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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

At Home Furniture by Olivan Home Depot

After visiting Olivan Home Depot in Magsaysay Avenue, we needed a new tv rack and a sofa for our tv area. I have seen many available home furnitures in the depot and knowing that they have a sister company in Concepcion Grande primarily showcasing HOME and INDUSTRIAL furniture called At Home, we decided to include it as one of our options.

We canvassed around home depots in Naga and found similar items on display and guess what, they have the lowest in price. Discounts vary but again they had the lowest offer given a similar furniture for that matter.
The location (Former RoyalAn Hotel) is not far from our home but honestly this is the first time that I have visited the store. Same reaction with that of the store in Magsaysay, @Home is soooo spacious and there are many available designs to choose from.

What I appreciate is that, the store is indoor and air-conditioned too to keep the fixtures in good condition. The tv rack and sofa convertible to a bed both got good discounts. We had them delivered for a minimum charge and they installed the rack even though I insisted that I can manage. (see photos towards the end). It was good customer service experience indeed! Hoping that management will continue to keep that kind of service.

Our new tv rack

Our new sofa for our tv area. (remotes and throw pillows not included haha)
Location: Ground Floor, ANR Building (Former Royal An Hotel), Beside BDO Bank
Concepcion Grande, Naga City
Contact No.: (054) 205 08 62 / (054) 881 84 20
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/athomeolivan/

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Olivan Home Depot, Your Home, Your Style

I was looking for a flat bar and decided to go around hardwares here in Naga. Below are photos of Olivan Home Depot which I was so much amazed of! Why? For or a long time this homegrown brand has been serving many Bicolanos for home construction and improvement needs and dai ko akalaon na dakulaon palan ang depot ninda located sa Magsaysay at the back of Sea Oil with enough parking space pa.

After their store beside Sea Oil was razed by FIRE few years ago, sa totoo lang dai ko hunaon na nasa likod na palan sinda and this time even more organized, presentable, not to mention comfortable din because its air-conditioned.

Changing times indeed and being an adult now brings me to these places and I'm glad that the depot's staff were very patient and accommodating hehe.

I really admire our Bicol Brands improving for the better and it is a must for us Bicolanos to patronize them. My post doesn't end here, will share more about my experience in this depot in the next days to come. For the meantime, below are contact details that you might find helpful.

At the back of Sea Oil Magsaysay
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
Contact Numbers: (+63) 917.545.8051 or (+63.54) 472.2828
Store Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Facebook Page: Olivan Home Depot