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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer (Official)

Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer (Official) is now up!! Can't wait for May 2015

Climate walkers reach Albay

Climate Walkers reach Albay Province,
the “climate change capital” of the Philippines

Legazpi City, Philippines, October 22, 2014 – Today, over a thousand people participated in the Albay leg of the “People’s Walk for Climate Justice”. Albay Governor Joey Salceda welcomed the group who have walked a distance of 500 kilometers and are now more than halfway in their quest to reach Tacloban City by November 8, the first anniversary of super typhoon Yolanda’s historic landfall in the Philippines.

“Albay welcomes these climate advocates, our modern-day heroes who are raising awareness on climate change and are fighting the climate fight on behalf of millions of Filipinos who are bearing the brunt of extreme weather events that often cause disasters and human misery,” said Salceda.

A staunch supporter of the climate revolution and a champion for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation efforts, Governor Salceda spent his birthday by joining the climate walkers.

Hailed by the UN as the role model on good practices on disaster risk reduction program, Albay province consistently follows through with its goal of “zero casualty” in times of calamities whether it be from typhoons, landslides, floods, storm surges. This goal will again be put to a test with the pending eruption of Mayon Volcano.

The province is also lauded for its climate change adaptation (CCA) efforts, with Governor Salceda being the prime mover of the CCA program that led to a commitment between national and local government.

“Albay has a zero casualty policy as far as disaster impacts is concerned. We have also created the institutional frameworks to deal both with climate change and disaster risks, and have set aside budgets to reduce future risks from the impacts of climate change, including through our work to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Dealing with climate change and disaster risks is the responsibility of chief executives of local government and cannot be delegated or outsourced,”[1] Salceda added.

Ron Villafuerte, a Greenpeace volunteer climate walker and a proud native of Bicol, called on the leaders of other cities to follow suit and transition to a more resilient, low carbon pathway. “The Philippines can lead the climate revolution if we replicate the efforts and commitments done by Albay province to the rest of the country.”
For updates like Climate Walk on Facebook. HERE

Now on its 21st day, the climate walk seeks to raise awareness on climate change by getting commitments from local policymakers and holding climate programs in communities, schools and local government offices, sharing stories of local folk on the ground and mobilizing people in demanding world leaders to take climate action and holding big industry polluters and their respective governments accountable for their contribution to the climate crisis.

“Imagine what the world would be like if we had more progressive leaders that value nature and the environment, to ensure a habitable planet for all their citizens. I dedicate this walk to support the call for climate justice because I refuse to succumb to a life that is doomed to the impacts of climate change,” concludes Villafuerte.

For more information on the Climate Walk: A People’s Walk for Climate Justice, please go to http://climatewalknow.wordpress.com

Press contact:

Rash Caritativo
Mobile: +63917 863 8055
Email: media.climatewalk@gmail.com

Diah Abida
Mobile: +63917 8686451
Email: diah.abida@greenpeace.org

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stories on Toes: Lisa Macuja and Ballet Manila for the 2nd Time in Naga City

Naga City - Four years ago, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Ballet Manila set foot on the stage of Naga City for an Enchanting Evening back in March 2010. It was the first ever ballet concert in the Bicol region performed by none other than the pride of Philippine Ballet. Full of amazement and awe, I can never forget how flawless, flexible, poised and elegant Lisa Macuja was. One will never guess that she was aged 45 during her performance back then. Amazing Filipino talent of Ballet Manila also proved a very noteable performance back to back with a Prima Ballerina. For a throwback of post about Lisa and  Ballet Manila's first performance in Naga click HERE and HERE for photos. 

Did you know that Lisa Macuja-Elizalde just turned 50 last October 3? Pretty sure that age will never be an issue for a Prima Ballerina like her. Don't miss this chance to watch her dance LIVE rather than only read about her in books or just watch her video clips online. Early buyers can get preferred seats during the show. Her performance will surely amaze you and leave you with goosebumps.

Proceeds of this event will go to the construction of a Miraculous Medal Image in Consocep, Tigaon, Camarines Sur which is a long overdue dream project of the Universidad de Sta. Isabel Alumni Association. 

STORIES ON TOES with Prima Ballerina, Ms. Lisa Macuja and Ballet Manila. Watch them perform on November 22, 2014 at The Tent, Avenue Plaza Hotel. Tickets are available at Avenue Plaza Hotel or at the Ground Floor of Avenue Square. 

For more info, please call 0927 705 9508 or 0918 461 2070. This is presented by The USI Alumni Association.

