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Friday, April 25, 2014

Cafes in Naga: Bear Cups Patisserie

WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD. A new bear themed pastry and cake shop recently opened at the ground floor of ADC hotel. Just like the Eight Spices restaurant, this new shop is also under the management of the hotel. Feast your eyes as we enter a haven of teddy bears. But before that, let's travel down to your memory lane. I believe most of us has had at least ONE teddy bear held in our arms right? Just a thought of teddy bears makes us smile what more when we see and touch them.

"ANG CUTE!!!!" this will probably be a common statement for the first timers here. 

THE NAME: Bear Cups Patisserie. The magic touch of teddy bears gives as magical comfort whatever our age may be. So why a bear themed pastry shop? Apart from the owners reasons (that I still do not know yet), I think the following reasons will suffice.. Teddy bears eases existential angst especially during our childhood years or maybe until your age now. It also represents our child-like innocence and sometimes reminds us of special people who gave us the teddy bear. Teddy bears also tops the list as a gift to remember special occasions aside from flowers. So teddies brings out the child in us. 

SPECIALTIES: Cakes and patries. They also serve breakfast meals, salads, coffee (hot, iced, frapp) and the like. 

LOCATION: Ground floor of ADC Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Date of Visit: April 22, 2014

STORE HOURS: (I have to check again but weekdays and weekends differs)

BUDGET: Light snacks will cost you around P55 - P150 the lowest. For a more satisfying stay, it will be around P250 up.

view from the lobby

view from the lobby

the menu

Toys, candies, gums and whatnots. For sure your kids will not go home empty handed, so bring a little extra cash.

The baristas corner
THE PLACE: Bear of all sorts is what you'll see. Everything on display is for sale. The dominant colors of white, pink and blue radiates when the chandeliers are turned on. Warm color fills the room when the pendant lights are also on. Visually cozy because of the bears on display. Since they are for sale, you can't actually hug them all you want during your stay. I think that's the missing part of the place, the opportunity to hug the bears all you want. Hygenic reasons and comfort while eating, these are the only reasons that I can think of perhaps why there are no teddy bears that you can cuddle lol. Since you can't hug the bears during your stay, I was actually expecting a couch, but there's none. A set or two might just pull it off to become cozier. Don't get me wrong, the dining tables are fine because it matches the tree-like woodwork on the side. 

Adorable teddies hanged.
Collectors will surely be delighted. Bear Cups Patisserie is not only for children but also for the young at heart.

Would you care to adopt a bear?
Guys, bring your date to Bear Cups patisserie!
Makes you want to hug them!

Dear parents, be sure to bring a little extra money because if you have your kids with you, chances are they will convince you to purchase those cute little accessories on display or even adopt a bear. 

Background music is also relaxing, suits the ambiance just fine. If you want a quiet time to relax rather than stay at a overcrowded coffee shop nearby, well then this is an option. And oh, ambiance wise? It's a little bit similar to White Bean Cafe without the teddy bears. On the second floor of the building, there's also another coffee shop, The Pro Chef's Office

Choco Nutty Frapp

 Hot drinks starts at P40. Iced drinks starts at P70.
Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Madness

Chef's Salad
 Cheesecakes starts at P119 to P139. Cupcakes starts at P55.

There's still a lot more to taste. Bear Cups Patisserie will definitely be on my list where I can concentrate in updating nagacitydeck. See yoo soon Bear Cups!


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