little. We are vulnerable without Him. The Holy Spirit guides our way like a brandnew GPS for the limited sedans that we are. But then again, we may not allow it. Our faith should separate us from the pigs.

Advance Happy Easter NCDeckers! =)


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