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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Retrato sa Merkado Photo Contest

Retrato sa Merkado
A photo contest featuring the sights, faces, colors,
and activities in the Naga City Public Market

1. To create awareness among stallholders that the City is serious in promoting the market as tourist destination.

2. To highlight the Market as microcosm of a vibrant society and as a valuable community resource which reflects Naga’s heritage and serves as a source of civic pride for the past, present and future generations.

Contest Guidelines
1. This contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers.
2. Use of minimal digital editing is allowed PROVIDED that both raw and edited photos shall be submitted to the organizers.
3. The contest shall cover the following themes:
         a. Merkado Publiko: Lalawgon nin higos asin disiplina kan Nagueño (PEOPLE).
Will feature faces and activities of vendors (act of selling and maintaining cleanliness in their vicinity) and market employees    (act of maintaining order, cleanliness in the public market).
         b. Merkado: Orgulyo kan Nagueño, sa Kinaban Bistado (PLACES,  STALLS, WARES AND GOODS). Will feature places, stalls, goods     and wares in the Market (eg. photo dried fish arranged artistically)
4. All accomplished entry forms and photos shall be submitted by e-mail to allen.reondanga@naga.gov.ph
5. An exhibit of entries shall be arranged by the Board of Judges composed of a practicing photojournalist, a photography instructor and a City Government representative.
6. All submitted photos must bear a title and a short caption.
7. All winning photos shall be given preference in the design and layout of the Naga City SMILES Magazine, the Naga City Gazette, Naga City Brochure, website and other city publications and collaterals.
8. All submitted entries shall be exclusively owned by the City Government of Naga.
9. Maximum of five (5) photos per theme per photographer per week may be submitted.
10. There shall be four (4) weekly winners of limited edition City-commissioned quality t-shirts (design of shirt will be published in the Naga City website).
11. Timelines of the contest are as follows:
        • Formal Launch:   January 31, 2011
        • Pre-launch promotions campaign:  January 15 – 31, 2011
        • Contest period: February and March 2011
        • Awarding of Grand Prizes:  April 4, 2011
12. Only weekly winners shall qualify for the Grand Prizes as follows:
        1st Place : 5,000.00 plus certificate
        2nd Place: 3,000.00 plus certificate
        3rd Place: 2,000.00 plus certificate
13. Entry forms are available at the following:
City Mayor’s Office
2nd Floor, City Hall, Naga City
(054) 473 2240 | 811-1286 | 698-38-71
Market Enterprise and Promotions Office (MEPO)
2nd Floor, Naga City Public Market

Source: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150168953374012


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