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Monday, April 20, 2015

Sorsogon: Paguriran Island and Lagoon

Sorsogon - The southernmost part of Luzon island is home to white beaches and rich marine ecosystem. When opportunities to travel knock on my door, I usually do not think twice especially if I haven't been to that place yet. Now my journey in every Bicol province is down to two huge islands which are Catanduanes and Masbate.

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Sorsogon at last!!! Even though I haven't been to every town in Sorsogon, at least Bacon and Prieto Diaz (CLICK HERE for the part 1 of the Sorsogon road trip) marked a good start for me to explore the rest of the province some other time.

This is the 2nd part of my Sorsogon road trip series. The first two days was dedicated solely to Prieto Diaz to explore and to study, wherein I was with my mom and her environmental science students. Because of our itchy foots, we unanimously decided to check out Paguriran Island and Lagoon in Bacon which is just beside the town of Prieto Diaz. A side trip well spent! Now how do you get to Paguriran Island and Lagoon?

  • From Manila you can take any Sorsogon-bound buses like Isarog Lines, RSL and Peñafrancia Tours. Rate will depending on the type of bus. 
  • From Sorsogon City, you can ride a jeepney going to Barangay Sawannga via Bacon town proper. 

This is the overview of Paguriran's location using Google Map. 

Paguriran Island and Lagoon has a triangular shape with jagged rocks and coral formations. A type of seaweed is bountiful around the islet, an evidence that this place is still undisturbed.
You will have no problem just in case you will go there via roadtrip, 
because the road condition is very well-paved.

During a high tide.

By the way, the Municipality of Bacon is not pronounced as our favorite bacon for breakfast. "Ba-con". Bacon and parts of Sorsogon towns were merged and eventually became Sorsogon City. In Barangay Sawangga lies Paguriran Island and Lagoon. From Sorsogon City, turn left to Diversion Road and drive straight to the quiet Barangay Sawangga.

The islet is actually very serene especially when you're on the rocks near the lagoon. We first went to the resort around 4 in the afternoon and the sea was on high tide so we decided to check it out the next day instead in time for the low tide. During high tide the water is said to be waist to neck deep near the island. A walk across it during high tide is possible but make sure you pack everything in a dry bag especially if you have a camera. If you chance upon a bangkero who is willing to take you to the islet, then just negotiate with them on how much would it be. The islet is just a hundred meter from the shore so I guess it can be pretty cheap or a thank you would be even possible. 

Above are the rates and amenities of the resort. If you are not going to stay for a day and your sole purpose is to just check out the island, there's no entrance fee of any sort. The caretaker only reminded us not to bring any food to the island. Despite the reminders, there are evidences of plastic wrappers in the lagoon. Please be a better person than those people who just throw their trash anywhere.

This elevated cottage overlooking the islet is actually nice for an overnight stay.

The next day around 12 noon, we went to the islet during a low tide and this is how it looks like.
Ankle-deep water as we cross towards the islet.

The following photos were taken from that center rock (photo above) in the lagoon.

Brave kids climbed the rocks and jumps off in the lagoon. 
Looks a bit dangerous because the water was a bit shallow.

Brave kids battling the sharp stones on the other side of the island.

The view from the islet with the cottages on the shore.

Took this photo from the center rock within the lagoon. 

I love this part of the islet, the seaweeds are dancing with the waves.

We stayed for a few minutes and enjoyed the scenery. 
You can actually have a "moment" here and just enjoy nature at its best. 

Rich marine ecosystem with seaweeds embedded on the rocks. 
Low Tide
I believe the lagoon will be more charming during a high tide. But still it's lovely.
Walking on barefoot might be a little painful. 
Fresh catch
With little or no water at all, the water has receded much more after a few minutes of being in the islet.

While we usually want a quiet excursion, we just can't expect a quite and solitude recreation nowadays especially with places as frequently visited as this island. Videoke machineS, emphasis on the S are quite annoying especially if they are being used simultaneously. It's as if one cottage has it's own videoke machine. But again, this is okay for those who are really into karaoke. 

Check the complete photo set of Paguriran Island and Lagoon on my 
Flickr Account: Click HERE

Paguriran Island and Lagoon has a charm like no other. By far this is the most accessible island and lagoon that I have been to. Although this is far from Naga, it's accessibility from the road and shoreline is a plus point for this tourist spot. I do hope this island doesn't get spoiled by irresponsible visitors and I hope the local government of Bacon will be able to protect this slice of paradise.