Don't forget to LIKE the FB Page of the event for updates!

Ticket Price: Php 2000 (with poolside cocktail), Php 1500 and Php 1000 for Students.


These are some of the video clips that I took during the show. 
(March 13, 2010)

Halloween in Naga 2014

These are the following Halloween events here in Naga that you can choose from for your kids and kids at heart.

October 25 (Saturday) - PIFPAF's Zombie Run 3 *CLICK HERE*

Bigg's Diner's Shocktober 2014 *CLICK HERE*
October 29 Magic and Illusion @ 7PM, Avenue Plaza Hotel
October 30 Costume Contest & Trick or Treat @ 3PM, SM City Naga

October 31 (Friday) - Avenue Square's Halloween Thrills: Fantasy Land *CLICK HERE*

JACK's BLUE PLATE DINER: Happy Halloween! Our pizza Boooffet is going goolish this year. Dress in your wildest, sexiest, scariest or funniest costumes and join us and our crew in celebrating Halloween this year. The best costumes receive consumable prizes at jacks blue plate diner! 
October 31,2014 from 5-10pm

Source: http://www.freehdimageswallpapers.com/
Daddy's Grill Halloween Buffet
October 31, 2014

Avenue Square: Halloween Thrills Fantasy Land

Naga City - It's the 9th year of the Halloween Thrills again at the Avenue Square, Bicol's First Premier Lifestyle Center. Join the fun and witness amazing performances on October 31, 2014 at 6PM. Simultaneous activities will start at 4PM and the formal program at exactly 6PM. Participating Tenants are Shakeys Pizza, WOK, TCB, Bubbletown, Maki Yaki, Hashtag Travel Corner, Chili Peppers, E-Games, Pru-Life UK Franz Canlas Agency, Camella, Stars and Stripes, Mercury Drug, AVICOM, Res.Toe.Run and BratPack. Passport redemption starts on October 17, 2014 at the ground floor of Avenue Square. Let your kids enjoy a SPOOKtacular trick or treat adventure and be in the most colorful costume!

CLICK HERE for other Halloween Events in Naga City

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shocktober 2014

Bigg's Diner Shocktober 2014

CLICK HERE for other Halloween Events in Naga City


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bet ng Bayan: South Luzon Showdown

Naga City - Just in time for the Peñafrancia Festival, GMA 7 has pulled the right strings for Bet ng Bayan's Regional Showdown held at the Plaza Quezon last September 21. Upon watching the episode last Sunday, who would have thought that the stage was held at our Plaza? GMA-7 was in full force for the Bet ng Bayan's regional showdown with amazing stage set, numerous cameras complete with crane and everything in between. 

The event was star-studded with hosts Regine Velasquez, Asia's Songbird and Alden Richards, GMA's prime leading man and with judges Kuh Ledesma, Louie Ocampo and our very own Imelda Papin.

Reaching out to talents. "Bet ng Bayan is a reality talent search that will showcase the exceptional local Filipino talents from different regions to find the nation’s best. The search is open to all Filipino singers, dancers and other novelty performers. There are three categories in the competition – bet na singer/s, bet na dancer/s and bet na kakaibang talento." While yes reality talent shows are almost of the same theme from the local and international scene, Bet ng Bayan has made it more practical to local talents. It's GMA who will come close to talents and not the other way around. 

A fair and square, 3-in-1 show. With three categories in the competition, the judges will be able to place their bets based on one kind of talent only, thus making the comparisons and criticisms more objective. There will be no overlapping on who is a better performer from among the three categories.  It's like getting a total performer from among the singers, the dancers and the novelty performers. Across the three talents, it's really quite not fair to be judging three different kinds of skills and strengths.

Image from gmanetwork.com

#BetNgBicol prevailed over two categories and they will represent South Luzon in the national finals. UNEP Dance Club of Iriga City stretched their dancing skills to win over Graffiti Jah Army ang #BetngBatangas and John Kim Belangel (with puppet Diego) a ventriloquist from Virac Catanduanes who also won the category Bet sa Kakaibang Talento. Let us watch and support our fellow Bicolanos in their Bet ng Bayan journey!

Don't forget to follow and like the following social media accounts of #BetNgBayan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BetNgBayan
Instagram: http://instagram.com/betngbayan @BetNgBayan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/betngbayan or @BetNgBayan 

Katherine Castillo of Batangas wins the "Bet sa Kantahan" category. 
The crowd during the Bet ng Bayan South Luzon Regional Showdown

Watch the story of John Kim

A short clip of John Kim and Diego's Performance

The Announcement of Winners

Monday, October 13, 2014

Zombie Run 3

Zombie Run, now on it's third year is slated on October 25 brought to you by Pay It Forward Project Asia Foundation Inc. 

