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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ksarap Daet

Ksarap ang "Food na Masarap"
Vinzons Avenue, Daet, Camarines Norte
(In front of SM Hypermarket)

I graduated college in 2006 but I started working 2007 and Daet was my first base in the world of work. For a short time I had the chance to experience what Daet offers to locals and tourists and Ksarap was one of them.

These photos were long kept and edited (June 2012) but busy me was not able to make a post for this. There's no excuse this time especially that I will be one of the Solemates of www.solesearchingsoul.com for the #DateinDaet on May 3-4, 2014. Flashback of memories in Daet is now consuming me. I'm really excited for this coming weekend with my fellow bloggers.

It's not halo-halo, it's not the typical ice cream. One of my favorites in Daet is a frozen dessert called sherbet. It comes in different flavors that will surely let you crave for more. It's very affordable and perfect for summer. Sherbet is close to ice cream / halo-halo / frozen shake but still unique as it is. I do not know if we will be able to have a sherbet during our #DateinDaet, I hope we will. =D

Mango Sherbet

Ksarap serves huge servings especially for meals. 

Ksarap is the only restaurant that has sprinklers to keep the atmosphere fresh. Don't worry it won't get you totally wet.

These photos were taken June 2012 when I had to drive for my mom due to work. There were a lot of improvements if I will be comparing if from 2007 and I'm sure there's more improvement by this year. 

Ksarap is actually a residential area turned restaurant on the frontyard. Perhaps there are function rooms by this time of the year. You can check their official website at www.ksarap.ph

Bikol Espesyal episode with Ksarap


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