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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Failed Relationships

When relationships fail, we see our vulnerabilities. This engagement ring was supposed to be a declaration of love to a significant other. While we thought choosing an engagement ring is an easy task, it’s actually not. The prongs, the cut, and the grade might ring a bell to those who are preparing to propose. Up until the moment you thought that your significant other was the one, everything can be wiped out in an instant. This is one of the moments when engagements fail even if you have the ring already (in real life), just as when you thought this could only happen in movies and teleseryes. When suddenly all these preparations don’t come as planned, you would probably flashback to those times what could have gone wrong. You might even question your worth and your efforts, doubt your partner’s intentions and worse, your partner’s character.

With all the possibilities of hate and blame along the way trying to process the failure of the engagement, the only way to move on is to accept the reality that it has failed. Yes, a fragment of hope might have been seen, but when things don’t get patched up and it gets down the drain, the diamond loses its ability to glisten and so does the relationship.

Outside looking in, I admire people who has been determined to say it’s enough. In my opinion, most failed relationships is a 50-50 blame game. It doesn’t need to have a complicated Math, because both parties contributed to both the joy and pain there is no matter how short or long you’ve been together.

When you see your friends stood up from failed relationships, it is not only them who will be vulnerable. Even you as supporters will become skeptic and doubtful about relationships as well. I believe there are no perfect engagements and relationships, everything boils down to how we handle the sa-ppiest moments in our lives and how we nourish them to become better partners and individuals for others. And oh btw, don’t bother looking back at how much it has cost you to reach a point where you bought a ring, it won’t help. 

Here’s to something that’s done and being vulnerable at the same time to new opportunities!

P.S. This is not an April Fool’s day post and I’m not engaged nor was supposed to be engaged. Maghunos dili kayo! #randomthoughts


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