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Monday, April 9, 2018

#NCDFoodtrip: Take Me Out Snack Bar and Grill

Night outs are not anymore about the booze, but more about the good food shared with your friends or family and the endless stories that keeps the company alive. Plus, I’m actually trying to avoid the hassle of parking, huge crowds and loud places. Take Me Out Snack Bar & Grill can definitely deliver and hits the spot! They were formerly located along Magsaysay Avenue where I never had the chance to dine because of the limited parking space. This time that they are now located at M. Plaza along Roxas Avenue (Diversion Road), this spot is becoming a regular option for me and my friends. Obvious landmark you can actually see is BDO Diversion, at the back of that is Take Me Out. 

Take Me Out is known for their burgers and tacos. They also serve pasta and other TMO favorites.

Going to places with huge crowds with very loud music is not any more my game.  Is it just me or I’m feeling old already? haha


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