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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Westpark Penthouse

refurbished events hall is soon to unveil at the vibrant food and entertainment strip of Naga City,
The Westpark Penthouse at Magsaysay Avenue Naga City. 

“Soiree of Love" : Speed Dating Affair and Sexy Dance Party  on February 12, 2011

Party | Good Vibes | Great People | Hype Music | Ecstatic Ambiance |
Booze | Mingle | Flirt | Fun | Chillax | Grind | Sexy | Spotlight | Memories|

Speed Dating

“Soiree of Love" : Speed Dating Affair and Sexy Dance Party 
A Black Valentines Special Event

once-in-a blue moon sexy affair wrapped with sexy amusement and entertainment 

for singles and couples who want to have a good time on Valentine’s Day

a sexy black Valentine’s Day for all the mature partygoers in Naga City 

naughty games and prizes at stake!!!

Php 150 only with free SML beer and frenzy freebie.

For queries call (054) 478.3029 or text 0939.309.7724 or email thewestparknaga@gmail.com

Retrato sa Merkado Photo Contest

Retrato sa Merkado
A photo contest featuring the sights, faces, colors,
and activities in the Naga City Public Market

1. To create awareness among stallholders that the City is serious in promoting the market as tourist destination.

2. To highlight the Market as microcosm of a vibrant society and as a valuable community resource which reflects Naga’s heritage and serves as a source of civic pride for the past, present and future generations.

Contest Guidelines
1. This contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers.
2. Use of minimal digital editing is allowed PROVIDED that both raw and edited photos shall be submitted to the organizers.
3. The contest shall cover the following themes:
         a. Merkado Publiko: Lalawgon nin higos asin disiplina kan Nagueño (PEOPLE).
Will feature faces and activities of vendors (act of selling and maintaining cleanliness in their vicinity) and market employees    (act of maintaining order, cleanliness in the public market).
         b. Merkado: Orgulyo kan Nagueño, sa Kinaban Bistado (PLACES,  STALLS, WARES AND GOODS). Will feature places, stalls, goods     and wares in the Market (eg. photo dried fish arranged artistically)
4. All accomplished entry forms and photos shall be submitted by e-mail to allen.reondanga@naga.gov.ph
5. An exhibit of entries shall be arranged by the Board of Judges composed of a practicing photojournalist, a photography instructor and a City Government representative.
6. All submitted photos must bear a title and a short caption.
7. All winning photos shall be given preference in the design and layout of the Naga City SMILES Magazine, the Naga City Gazette, Naga City Brochure, website and other city publications and collaterals.
8. All submitted entries shall be exclusively owned by the City Government of Naga.
9. Maximum of five (5) photos per theme per photographer per week may be submitted.
10. There shall be four (4) weekly winners of limited edition City-commissioned quality t-shirts (design of shirt will be published in the Naga City website).
11. Timelines of the contest are as follows:
        • Formal Launch:   January 31, 2011
        • Pre-launch promotions campaign:  January 15 – 31, 2011
        • Contest period: February and March 2011
        • Awarding of Grand Prizes:  April 4, 2011
12. Only weekly winners shall qualify for the Grand Prizes as follows:
        1st Place : 5,000.00 plus certificate
        2nd Place: 3,000.00 plus certificate
        3rd Place: 2,000.00 plus certificate
13. Entry forms are available at the following:
City Mayor’s Office
2nd Floor, City Hall, Naga City
(054) 473 2240 | 811-1286 | 698-38-71
Market Enterprise and Promotions Office (MEPO)
2nd Floor, Naga City Public Market

Source: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150168953374012

Pilgrimage City Landmark of Naga Design Contest

Promotions: Ongoing
Deadline of submissions: June 8, 2011
 Interested parties can contact Alec with email address alec.santos@naga.gov.ph or by phone (054) 478.95.79.

Click on the photos to enlarge the rules and guidelines.

National Arts Month - Naga City

Venue: Emily Theater
Date: January 31, 2011
Time : 3:00 PM

I. Opening Program for the National Arts Month
II. Formal Launching of the Pilgrimage City Landmark Contest, Retrado sa Merkado Photo Contest and others
III. Independent Film Screening c/o AdNU Media Studies Department (Ticket Price: Php 75.00) 

Pelikula at Kultura Film Showing Schedule and Venue
Source: http://www.adnu.edu.ph/newsfeatures.asp?qstrID=146

The Media Studies Department of Ateneo de Naga University in cooperation with Media Studies Society invites you to the special screening OF 3 Independent Films in line with the celebration of Media Studies Week.

PELIKULA AT KULTURA: The 2nd Bicol Conference on Communication and Media Studies

JAN 31,2011 LAST SUPPER NO.3 by Veronica Velasco
Emily theatre 03:45pm.

FEB.01,2011 GAYUMA by Alvin Yapan
Emily theatre 03:45pm.

Bicol Premiere
FEB.02,2011 HAPPYLAND by Jim Libiran
Emily theatre 03:45pm.

Tickets (75Php each) are available at the Media Studies Department, Ateneo de Naga University or at Emily Theater

Friday, January 21, 2011

Runs in Naga for 2011

Runs in Naga for 2011

Schedule of Races
by Tri N Run Enterprises

photo by fil07 of SSC CamSur

LRV Agri-Science Farm

An unplanned road trip always makes us feel ecstatic. Despite drizzles and sudden rains, this January 8, 2011, Saturday afternoon still went pretty well after visiting a resort / farm somewhere in Calabanga. The resort / farm is non other than LRV Agri-Science Farm or more commonly known as a resort in San Bernardino, Calabanga. It's obviously a project of Congressman LRV from the very name itself. There's already a previous entry about this resort but we used photos from other photographers. Late last year, we have been seeing a lot of photos in our forum about the resort which made us more eagerly interested in visiting the place. We asked for feedbacks and informations from an event organizer, photographers and some locals from Calabanga for us to be ready if ever we are to invade the place. 

