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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sari-Sari Happiness at NCPM

Did you know that there are is a place at the Naga City People's Mall (Naga City Public Market) that can awaken the child in you? Well that is especially if you're a sugar junkie with a sweet tooth.

NCPM has a Willy Wonka sort of place but in Naga's version of course. What are we talking about? Go back to your childhood days, when you were still kids, isn't it we were amazed and fond of buying those little trinkets of accessories that are as good as toys but omes with food that costs one peso or more or even cets just to satisfy our childhood cravings. The color of the candies, the craft, the packaging, and the characters, how oddly it may seem, we still let our mama or papa buy as one or two from sari-sari stores near our neighborhood. These kinds of candies and chocolates jeopardized are milk teeth during our childhood days haha.

Here are few of the merchandises that you can buy from the 2nd floor of the NCPM (Igualdad Side). See how your child or your little siblings react if you bring them here once in a while. Let them experience the other side of life other than Hershey's, Toblerones, Cadburrys,  Nerds, Trolli's and the like.

Simple treats yet happy ones!

P.S. No sugar overload please. :) Eat in moderation.


Cheaper versions of the branded Trolli's

Colorful marshmallows in huge packs


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