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Thursday, April 12, 2018

#NCDFoodtrip: Caffe Primo, an uptown cafe in Naga City

A drive to uptown Naga is always a treat. The turns and fine concrete road with the fresh air coming in through your car's window is something that you can not get from the downtown area. A dip in the hot or cold waters of Isarog always come to mind when we travel to this side of Naga. Now, there is a cafe worthy of your drive away from the city's bright lights and noise which is located inside Caceres Heights Subdivision called Caffe Primo. According to their page it is an Italian inspired Caffe sure to give guests a much needed break from Naga City’s busy environment.

Caffe Primo has the feels of a slow vibe. Much to be noticed is also a casual to a semi fine dining feels being part of the Primus Hotel & Resort. Right after we had a dip at Panicuason Hot Spring, I decided to check out the place since we were in the area. 

I always ask restaurants about their best sellers, Pizza is one in Caffe Primo, I believe. This is the All Meat Pizza, I was expecting an all-meat loaded pizza but hey I love veggies so I'm not complaining. It actually tasted good! 

We ordered Caramel Machiatto and Salted Caramel Latte, Cafe Americano and a Java Chip Frappe. I loved their hot drinks, the Java Chip was so-so, but hopefully the other frappes are good. One thing I learned in cafes, it's difficult to have a drink or food inspired from famous brands. It's either you get it right or you totally flunk.

Here's the price range of Caffe Primus menu:
Salad 150 - 220
Pasta 230 - 260
Pizza 450 - 480
Sandwiches 125 - 250
Burgers 220 - 260
Desserts 110 - 180
Hot Beverages 95 - 175
Iced Beverages 100 - 160
Frappe 145 - 180
Juice 140 - 160
Tea Beverages 95 - 140

They also included in one menu the restaurant of the Resort Hotel, I just forgot the name of the resto.

Was expecting the frappe to be in a fancy glass, perhaps this is what they really opted to use even in dine-ins

We sat near the windows overlooking the pool. Hoping to come back soon and I can't wait to try the other food and drinks. Ambiance is a so nice and the baristas who are VERY COURTEOUS tops it all! Even my mom noticed it so it's really a plus plus point. 

I believe the tranquility of the place is the purpose of this cafe together with the food that you can actually enjoy with your friends and family. Caffe Primo is also for solitary pursuits and the food and drinks that you can order is already a good company. Looking forward to my next visit at Caffe Primo! Don't forget to share your favorites!

Caffe Primo
Primus Hotel & Resort
KM9, Pacol, Caceres Heights, Naga City
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CaffePrimoPH/
Cafe Hours: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact No. 0917 506 9156


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