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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Avenue Plaza Hotel's Afternoon Tea

Avenue Plaza Hotel is lauded as the most awarded hotel in Bicol. This is undeniably true as they continue to innovate their products and services in a way they can accommodate each and every Bicolano and guests to Experience The Good Life. Last September 16, the famous Afternoon Tea was re-launched. It was the first Chef's Table exclusive event for the Luxe Club Members. Key personalities in Naga and bloggers also graced the event.

How did the Afternoon Tea get so famous? It was also of the same month last year when the first ever Afternoon Tea was introduced to us Bicolanos with only one set which is the Classic (read about it HERE). The Afternoon Tea became very popular and in demand.  There were even days when the three-tier trays gets all out in one afternoon. 

Then there were three. After two months and just in time for Christmas, two new sets were added, the Signature and Exquisite set. The new lovely sets added more to the curiosity of the people. (Read more about it HERE). The Afternoon Tea became like a culture especially to many NagueƱos. With this re-launching of the Afternoon Tea, one could expect more from the former three sets. 

Avenue Plaza Hotel invests in people. Isn't it amazing when companies really invests in remarkable people? With the new sets of Afternoon Tea, comes the new Chefs of Avenue Plaza Hotel. They may be new here but the decade-old experiences of these two people will very much suffice as to why the pastries are close to perfection. 

I believe we will be expecting more from the new Executive Chef. His expertise will surely blow as away.
 I need not say more about these two remarkable chefs.  Just look at their experiences and achievements.
This guy was connected to Starbucks Philippines, take note of that. 

From Left-Right: The new Classic, Exquisite, Signature

My first plate of pastries during the event.
Now let's head on to the new sets of Afternoon Tea. Remember, each set is even good for four (or more) persons depending upon your appetite and your companion's too. For group gatherings and get-togethers, I have always reiterated that this is a good option rather than having coffee especially from international brands plus a slice of cake or any other pastry. The ambiance at the Avenue Plaza Hotel is always for the win, it is like a fundamental gesture of the hotel for you to feel at home. This you won't get in a crowded coffee shop.

Afternoon Tea is available daily at the Cafe Plazuela of Avenue Plaza Hotel from 2PM to 6PM. Each set is served with a hot pot of your favorite Twinnings tea. For inquiries and reservations call (054)4739999.


Coffee Panna Cotta, Mudcake, Baba Au Rhum with Pistacchio, Boston Cream Cake

Double Chocolate Cookies, Oatmeal Dates Cookies, Avenue Minie Ensaimada, Apricot Dreams

Quiche Lorraine, Chicken Mango Crepes, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich

Compare it with the old Classic set HERE

Please don't ask me anymore if they taste good because basically I love pastries and they all tasted good for me. But if I were to describe the sweets and pastries, they are all heavenly with unique textures and taste that will be complemented by your choice of tea. Highlighted pastries are my personal favorites


Carrot Wallnut Muffin, Mini Brioche Filled with Ube, Mango Yoghurt Terrine, Macapuno Pie

Revel Bars, Mocca Paris Brest, Ube Almond Macaroons, Fruit Tart

Swan Liver Mousse, Croque Monsieur, Smoked Salmon Sandwich 

Compare it with the old Exquisite set HERE


Silvanas, Macademia Cranberry Tart, Double Chocolate Pudding, Cream Cheese Brownies

Butter Scotch, Cinnamon Swirl, Profiteroles, Scones

Ham, Cheese and Salami Sandwich, Chicken Empanada, Quiche Florentine

Compare it with the old Signature set HERE

The QUICHE FLORENTINE is probably the pastry that I got so intrigued in. I tried guessing the main ingredient but I failed after asking Chef Paul about it. The main ingredient is SPINACH. To be honest, I have never tasted anything like it and I just love it!

PRICING. If you were able to compare the new sets of Afternoon Tea from the old ones, there's a significant increase in number of pastries and sweets per plate. The experience of Chef Paul is incomparable, his creations will amaze you. There is a slight increase in the prices of the Afternoon Tea. Let me tell you why. The prices of the previous sets of Afternoon Tea was a PROMO RATE, meaning, discounts can't be availed by anyone. This time, Luxe Club members can avail of the discount as well as senior citizens. Now better start convincing your parents/seniors to visit the Cafe Plazuela for an Afternoon Tea. 

A closer look
SHARING THE "EXPERIENCE THE GOOD LIFE". It was already the Penafrancia holidays and we had relatives from Ilocos Norte and Cavite  who traveled a long way to celebrate with us. Three days after the launching, we surprised them to Avenue for an Afternoon Tea. We ordered the Classic and Signature set. Since the Luxe Club card is a blessing, I did not hesitate to use it for the Afternoon Tea to avail of the discount. We were at the Umbria-Poolside of the hotel and catching up with my relatives has gone really interesting and sweet as we indulge in the heavenly pastries. Extending the "Experience of the Good Life" to your loved ones who you only see once in a blue moon is really heartwarming.

This is the other kind of tray of the Afternoon Tea
Here are some of the photos they took while enjoying the poolside of the hotel.
My cousin, Febie.

Avenue now has additional fans from Ilocos Norte and Cavite. 

For the nth time, THANK YOU BIG TIME Avenue Plaza Hotel, Sir Allan Cu, the General Manager, Sir Jerome, the Marketing Manager and Ms. Apple of SoleSearchingSoul.com and the rest of the staff of Avenue. You all played a big part in nagacitydeck's growth in the social media from the beginning up until today and for that I am always grateful. More power and God bless!!


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