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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Only Black Burger in Naga City

Naga City - Sometimes, having too many cafes in this city means more difficulty in choosing where to go. While almost every cafe is very artsy in its interiors with catchy names of dishes on their menu, Don Rodolfo's Cafe (DRC) dares to give you something striking or perhaps unappealing to many yet very intriguing. Apart from their famous Sisig Pasta, Smores, Burger and Choco Heat Frap which you can read about HERE, DRC brings you the very first (and only as of writing) black burger here in Naga and Bicol. 

I'm sure that the question you have in mind are...Why black? What's in it? "It's a secret", DRC owner said. If you happen to Google about Black Burger, there are restaurants and burger chains in Manila offering this kind of burger which was popularized in Japan over a year ago. 

"Murder she wrote.." Stabbed in the middle of the black bun, the following are the main ingredients: Black sauce, beef patty, bacon, lettuce and tomato surrounded with sliced potatoes. In manila even the cheese is black, while in DRC it's still the usual cheese. Everything sounds the same but only that the buns and sauce are black. Now are you willing to try this Black Burger?

Blueberry Frap and Choco Heat Frap with Cheese Sticks and Black Burgers.
CLICK HERE to know more about Don Rodolfo's Cafe's menu and place.

Seems like, this Black Burger will be perfect for your Halloween parties, right?
This is the mini version of the black burger. 
This burger is definitely Instagram worthy, so take a snap before you consume it because it will surely get messy along the way. By the way, the black buns with curry flavor are specially baked here in Naga too so they are guaranteed fresh. The special beef patty plus the bacon is absolutely for the win. 

The Black Burger of DRC may not be your everyday kind of burger because it costs a little more than the ordinary burger. Just in case you're still doubtful because of the color, it is absolutely good for sharing because the size and ingredients is also more than the average burger. 

Are you ready to go black?
If you are, just visit Don Rodolfo's Cafe.

Don Rodolfo's Cafe
M.T. Villanueva Avenue Former Liboton Street
Naga City
Facebook Page: Rodolfo's Cafe
Instagram: @rodolfoscafe
Contact No.: 0999 994 4042