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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Trek to Malabsay Falls

Naga City -Malabsay Falls has been ranked No. 2 among the 11 Things to do in Naga City in Trip Advisor. Who would not be thankful to have a falls in a city? Though Malabasay is situated at the foot of Mt. Isarog, this falls has been very generous enough for us to enjoy Mother Earth's beauty reachable in just 30 to 40 minutes from downtown Naga. Other resorts in Panicuason like Sulat Pool, Panicuason Hot Spring Resort and Stonehouse Gardens Resort are very accessible and mostly visited in this Barangay. 

I have visited Malabsay Falls last year and it's just sad to see the bad side of tourism, well in this case, in our very own falls in the city. Plastic bottles, wrappers and the like are seen near the falls and it's a sad sight.

I know this happens anywhere and it's because of irresponsible tourists who after they enjoyed the place and just because they paid that it seemed like they're off the hook in keeping the surroundings clean as they go.

We often see this saying "Leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time" in many tourists destinations. As tourists, do we really follow that saying by heart? As part of NcD's advocacy, no matter how tedious it is to remind everyone, I would like to use my online presence to again remind my fellow Naguenos and Bicolanos to live up to this saying not only here in Naga but wherever we travel. The gesture of leaving tourist spots clean is not really for other tourists, but for us the locals because we are the direct stakeholders. If we practice it here in Naga, it would not be difficult for us to practice it anywhere we go. This is a good habit that each and everyone of us should imbibe in our own systems.

Leave no trail of trash in Mt. Isarog, do not carve the trees nor draw graffiti on any infrastructure or stones, so that the future generation can still experience the grandeur of the place. And oh please, go immortalize "Juan ❤ Juana" somewhere else. Don't carve your names on the trees, you don't own any of them. Don't scratch rocks and stones with your names on it just because you reached that destination. Don't be selfish. Be a better partner to your special someone.

While most of you might be familiar with the route going to Malabasay Falls, this is for those who still don't know how to get there.

1. Jeepney ride. From downtown Naga, go to the Panicuason bound terminal near P. Caceres St./Padian Street just right beside Metrobank. Get off at the Girl Scout of the Philippines property in Panicuason.
2. From their, walk straight going to Mt. Isarog National Park's entrance.
3. Habal-habal going to the park's entrance. You also have an option to ride on a "habal-habal" from GSP.  TIP: Get the number of the habal habal driver to pick you up.
4. Pay entrance fee Php 10. (not sure of the rate now). Last year we were required to deposit an environmental fee of P100 (refundable after the visit to the Falls) to make sure that we leave no trash in the area. If you did not carry any trash after your visit you will not be able to refund the money. Quite ridiculous. If only people are mindful and disciplined enough there's not need for this deposit fee.

If worse comes to worse and more tourist arrivals, can the city government hire someone to keep the area clean? As in a permanent one especially during summer? Probably they have one or two but why would we still see trails of trash around?

Just recently, the City Government of Naga has continued to cement a portion of the road going to the gate of Mt. Isarog National Park, not sure though if it's already complete. Although it will be for the convenience of the tourists, this will mean more people, meaning more disturbance to the place and possibly more irresponsible tourists. I just hope the city government is prepared for that and maintain the natural beauty of Mt. Isarog.

This is the drop off point of the jeepney, Girl Scout of the Philippines lot.
To the left is Sulat Pool  also known as GSP and to the right is the road to Mt. Isarog National Park gate. 

Cars which can't travel further to the gate of Mt. Isarog National Park's entrance will have to park their car inside the GSP property. 

Signages have been updated by the Naga City Arts, Culture and Tourism Office. 
For emergencies you can call (054) 472300
This is the gate going to Stonehouse Gardens Resort

From the gate of the national park, you'll have to trek for around 10-15 minutes to reach Malabsay Falls. It's an easy trek so to speak. Going to Nabuntulan Falls has a more difficult trek. Apologies, I haven't been there yet.

We were given a little orientation before we started the trek, manong on duty reminded us that we should not leave any trash anywhere. 

Easy steps

Closer look of Malabsay Falls

Overlooking the Heart of Bicol. 

So there, enjoy the beauty of Mt. Isarog and please please please let's do our share in maintaining the beauty of our tourist spots here in Naga.


  1. i dont know if you could reply, can i bring my motorcycle all the way to the office instead of riding a habal habal

  2. how much po yung singil nila sa habal habal?

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