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Saturday, April 5, 2014

LTO Naga: Driver's License Renewal

The new location of LTO Naga District Office is now located at LCC Mall Naga compound. It is now fully air-conditioned and has enough seats for all. The old Driver's License Renewal Center is not anymore at the ground level parking of SM City Naga. Everything is here in the new location which includes the registration and license transactions etc.. Last March 19 I had to renew my license because as every driver would know it, every driver's license expires on the day of your birth. Renew on the day or a few days before the date of expiration or else you will pay a penalty fee of P75.00 minimum.

What to bring?

  • Your old license
  • Cash 
  • Ballpen (or else you'll be forced to buy a ballpen from a vendor outside the office for P10.00! Imagine)

So this was how I renewed my license. 

1. Get a form from the Customer Service Representative's Desk and tell the guy that you're going to renew your license. Prepare your old license and present it to him. He will give you instructions on what to do next which is to have your medical check up after you accomplish the form.
2. Accomplish the renewal form with your pertinent information. 
3. Get your Medical Certificate. Now you have an option to have it conducted at the vicinity (photo below) or have it at the City Health Office at the Naga City Hall for only Php 50.00 if you are low on budget.

4. Accomplish the form at the clinic and then pay at the cashier worth P250.00. They will you two receipts: P100 for the Professional Fee of the doctor, and P150.00 for the certificate that you are perfectly fit to drive. You know the drill, do the eye test and read the letters. Read while covering your left eye and then your right eye. October of 2013, the Drug Test is not anymore required for you to get your license. This will save you a lot of time, seriously. 

5. Go back to the Customer Service Representative and present him your Renewal Form and Medical Certificate. He will just review the paper in case you missed a part. 
6. Give your papers to Window 6 and wait for your name to be called
7.Once called, have your digital photo and signature taken at either Window 3 or 4. 

8. Wait again for your name to be called for you to pay at the Cashier, Window 1. It will be better if you will give the exact amount of P417.63 or else it will be taxing on your part looking for smaller bills or coins. CLICK HERE for the fees and charges from the LTO website. 

9. Wait for your name to be called for the last step. It's pretty neat for LTO Naga to "entertain" the people thru funny videos. Look at the television, LTO Naga made it a point to entertain you while waiting. Pretty effective actually because you will hear the people laughing from time to time. But don't let this distract you or else you might not hear your name. You would not want to hear your name twice or with a very loud voice from the personnel right?

10. Get your renewed license at the window beside the cashier. 

I believe the average time for you to get your renewed license is at least one (1) hour. This is really advantageous especially for those who work. One more thing I noticed is that the new license is now good for 5 years. Last 2011 it was only good for three (3) years.

The LTO personnel are trying their best to be at their good composure and most importantly patient. You can actually notice it in their tone of voice. So guys, be also a little patient and make sure you do what you have to do and pay attention. Like any other kind of transaction it's always a give and take.