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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sityembreakfast, Merienda and Tienda sa Fiesta the Que Pasa Way this September

Naga City - As colorful as the Peñafrancia Festival, a restaurant brings us a delightful breakfast and merienda, the Que Pasa Naga way. You might be wondering if why have I been writing for many times already about this restaurant and if you have read them, I reiterated that this place will be evolving from time to time both aesthetically and gastronomically. True to its evolving nature, Que Pasa brings us daily merienda in the afternoon and Sityembreakfast during weekends this whole month of September. But, during this busy week of the Peñafrancia Festivities and to accommodate fellow Bicolanos and guests going back home, breakfast will also be offered starting September 16 until the 20th.

Breakfast is served from 7:00 am to 10:00 AM

 Now what do we have for breakfast? These two are definitely my favorite!
Arroz Con Chocolate aka Champorado and Naldo's Caldo
The Arroz Con Chocolate  P48 topped with Newlook (a kind of dried fish) flakes realllllly complements the sweetness of the champorado. The milk will even make it more enticing. 
Naldo's Caldo P38 reminds me of Nald's Goto in Padian St.
But I think this has more flavor, just look at the toppings.
The "I woke up like this" kind of mood for my Bicol Bloggers friends

Coffee is an important pill for the not so morning people. Scrambled Eggs P28 with herbs and rice would be nice just like any typical breakfast. They also serve Breakfast Hotdog with Cheese P48. Having your breakfast at Que Pasa is like eating at your own patio or veranda knowing that the resto is an open area, this you won't get an enclosed restaurant and most especially in fast foods.

They also serve Chilis Dilis P18 which you can also pair with the Arroz Con Chocolate. 

Other breakfast goodies available are:
Newlook P28, Salted Eggs P18, Salsa Fresca P15, 
Salted Eggs w/ Salsa Fresca P28, Fiesta Logganisa P48, 
Chicken Tocino P48, Arroz Con Leche P48

Your afternoon merienda is now covered by Que Pasa this month of September. We Filipinos really give importance to our hungry tummies don't we? Always remember, that when you're in Que Pasa, you should be able to master the art of pairing. Mix and match the dishes that would definitely complement with one another, but hey don't you worry if you're not used to this kind of set up. You can also ask the servers for any recommendations. 

Here's my few tips on how I choose my dishes, this is very applicable here in Que Pasa most especially that they do not have sets of value meals like other restaurants. 

1. Sweet and Salty - this has been my top of the list in any restaurant. 
2. Spicy and Sweet
3. Sour and something hot like bowl foods
4. Sweet and Sour
6. Fatty foods and anything

But of course, you pretty much know your own palate. I can't argue with you of you're own set of pairings.

Que Pasa Merienda is served from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Merienda the Que Pasa Way
Que Blanco P18, suman with caramelized sugar, mango bits and pinipig. This is definitely one of my favorites.
And another personal favorite Baked Longganiza Pasta P48

BananaNut Fritters P28 - Que Pasa's own version of Banana Cue, wrapped banana with peanut butter
as the added filling. It's more than the average size of our usual banana cue. 
On the right is the Arroz Con Maiz for only P38, I may not be a fan of corn that much but hey give it a try. 

You're in luck if there's still Arroz Con Chocolate during Merienda time. We Filipinos would want champarado as our afternoon snack right? 

#TiendaSaFiesta is only available until the 18th of September located near the entrance of Que Pasa. These collectibles are handmade and handcrafted by Bicolano artists, so good and intricate that they can even serve as your souvenir from Bicol. Naga is indeed becoming an artist haven and destination. You can tell by the many artsy shops all around.

Karaw Craftventures is a design hub that up-cycles scrap and waste materials into artisanal products, with brands positioned as handcrafted, sustainable and contemporary. It gives and shows love by combining art enthusiasm with passion to take part in community development advocacy and promotion of environmental sustainability. It aims to empower the marginalized women's groups in Naga City while spurring economic mobility by providing career and training opportunities, capacity building activities, and guidance in financial savings. 
Purchasing a Munuqueta is helping the inmate artisans. 

Homemade Kaleidoscopes

So probably this will not be my last post about Que Pasa. There's a lot happening in this restaurant. So stay tuned for more.

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