Registration Fee: P350.00 with T-Shirt
Registration Area:

  • SM City Naga - October 11-12 & October 17-25
  • Avenue Plaza Hotel - October 13-16

CLICK HERE for other Halloween Events in Naga City

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Challenge to Young Professional Teachers and Teachers To Be

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question asked to children that mostly everyone of us have answered who are on adulthood. A question that is easy to answer when we were still kids as we idolize different professionals based on what they wear and where they work. Identified by the attire and uniform, we wanted to be like them in one way or another. But rarely do people achieve childhood dreams as we discover more about ourselves. 

Little me wanted to become a doctor, be in white and wear a stethoscope, but my skills and  inclinations didn't lead me there. Others wanted to wear coat and tie, others wanted to build tall structures and bridges, others wanted to be a scientist and even an astronaut. As we discover what each of these uniforms and tools meant, little by little we began to cross out things that may not really fit what we can really do, where we are and what we have. With all the dainty uniform and fancy work place, behind all these professionals are smiling individuals so proud that they have reached their current professions. These individuals are our teachers. 

Our teachers helped us discover more about ourselves. Apart from our parents, we spend most of our childhood and adolescent years with teachers who guides us on who can we become in the future. How many of us wanted to be a teacher? I never did too, believe me.

We adore teachers, but I adore especially our old teachers. They were receiving a meager salary during those days but they worked so hard for students. The benefits being given today to current teachers (especially those in the government service), is long over due because educators deserve a better pay. 

Here lies the challenge to aspiring teachers and those who were "encouraged" to enroll in education courses. Many students enroll in education courses because of the high salary waiting for them especially if they are planning to work in the government service. There are those who graduated with other degrees but later enrolled in methods of teaching to become a teacher.While yes, we need money to survive, let's hope that the salary is not the primary reason as to why you wanted to become a professional teacher

This is the challenge to our young professional teachers today and teachers to be. Remember that you are more than just a teacher, you are an educator and you will be a significant other in the lives of hundreds of children. It is easier to learn rather than un-learn about things in life. Remember that you are teaching students to "learn" about life and if you teach them the wrong way, it will be difficult for them to "un-learn" things more so if it becomes a behavior. Whether you be remembered or not when your students become professionals, it is a milestone and an achievement on your end that can give you so much affirmation and self-fulfillment. There should be no such thing as to who is in a more difficult position to teach, a teacher in a private school or a public school? There's no debate as to who is a better teacher, who graduated from a prestigious university or local university? Why? Teaching will always be the same no matter what, but your dedication and how you as teachers influenced your students in a good way will be everlasting. You are worthy to be called a teacher and an educator if you do your work as a vocation dedicated to future professionals. 

Teaching is timeless, but how you are remembered as a teacher by your students 
can be the sweetest. 

Happy Teachers' Day to all Teachers out there!!!


Free Movie Marathon 2 at SM City Naga

Free Movie Marathon in big screen. 
Get your movie passport now!
October 4, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Avenue Plaza Hotel's Afternoon Tea

Avenue Plaza Hotel is lauded as the most awarded hotel in Bicol. This is undeniably true as they continue to innovate their products and services in a way they can accommodate each and every Bicolano and guests to Experience The Good Life. Last September 16, the famous Afternoon Tea was re-launched. It was the first Chef's Table exclusive event for the Luxe Club Members. Key personalities in Naga and bloggers also graced the event.

How did the Afternoon Tea get so famous? It was also of the same month last year when the first ever Afternoon Tea was introduced to us Bicolanos with only one set which is the Classic (read about it HERE). The Afternoon Tea became very popular and in demand.  There were even days when the three-tier trays gets all out in one afternoon. 

Then there were three. After two months and just in time for Christmas, two new sets were added, the Signature and Exquisite set. The new lovely sets added more to the curiosity of the people. (Read more about it HERE). The Afternoon Tea became like a culture especially to many Nagueños. With this re-launching of the Afternoon Tea, one could expect more from the former three sets. 

Avenue Plaza Hotel invests in people. Isn't it amazing when companies really invests in remarkable people? With the new sets of Afternoon Tea, comes the new Chefs of Avenue Plaza Hotel. They may be new here but the decade-old experiences of these two people will very much suffice as to why the pastries are close to perfection. 

