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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Tallest and Biggest Burger in Bicol?

Let's do a little #TBT of Bigg's Diners burgers.
Classic Burger, Cheesy Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger (my favorite), Bigg's Extreme Supreme Burgers and now the Bigg's Tower Burger. Did I miss any?

At present, the crown goes to Bigg's Tower Burger. Can we claim that the Bigg's Tower Burger is the tallest and biggest burger in Bicol? Let's explore more, maybe there are still others.

Want to know more about the Bigg's Tower Burger and new products of Bigg's Diner? CLICK HERE

Bigg's Extreme Supreme Burger
Photo by http://camsurstaystray.blogspot.com

This photo of Bigg's Diner is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Image Courtesy of https://mariawenttotown.wordpress.com/2
Cheese Burger

This photo of Bigg's Diner is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Once upon a time, almost 4 years ago, the crown belongs to Miguel Angelo's Whatta Burger located at Cereza. It was the biggest in terms of diameter. They even had a contest that if you finish eating the burger in 4 minutes, it is free and you'll get another 50% off on your next order. How about Bigg's Tower Burger eating contest or any similar event? I think Bigg's Diner can also pull this off, they're one the best brands in Bicol in the food industry.

CLICK HERE  for a #TBT post of Whatta Burger.

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