Now, how to go to LRV Agri-Science Farm? It's approximately a 20 to 30 minute-drive (around 17 km) from Naga City town proper to the resort depending upon your speed of course.If you are familiar with Amang Hinulid of Calabanga then going there will not be a problem for you because it's almost of the same route. A jeepney from Naga to Calabanga will cost you a fare of Php 20.00 only. The towns that you'll be passing by from Naga before getting to Calabanga are: Canaman, Magaroa, and Bombon. If you drive through a lot of sharp curves before going to Calabanga then you're on the right road. Before you reach the town proper of Calabanga you'll be able to notice the road with Santan flowers on the both sides. It means you're near the intersection where you will turn left going to San Bernardino. On the opposite road (right) is the way going to the downtown area of Calabanga. 

The front building houses the information center and receiving area. Two rooms on the rootop with carpeted grass on the outside. The design of the buildings is really eye-catching and unique.

on the left side of the front building...

on the ride side of the front building ...

The roof top of the front building with grass carpet

You can see the following photos on top of the front building.

Inside the front building

The place is not yet done but the beauty is already there. We will definitely go back there after a few months and experience what the resort and farm can offer. Cheers!

Visit The Village @ San Bernardino in Facebook CLICK HERE

Rates at The Village
Source: The Village @ San Bernardino Facebook

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact the resort with the provided contact number.

They have the following amenities:
7 cabana rooms, 4 kubo type rooms, 10 ecolodge rooms and a greenhouse (family). Each room has twin queen size beds and can accommodate four (4) guests, fully air-conditioned with private T&B. We have a fully air-conditioned function hall which can accommodate 250 pax. Our restaurant is ready for a whole day dining.  
They may offer you special packages for bigger functions. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bear Hugs

Outdoor Temperature here in Naga: Approximately 22.8 degrees. 

Yes! (No! =c ) it's Monday again. But, "four sleeps to go and it's again Friday". It makes a lot more easier to have an attitude like this towards every manic Monday right? I was really lazy this morning to wake up because of the cold weather. Just because of the cold temperature these days, I'm always reminded of my college days. I miss wearing thick knee socks with cartoon characters on it. My favorite socks before was the black one with rainbow colors on it and Buttercup of PowerPuff girls partnered with a "bonet". Wearing them even at home was a relief from the cold breeze. 

While I was munching these cute gummy bears this afternoon, I got hypnotized by it's colors, couple it with nostalgia from friends who are far away from me and who are used in giving out Bear Hugs especially the ones who are in Baguio. Just like these colorful gummy bears, my friends are of different colors, different personalities. 

Just another simple yet happy thought from a simple bear.

BEAR HUGS for all of you guys out there! And adding some CARE BEARS with it :D
Remember, each gummy bear is one BEAR HUG for a friend of mine... Be it "you" who is in Baguio, Manila, Emirates, California or anywhere in the world! Missing you guys!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Purple Puppets preps up!

Hello NCDeckers! Saturday is just as timely as introducing myself to the blogworld of NCD. So we will all be expecting to see more of the hip and fresh Naga City has to offer like PURPLE PUPPETS. Cheers to that! My aim is simple - to reach out to fellow Nagueños with their own happenings and then be able to celebrate them with you, dear NCDeckers!
So since I'm talking 'fresh', why don't we take a look inside this up-and-coming events specialist called PURPLE PUPPETS. As the name suggests, PURPLE PUPPETS projects a lively, or rather playful, chorus of businesswomen ready to take in your party or event requests with organized planning. Behind this local business is a group of cute and promising young ladies. Comparable to their bubbly personalities, they happen to have colorful themed party ideas for special occasions, be it your son's or daughter's birthday party. Whatever special party you want to have, they can organize it from customized invitations to party hats, centerpieces, decors, down to loot bags.
All you need to do is check their Facebook profile: Purple Puppets at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Purple-Puppets/171334772880254 and see for yourself the thrills of their services. Now go ahead and scan through your own calendars and set an appointment with them by phone (4786078), by cellphone (0915-4148112) or by visiting them at Door #23 JPII Atrium, Bagumbayan Sur, Naga City . Their receptive office is open from Mondays thru Fridays (9am to 6:30 pm) and on Staurdays (1pm to 6pm).

Friday, January 14, 2011

7 Eleven Naga Hiring

*Vacancies may vary from the time of posting. Please be guided accordingly

7 Eleven Naga Hiring

click on the image to enlarge

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

LRV Agri Science Farm / San Bernardino Farms

LRV Agri Science Farm / San Bernardino Farms
@ San Bernardino, Calabanga Camarines Sur

For rates please visit The Village @ San Bernardino Facebook

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact the resort with the provided contact number.

They have the following amenities:
7 cabana rooms, 4 kubo type rooms, 10 ecolodge rooms and a greenhouse (family). Each room has twin queen size beds and can accommodate four (4) guests, fully air-conditioned with private T&B. We have a fully air-conditioned function hall which can accommodate 250 pax. Our restaurant is ready for a whole day dining. 
They may offer you special packages for bigger functions. 

Function Halls

Photos by caloylazaro / YLC Digital


Visit The Village @ San Bernardino in Facebook CLICK HERE

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Camella Homes Naga City

Camella Homes Naga
Del Rosario Naga City
Contact No. (054-475-0594)