I believe we will be expecting more from the new Executive Chef. His expertise will surely blow as away.
 I need not say more about these two remarkable chefs.  Just look at their experiences and achievements.
This guy was connected to Starbucks Philippines, take note of that. 

From Left-Right: The new Classic, Exquisite, Signature

My first plate of pastries during the event.
Now let's head on to the new sets of Afternoon Tea. Remember, each set is even good for four (or more) persons depending upon your appetite and your companion's too. For group gatherings and get-togethers, I have always reiterated that this is a good option rather than having coffee especially from international brands plus a slice of cake or any other pastry. The ambiance at the Avenue Plaza Hotel is always for the win, it is like a fundamental gesture of the hotel for you to feel at home. This you won't get in a crowded coffee shop.

Afternoon Tea is available daily at the Cafe Plazuela of Avenue Plaza Hotel from 2PM to 6PM. Each set is served with a hot pot of your favorite Twinnings tea. For inquiries and reservations call (054)4739999.


Coffee Panna Cotta, Mudcake, Baba Au Rhum with Pistacchio, Boston Cream Cake

Double Chocolate Cookies, Oatmeal Dates Cookies, Avenue Minie Ensaimada, Apricot Dreams

Quiche Lorraine, Chicken Mango Crepes, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich

Compare it with the old Classic set HERE

Please don't ask me anymore if they taste good because basically I love pastries and they all tasted good for me. But if I were to describe the sweets and pastries, they are all heavenly with unique textures and taste that will be complemented by your choice of tea. Highlighted pastries are my personal favorites


Carrot Wallnut Muffin, Mini Brioche Filled with Ube, Mango Yoghurt Terrine, Macapuno Pie

Revel Bars, Mocca Paris Brest, Ube Almond Macaroons, Fruit Tart

Swan Liver Mousse, Croque Monsieur, Smoked Salmon Sandwich 

Compare it with the old Exquisite set HERE


Silvanas, Macademia Cranberry Tart, Double Chocolate Pudding, Cream Cheese Brownies

Butter Scotch, Cinnamon Swirl, Profiteroles, Scones

Ham, Cheese and Salami Sandwich, Chicken Empanada, Quiche Florentine

Compare it with the old Signature set HERE

The QUICHE FLORENTINE is probably the pastry that I got so intrigued in. I tried guessing the main ingredient but I failed after asking Chef Paul about it. The main ingredient is SPINACH. To be honest, I have never tasted anything like it and I just love it!

PRICING. If you were able to compare the new sets of Afternoon Tea from the old ones, there's a significant increase in number of pastries and sweets per plate. The experience of Chef Paul is incomparable, his creations will amaze you. There is a slight increase in the prices of the Afternoon Tea. Let me tell you why. The prices of the previous sets of Afternoon Tea was a PROMO RATE, meaning, discounts can't be availed by anyone. This time, Luxe Club members can avail of the discount as well as senior citizens. Now better start convincing your parents/seniors to visit the Cafe Plazuela for an Afternoon Tea. 

A closer look
SHARING THE "EXPERIENCE THE GOOD LIFE". It was already the Penafrancia holidays and we had relatives from Ilocos Norte and Cavite  who traveled a long way to celebrate with us. Three days after the launching, we surprised them to Avenue for an Afternoon Tea. We ordered the Classic and Signature set. Since the Luxe Club card is a blessing, I did not hesitate to use it for the Afternoon Tea to avail of the discount. We were at the Umbria-Poolside of the hotel and catching up with my relatives has gone really interesting and sweet as we indulge in the heavenly pastries. Extending the "Experience of the Good Life" to your loved ones who you only see once in a blue moon is really heartwarming.

This is the other kind of tray of the Afternoon Tea
Here are some of the photos they took while enjoying the poolside of the hotel.
My cousin, Febie.

Avenue now has additional fans from Ilocos Norte and Cavite. 

For the nth time, THANK YOU BIG TIME Avenue Plaza Hotel, Sir Allan Cu, the General Manager, Sir Jerome, the Marketing Manager and Ms. Apple of SoleSearchingSoul.com and the rest of the staff of Avenue. You all played a big part in nagacitydeck's growth in the social media from the beginning up until today and for that I am always grateful. More power and God bless!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jack's Blue Plate Diner: All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Buffet

Edge of Pizza 

JACK'S BLUE PLATE EXPRESS at Panganiban Drive, Naga and JACK'S BLUE PLATE MAGSAYSAY + Sweet Gallery at Magsaysay Avenue is now open!
In front of soon to be Metro Gaisano Panganiban

There's this place in Pili just a few meters away from Naga and Pili boundary called Jack's Blue Plate Diner that I haven't been to almost after 2 years after they opened, not until last month. I was hearing good remarks then from my friends who were able to dine at Blue Plate, they said that they serve the best Angus Beef Burger in town or perhaps even in Naga. In spite of all these plausible reasons to pay them a visit, sadly I am usually caught up with my day job's schedule.

