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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cafes in Naga: Anthosia Café V. 2.0

Naga City - The feels of having numerous coffee shops in Naga makes me realize one thing, I feel like I'm in Baguio City. Our temperature might be way too far from that of Baguio City but the coffee shop culture is somehow becoming similar. As if every corner of the city is becoming a coffee place. To date, four (4) new coffee shops opened recently in our city. And just like that, Anthosia Cafe just celebrated their Paper Anniversary last August 28. In time for their first anniversary, Anthosia transferred to a bigger location to accommodate increasing number of patrons. The first time I featured Anothosia, I described the place as a place of passion, intimacy and commitment (Read HERE for more). Will it still be the same even though they transferred to a new place? Let's find out. Sugod mga kapatid!  

Less carbon monoxide e.g. smoke belching vehicles. Oh gosh I sound so scientific. Located at the Taal Avenue corner Bulusan St. is a brown to beige accented with white painted building and a wooden sliding door. Like the previous location, Anthosia has its al fresco dining experience but this time it feels more safer and healthier if I may say, away from smoke emitted by vehicles passing by. This area is not anymore a main road, unlike Panganiban Drive which is a main arterial road of the city. Quiet neighborhood too even though there are bars and restaurants beside them. The establishments in this side of the city actually complements to one another. Krypton Grill is beside them by the way.  

Suanoy and modern art. U-shaped cafe with a huge mirror at the center, reflecting both sides of the place. One side for music sessions dubbed as "ieu" with modern gallery and one side for displays of antiques, memorabilia, books and collectibles. 

Source: Anthosia Cafe Fb
Yet again, Anthosia presented art across different mediums in a manner that it reflects beyond the capability of the naked eye. Mirrors does not only reflect who we are, for it also reflects art in a thousand folds. Just like this mirror inside Anthosia.

By this time, menu board might have been complete now.

Pure art, magic of the hands.
Everything you see here (except books and collectibles) are hand drawn, hand-carved or hand-painted,
need I say more that everything is by hands?
These are just few of the corners of Anthosia today. Had a difficult time taking photos during the anniversary night, the whole place was jam packed with customers. Ka Andres is still here by the way. Since the first mural of Bonifacio was painted on the wall, the Anthosia Team had to paint again this time. Effort!

CLICK HERE for more photos of Anthosia Cafe V. 1.0

 Feels like I'm in the animated series called "Word World" but instead of the word book, it says READ.
 I bet this will be photographed very often. The vintage telephone is still here too.
Anthosia will continue to support and celebrate local artists.

Dream, Imagine, Love, Art Show by Ron Alvarado and Olga Villanueva-Alvarado
With the Dream, Imagine, Love Artists

 Bonifacio Mural Sessions "ieu" 
Local artists mostly sang original pieces, oh so talented!
Hanina Britanico on the mic
Photo by Anthosia Cafe Fb

Three funny but skeptic looking men on the table. 

Redish: Happy P60, Iced Tea: Pagmamahal P60, and the drink with a shade of orange is Pag-Ibig P60.
I personally love the "Happy"

Maria Pasta Suplada (P120) meets Hijo de Pasta *NEW* (P150)

In Mason Jars: Kape Señorita or  sometimes called Señorita Cold (P80/90) and Kape Elsa (P80/P90)

Tinapanudels  *NEW*at P130. Basic ingredient is of course tinapa. 

"Patatas pa More". I love the potato wedges! Choose from mayonnaise, sour cream and paprika dip.

Bratanella Patisserie also had her Dessert Buffet during the anniversary night for only P60. Brat's pastries are regularly served here in Anthosia. 

It is only here in Anthosia that you can "break" a heart without getting punched in the face.
If you're on a night out with your friends and one of you is brokenhearted then don't forget to order the Pan de Oriang (Pizza) and let him/her do the honors of breaking it into pieces. Allow the brokenhearted person to de-stress.  There's a new version of the Pan de Oriang called "Rio Locsin" an herbed beef pizza. 

Goofing around!
Fellow Bicol Bloggers, Jamie Lou of Spotlight on Jamie and Kookai of Black and White Scribbles

Inumon (Drinks)
Hot starts at P50 to 90
Cold drinks at P60 - P80

Kakanon (Food)
Pasta for only P120 ato P150
Pizza at P150
Patatas pa More as the only sides is only at P60.

Anthosia remains affordable. It's because of this affordability that makes Anthosia mostly visited by students and young professionals. While students enjoy the affordable food, artists will always feel at home in this cafe. For those who are uneasy about small spaces (like in the previous location of the cafe), maybe this time you can pay Anthosia a visit knowing that there's enough of chairs and tables for you. 

Passion for coffee and food.
Intimacy for customers. Customers are allowed to express and de-stress in an artistic way.
Commitment for local and national artists and their art in all forms.

This still holds true to Anthosia Cafe V. 2.0, only this time, passion, intimacy and commitment is raised to the second power.

In behalf of the Bicol Bloggers, thank you for inviting us over for the 1st Year Anniversary of Anthosia. Your generosity allows our bloggers develop more skills in blogging making their social media influence in a positive and artistic way. More power and God bless! 

Anthosia Café V. 2.0
Taal Avenue Corner Bulusan St.
Café Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
(+054) 881 1805
Instagram: @anthosiacafe #anthosiacafe


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