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Saturday, November 3, 2018

#NcdTravels: Bag-Angan Farm and Resort, A Back-to-Basic Experience in Labo, CamNorte

Late afternoon color
Sustainable and responsible tourism is the focus of the second edition of the Philippine Harvest under the helm of the Department of Tourism (DOT). The program aims to develop sustainable farm tourism as a dependable source of income for Filipinos in line with the implementation of the Farm Tourism Development Act of 2016, which serves as one of DOT's strategies for countryside development. Camarines Norte is but another countryside of Bicol which is so rich natural resources with a big potential for farm tourism.

Around 6am in the morning color
Labo, CamNorte being the biggest in terms of land area in the province has this secluded farm resort owned by Bacer Family which started basically as a residence with a manmade freshwater pool for the family and the neighbors to enjoy. The owner then realized its potential for tourism purposes and began to transform the area into a sort of village resort amongst the rice field and near the mountain side.

The name "Bag-Angan" came from a type of grass which is found abundantly in the area. The farm and resort offers a "back to basic lifestyle" experience that will try to rekindle how it is to live in the moment without being preoccupied with all the stressors in life. The resort does not have electricity, when we stayed for the night we only used gas lamps and solar powered led lights.

 Accommodation and rates:
  • The farm can only accommodate maximum of 12 pax and minimum of 6 pax. There's another house being upgraded with another manmade pool being constructed during the time of our visit. So this can probably mean doubling the number of pax in a few months time.
  • P500 per head during weekends, P300 per head during weekdays that includes the use of kitchen and farm house for overnight stay. DIY is also accommodated, but please do contact the management for a hassle frees stay.

Basic amenities of the resort: 
  • Freshwater pool with a dept of 4, 5 and 6 feet. 
  • Living room
  • Dining area
  • Clean comfort and shower room.
  • Comfortable beds with available bed nets
  • Kitchen where you can cook and use available utensils
  • With comfortable beds and hammock on the second floor
The other house with a new pool being constructed
Here are some important guidelines that you need to prepare just in case you are not used to the back to basic kind of living. In short, bawal ang maarte dito.

  • Going to the resort is easy but bumpy, so hold on to something. It's easy because they have a service truck that will take you to the farm and it's bumpy because the road is unpaved at around 4 kilometers. It's like a off-road track so four-wheeled drive vehicle would be fun to drive here, absolutely don't take a sedan for your peace of mind. It can be muddy when it rains and a little dusty when it's dry. Have fun reading the signages every kilometer, "kapit lang bes".
  • NO ELECTRICITY - When we had our overnight stay, we only used gas lamps and solar powered led lights. They have candles too, but the first two are safer especially with the kind of house that they have. They also have a powerbank that you can borrow. And oh, you can even charge your powerbank with their powerbank. haha
The moon actually lights up the  whole farm and you can get to enjoy the stars  because there's not enough light pollution. The "sulo" in the pathway of the farm is lit up at night, stays for a few hours until it wears off and gives a "survivor series" feel too.

  • VERY Limited Data/Internet from TelCos - Yup, both Smart and Globe. Calls were also difficult to make as well as messages were a little bit hard to send. So prior to your visit, do inform your significant others of the limited mobile services of the place. This is actually to your advantage, digital detox is important nowadays and Bag-angan farm and resort can help you with that.
  • FRESH and CLEAN WATER. The resort lies at exactly on the feet of Mount Cadig that catches the first clean and fresh flow of water from the mountain. Drinking water is from the crack stone wall of the mountain, but in case your stomach gets upset easily, you can bring your own water supply. (Just remember not to leave your bottles at the resort).

  • Only natural air-conditioning from the mountain breeze and cool temperature at night. We also had a bonfire that night too.
  • Bring an insect repellent if you have sensitive skin.
  • There are many human friendly creatures in the farm that serves as your therapeutic music especially at night. Sleep to the sound of crickets, frogs, birds, bats and running water, all natural and no Spotify needed.  
  • The farm only provides services that are available in the mountain, but they try their best to meet your requests. Just like us, after a whole day use of our gadgets needed for blogging,we needed to recharge our batteries and cameras because we were headed to Calaguas the following day. We had to send everything to a nearby residence with electricity and it was very nice of them to accommodate our request. Please don't ask for impossible favors that will make it difficult for them.
  • Should you wish to have a hassle free stay by just being there to enjoy a downtime, you can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner prepared by the management at an additional cost.
 How to get there?
  • From Daet you need to ride on a van, jeepney, bus bound to Sta.Elena and tell the driver that you are going to Purok 5, Barangay Guisican, Labo, Camarines Norte. It will take 1 ½ hour travel.
  • A service truck will take you to the resort, travel time is about 20 mins. You can also try Habal-habal (motorcycle) for only Php 100.
  • Contact Person Mr. Arnel Bacer (09165346351) for instructions
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Bag-angan-Farm-And-Private-Resort-660365400821096/
Bag-Angan Farm and Resort will not only let you experience the back to basic kind of living that will allow you to keep your feet on the ground but it will actually give you an opportunity to go back to the basics in coping with stress and anxiety. First is you get enough sleep because there's no electricity and limited mobile data services. Second is you get to eat fresh produce from the farm especially if you want to have your meals prepared by the resort. Third, you get to do a basic exercise, just by grounding yourself and walking around the farm early in the morning to the flowing water either on the manmade pool or the stream of water nearby the other house. They also have a fish pond with tilapia, so go ahead try fishing too or even harvest/plant rice if its in season. Sleep, eat and exercise, these are the three basic ways to combat stress and anxiety and Bag-Angan farm can actually give it to you. It's also a perfect place for those who are a little bit lost, who might be looking for answers. The farm is nice as a retreat place and also team building activities for small groups. Interacting with the locals will actually make your stay more meaningful.

Woke up at round 5:30 in the morning and this is what you'll see in the farm.

Look! Do try this laro ng lahi, "Kadang-Kadang"

Hope I was able to give enough information about this secluded farm and resort in Labo, Camarines Norte. If you happen to visit Bag-Angan, don't forget to #iTravelResponsibly and share your experience too on the comments section below.