*UPDATE: Pizza Buffet is now made even more available for everyone every FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS 5:00 pm to 10:00 PM of the week starting October 17. 

Diner's Location: Shell Station, Palestina, Pili, Camarines Sur, near NFA. 

Let's do a little rewind on NCD's timeline. Last July, someone messaged us over our Facebook page expressing his appreciation for the page NagaCityDeck. That someone was none other than the man behind the name of the restaurant, Mr. Jack Fessler. It's still rare for NCD to get praises especially from the local brands. For that I am really thankful, because these expressions inspires me to continue our advocacy. 

Last August, Blue Plate launched a first in Bicol, the Pizza Buffet set only every Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the week from 6 pm to 9 pm for only P199 per person. The buffet then evolved from All-You-Can-Eat Pizza to All-You-Can-Eat Pizza and Pasta good for P299 per person, still on the same days and time every week. 

Finally, last September 16, I was able to visit the diner amidst the busy Peñafrancia Fiesta break. As I walk to the facade of the restaurant, I was amazed after seeing pies and pies of pizza on the table that comes in different flavors. I am a pizza person. Together with me were my sister and fellow bloggers and "social media influencers" initiated by Ms. Apple of SoleSearchingSoul.com. As of writing, Blue Plate brought back the original All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Buffet  which is in my observation more price friendly than the second version that even students can enjoy.

The resto has nice lights with unique ambiance both inside and out of the restaurant. They also have artworks for sale which are made by local artists that are worthy to be recognized and appreciated by all.

For the latest updates about Jack's Blue Plate Diner, Like them on Facebook. CLICK HERE

Pizza places in Naga is flourishing. We have homegrown pizzas and international brands of pizza. Jack's Blue Plate may not be in Naga, but who cares about the few minutes and meters away from Naga if a sumptuous meal is waiting for you. Blue Plate is not entirely a pizza place, it is a diner that serves various kinds of dishes and specialties that can make you come back for more. Burgers as one of the best sellers is a must try according to many (I still have to try it out soon).  CLICK HERE for their menu.

Pizza Buffet Rules: The following are just few rules that are very easy to follow as ABC. No take out. No sharing. P25.00 for every leftover/s. 

The next rule will be BITE-CHEW. SWALLOW. REPEAT. Just like Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow's Live. Die. Repeat., Blue Plate's Pizza is Edge-less because after biting, chewing, and swallowing the slices of pizza, you can absolutely repeat it over and over again. There's just no edge because you can eat more for as long as you can take it while keeping in mind the buffet rules. Blue Plate is able to serve numerous fresh grilled pizza within 3 hours that will suite your taste. Guaranteed fresh and loaded with toppings, your P199 is all worth it.

Happy Halloween! Our pizza Boooffet is going goolish this year. Dress in your wildest, sexiest, scariest or funniest costumes and join us and our crew in celebrating Halloween this year. The best costumes receive consumable prizes at jacks blue plate diner! October 31,2014 from 5-10pm

At the edge of each slice of  pizza, repeat again! BITE-CHEW. SWALLOW. REPEAT

Amazing crew and awesome owners. The crew is just very accommodating to the customers. The owners are very hands-on in the business and has a bagful of ideas that can make the food industry more exciting here in Bicol.

Below is a photo of Blue Plate's version of Laing Pizza. These pizzas on the photo below and the rest of the flavors comes in thick crust and oozing with mozzarella cheese. To quench your thirst, bottomless iced tea is part of the offer.

*UPDATE: Pizza Buffet is now made even more available for everyone every FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS 5:00 pm to 10:00 PM of the week starting October 17. 

Don't miss this one of a kind event, serving the famous Chicago style pizza from a Chicago Native. I myself is looking forward to try their best sellers, so stay tuned for more posts about Jack's Blue Plate Diner. 'Till next time!

Thanks Jack's Blue Plate Diner, especially Ma'am Kats and Sir Jack for the experience. More power and God bless you more! And once again, thank you Ms. Apple for initiating another bloggers meet up!