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Friday, April 20, 2012

Post Anniversary Treat from Avenue

Monday, April 16, 2012, I unexpectedly received a message via our Facebook Page
from a representative from one of the biggest establishments here in Naga City, Avenue Square / Avenue Plaza Hotel. As I read the message and I quote...

As for your 3rd Anniversary, we have a gift for you. Let's meet this week for your post anniversary treat?
 ... I really felt amazed and blessed because I wasn't really expecting anything in return for what I'm doing here in Naga City Deck. Because of that happiness, honestly, I literally read the message over and over again because it felt like it's unbelievable (Mga pinoy talaga, totoo na nga nagdududa pa lol). Since it was the first day of the week and full of office transactions, I decided to meet Ms. A, the following day.

A little bit of trivia first: Whenever I post entries, I never give out my personal details. I also rarely post my entries on my own personal account. I promote establishments, events and a lot more and does not require monetary concerns because I love my city, I love promoting Naga as a whole. In short, for 3 years I kept myself in the shadow and I liked it that way it is. Hence, this was the first time that I decided to meet someone knowing me as Naga City Deck.

Tuesday, April 17, after 5 pm, it's time! It's time to meet Ms. A and I will be introducing myself as NCD. Due to my shyness, I even convinced my officemate to accompany me to go to Avenue Square. I sat down outside Shakey's and fed myself the confidence that I needed. Ms. A called up and told me to go to Cafe Plazuela. Now I even got nervous! So I stood up and faced my fears, and went to the hotel's entrance to meet Ms. A.

Photo by oragon.com of SSC CamSur

Cafe Plazuela, is a fine-dining restaurant at the Avenue Plaza Hotel and I chose to stay outside near the pool area as it makes me more comfortable. The post anniversary treat started with an envelope... and viola...

What's inside?
GC's from Res Toe Run and a Pool Pass from Olympia Gym

Avenue Square / Avenue Plaza Hotel is indeed a loving establishment..
Apart from these gc's I was still served sumptuous food from Cafe Plazuela

As usual, it's a coffee-based drink for me =D yey!!

Capricciosa Pizza

love it!!

and a Shrimp Herbed Pasta

Imagine,an Italian experience at the pool area of the Avenue Plaza Hotel, this is just so rewarding! It was too plenty for me I admit. 

Ms. A, from the Marketing Department is full brilliant ideas and is behind the recent activities of Avenue Square and Avenue Plaza Hotel for over a year now and I'm so glad to have met her.

For 3 years of updating the Naguenos and Bicolanos,  I felt that this 3rd year anniversary will mark the beginning of a new level for Naga City Deck and Avenue made me realize that (and so did Ms. A).

NCD has been my hobby for three years. When you do something passionately, time is not against you, it's going along with you in perfect blend and harmony. Parang kape lang eh. haha Blessings do really come when you least expect it. Thanks to Papa God!

Future tie ups with Avenue Square / Avenue Plaza Hotel is something to look forward to and I'm really excited! So NCDeckers, stay tuned for that :) From the bottom of my / NCD's heart, thank you so much!

Avenue  is a venue full of ideas, full of love and full of happiness. Cheers to Avenue Square, Avenue Plaza Hotel! Naga City is indeed lucky to have you around. More power and God bless you more!!!


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