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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bear Hugs

Outdoor Temperature here in Naga: Approximately 22.8 degrees. 

Yes! (No! =c ) it's Monday again. But, "four sleeps to go and it's again Friday". It makes a lot more easier to have an attitude like this towards every manic Monday right? I was really lazy this morning to wake up because of the cold weather. Just because of the cold temperature these days, I'm always reminded of my college days. I miss wearing thick knee socks with cartoon characters on it. My favorite socks before was the black one with rainbow colors on it and Buttercup of PowerPuff girls partnered with a "bonet". Wearing them even at home was a relief from the cold breeze. 

While I was munching these cute gummy bears this afternoon, I got hypnotized by it's colors, couple it with nostalgia from friends who are far away from me and who are used in giving out Bear Hugs especially the ones who are in Baguio. Just like these colorful gummy bears, my friends are of different colors, different personalities. 

Just another simple yet happy thought from a simple bear.

BEAR HUGS for all of you guys out there! And adding some CARE BEARS with it :D
Remember, each gummy bear is one BEAR HUG for a friend of mine... Be it "you" who is in Baguio, Manila, Emirates, California or anywhere in the world! Missing you guys!


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