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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Challenge to Young Professional Teachers and Teachers To Be

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question asked to children that mostly everyone of us have answered who are on adulthood. A question that is easy to answer when we were still kids as we idolize different professionals based on what they wear and where they work. Identified by the attire and uniform, we wanted to be like them in one way or another. But rarely do people achieve childhood dreams as we discover more about ourselves. 

Little me wanted to become a doctor, be in white and wear a stethoscope, but my skills and  inclinations didn't lead me there. Others wanted to wear coat and tie, others wanted to build tall structures and bridges, others wanted to be a scientist and even an astronaut. As we discover what each of these uniforms and tools meant, little by little we began to cross out things that may not really fit what we can really do, where we are and what we have. With all the dainty uniform and fancy work place, behind all these professionals are smiling individuals so proud that they have reached their current professions. These individuals are our teachers. 

Our teachers helped us discover more about ourselves. Apart from our parents, we spend most of our childhood and adolescent years with teachers who guides us on who can we become in the future. How many of us wanted to be a teacher? I never did too, believe me.

We adore teachers, but I adore especially our old teachers. They were receiving a meager salary during those days but they worked so hard for students. The benefits being given today to current teachers (especially those in the government service), is long over due because educators deserve a better pay. 

Here lies the challenge to aspiring teachers and those who were "encouraged" to enroll in education courses. Many students enroll in education courses because of the high salary waiting for them especially if they are planning to work in the government service. There are those who graduated with other degrees but later enrolled in methods of teaching to become a teacher.While yes, we need money to survive, let's hope that the salary is not the primary reason as to why you wanted to become a professional teacher

This is the challenge to our young professional teachers today and teachers to be. Remember that you are more than just a teacher, you are an educator and you will be a significant other in the lives of hundreds of children. It is easier to learn rather than un-learn about things in life. Remember that you are teaching students to "learn" about life and if you teach them the wrong way, it will be difficult for them to "un-learn" things more so if it becomes a behavior. Whether you be remembered or not when your students become professionals, it is a milestone and an achievement on your end that can give you so much affirmation and self-fulfillment. There should be no such thing as to who is in a more difficult position to teach, a teacher in a private school or a public school? There's no debate as to who is a better teacher, who graduated from a prestigious university or local university? Why? Teaching will always be the same no matter what, but your dedication and how you as teachers influenced your students in a good way will be everlasting. You are worthy to be called a teacher and an educator if you do your work as a vocation dedicated to future professionals. 

Teaching is timeless, but how you are remembered as a teacher by your students 
can be the sweetest. 

Happy Teachers' Day to all Teachers out there!!!



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