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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guide to Consocep Mountain Resort / Falls

Here's another getaway blog post from one of my unplanned trips last year. Apologies for the late post, I went to this place a week before the Penafrancia Festival 2013. So you know what it means right? Everything will be focused about the fiesta. So anyhoo, it's better late than never because this is still timely for summer. Now pack your stuff and let's go to Consocep Mountain Resort and visit at least three (3) waterfalls!

Budget: Approx. P200.00 for Entrance Fee and Transpo (from Naga City)

Is the trip safe for kids? Toddlers may be a little taxing on your part especially if they get tired of walking, you will end up carrying them the whole trek. If you are also superstitious, do your rituals para hindi sila "ma-nuno o maengkanto". teeehee

How to go to Consocep? (read as Konsosep) This is a DIY trip.

Via Bus: From Bicol Central Station (Central Bus District Terminal) in Naga City, either take JC Liner or Lagonoy Bus. These are the only bus lines that ply to the Partido Area where Consocep is located. Fare is around P40. Tell the conductor or driver to drop you off at Hanawan Ocampo, this is the junction that will take you up to Consocep. Sorry, I'm not really familiar with the rate, but I tried asking my friends who live in Partido area and they said it's around that amount, feel free to correct me. Travel Time: Approximately 1 hour, because buses pick up passengers along the way.

Via FilCab Van: Take the van going to either Ocampo or Goa. Rate will be a higher than the rate of the bus and as expected it's always a shorter travel time. Travel Time: Approximately 40 minutes.

Jeepneys are also available, expect a cheaper fare but a longer travel time to Ocampo. From the terminal in Naga, take a direct Jeepney going to Ocampo, or take the route going to Pili then transfer to another jeepney going to Ocampo or Goa.

This is the junction at Hanawan, Ocampo.

From the junction, take the "habal habal" aka "door-to-door" service or technically speaking the motorcycle. They charge from Php 30 to Php 50 per person one way. You can also opt to make an arrangement to pick you up after your trek and excursion at a  specific time.

From Hanawan to Consocep, the distance is around 8 kilometers. The roads are cemented at least 80% and the rest are asphalted. By asphalted type, we mean a little rugged and bumpy, but still tolerable. You can even drive using your sedans. If you are in groups renting a jeepney will also be advisable, rental fee is usually around P1,500.00 or more from Naga City as your starting point. Travel time: Around 15 mins. 
Enjoy the view!!!
Smiling and waving kids at Brgy. Villa Florida will welcome you.
A good view of the Partido area, with the Lagonoy Gulf and Atulayan Island right in front of you.

Welcome to Mt. Isarog National Park! The towns and city (Naga) around Mt. Isarog has a shared responsibility in taking care of it. A shared resource should be a shared responsibility.

Entrance Fee: P15.00, don't forget to register!
There is actually a parking space available, I just forgot to take a photo.

The Gate. The trail is easy and safe for newbies in trekking. The trail is paved and the challenge is not really how to go to the first waterfall, but going back to the entrance afterwards. Going down is easy, going up is a different story.
The trail starts this wide and become steeper stairs afterwards. Carry on!

After a 10 minute trek (or more) going down, there's a huge space where you can settle and have your picnic. This space is also perfect for activities. The trekking time to the first waterfall will always depend on your pace.
Kawa-Kawa Falls

Underwater scene
Most excursionist stay here at the Kawa-Kawa falls. It's actually the safest among the three falls in the area. And guys, there's no cellular reception here! So this is pure appreciation of nature and time to disconnect yourself from the world wide web and everything else.
Crystal clear water. The rushing water is just music to the ears. It's very relaxing!
You'll be lucky if you see a cousin of "Gary the Snail" alive in a shell. This one's empty, but the shell is quite big, still amazing!

 Mt. Isarog being a lush and mossy forest is home to unique wildlife both flora and fauna.
A damselfly

A millipede 

Remember what our old folks would tell us? Never ever hurt creatures you see in a forest or you might get enchanted. Iyo baka ma-engkanto ka. Hehe 

 Now let's go the second falls, known as the Tumaguiti Falls. Tumaguiti meaning the water flowing is like that of a drizzle.

From Kawa-Kawa Falls, you will see another trail going up. 
There's this pretty enchanting gazeebo.

A huge tree along the trail going to Tumaguiti Falls

And viola! Tumaguiti Falls! It will look as if it will be a bearable drop of shower on you. Perhaps on the sides yes, like what I did, but since it was September, rainy season will mean more water in this second falls. 

During summer, perhaps the drop of water is a bit minimal than this one in my photo.
...the cold never bothered me anywayyyy 

Tumaguiti Falls

amazing rock formations

Now let's proceed to the third waterfall. Go back to Kawa-Kawa and near this bridge is another trail going to Bulalacao Falls.

Left photo is the trail going to Tumaguiti. Lower right photo is the trail going to the third falls, Bulalacao.

You'll pass by an old comfort / dressing room on the right. I did not bother taking its photo because sadly it was/is not maintained. Another landmark here is supposedly a beautiful tree house. Again, not maintained during my trek. I hope the LGU of Tigaon in charge of tourism can look into to this matter and do the necessary repairs.

It says: "If you do not know where you are, going any road will lead you there."

Climb at your own risk. There are missing steps, quite rusty and unstable. 

And now you will see the Bulalacao Falls. "Bulalacao" means "a falling star", this waterfall is a bit difficult to reach especially if you want a 12 o'clock view of the falls. That fallen tree has been there for a while according to our guide. How deep? Its quite deep according to locals. Are there mysterious stories about this place, try asking the locals too. =D

Bulalacao Falls

Oh, if you will be wearing shorts, please apply an insect repellent on your exposed skin. Off Lotion or other brands would be fine, to at least protect you from insect bites. Remember, you are in a FOREST.

Water is cold and crystal clear.

Among the three waterfalls, which is your favorite? I believe there's still another falls near the area, a more difficult trail they say. There's also another place to visit while you are at the Mt. Isarog National Park. You can walk going towards the old building owned by Universidad de Sta. Isabel (USI). It has a viewing deck and will give you a better view of the Partido area.

This is like a bonus in every trip, just explore! It's not everyday that we see a passion fruit, right?

Please please please never leave your trash in Mt. Isarog, 
it's an easy thing to do for the environment and your future. 

Contact details that might be useful for you. 

Consocep Mountain Resort
Mount Isarog, Tigaon, Camarines Sur
Tel (c/o Provincial Tourism Office) (054)4773172
Cellular (0919)4227009

*Note: Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Travel time will always depend on your pace / mode of transportation etc. 


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