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Monday, September 7, 2015

Flavours Gastronomica

Naga City - Located at the Central Business District II near STI College Naga is a restaurant looking all white on a corner street with hints of wood color and a signage noticeable with leaves and a tomato. Flavours Gastronomica, the name of the restaurant itself attacks our curiosity of what kind of flavors do they have in the restaurant. Chef Gerald, owner and chef of the restaurant might be still young in the culinary industry, but I believe he is doing it well knowing that on September 8, Flavours will be celebrating its, first year anniversary. Now join me in discovering the flavors of Flavours Gastronomica. 

Semi-fine dining with a casual ambiance at an affordable price. The menu has a detailed description per dish, but you can always ask the waiter or even the Chef if you want to know more about a specific dish. Also on the menu are icons for Mild Spicy (red sili), Chef recommends (chef's hat) and Vegan (green leaf), indeed very helpful for the customers to decide on what to eat. Dainty plates and utensils actually adds up to the fine-dining quality of the restaurant but the wooden chairs and tables makes it casual and relaxing. The place might be too glaring during daytime because of the huge glass panes surrounding the restaurant but don't you worry there are also curtains keep the sun from distracting you. The place looks good at night, the warm lights touching the wood and white paint blends well. 

Flavourful Healthy Food. The name of the restaurant speaks for itself. I learned that spices and herbs used in their food are harvested from the Chef's yard. Gastronomica means the "art or science of good eating", so the restaurant's name basically suggests healthy eating. Do not let fine-dining restaurants intimidate you, you'll never know if you'll never try. Vegetables served are really fresh, which I really appreciate. Flavours Gastronomica wants you/us to be healthy. Budget would be P200 to P250 per person. 

Starting off with the colorful smoothies, I ordered the Strawberry and Basil and I absolutely loved it. Ivy of handpaintedsky had the Healthy Green and it was really good too. Not to over emphasize but really, the smooties tasted and feels so healthy plus the serving size is for the win. Specialty Smoothies ranges from P120 to P140, Milk Shakes at P140 to P150, Crafted Tea/Juices at P60, Hot or Cold Tea (with a selection of loose tea leaf at P60, Hot Drinks also at P60. They also serve imported beers, cakes and pastries.

Smoothies from L-R:  Macha Green Tea,  Strawberry and Banana, Mango- Banana,
Strawberry and Basil, Healthy Green
 The Macha Green Tea is actually comparable to the Green Tea Frapp of Starbucks.
Top view of the smoothies. 
For Starters they serve the following: Fish & Chips, Triple Dip, Hot Wings, Italian Poutine, Canadian Putinr and zbacon & Cheese Poutine. For Soup they have Roasted Tomato Soup, Creamy Mushroom, Potatoes & Crab Chowder. For Salads they have the Chef's Signature Salad, Chef's Sisters Salad, Flavour's Farmers Green Salad, Potatoes & Beets Salad and Isabel's Salad.

Chef's Sister's Salad with lettuce grapes caramelized pili nuts and couscous Mango-Yogu dressing.

Flavours also serve Flatbreads and Pizza starting at P120 to P180. Flavours is also famous for their Panini like Laing & Chicken Panini, Chef's Vegetarian Panini, Roast chicken & Basil Panini, Roast Beef Panini. Roast Beef and Mushroom Panini and Angus Beef & Cheese Panini. Price ranges from only P120 to P250.
Seafood Pesto and Flavours Signature Pasta 

Flavours is one of the best restaurants in Naga which serve great pasta. Serving size is actually for sharing, but be my guest if you're really starved. All sauces are made with extra virgin oilive oil. The pasta is cooked al dente. Garnished with  cheese, parsely and served with bread. You can choose from Olive Oil, Cream and Tomato based pasta. There are at least 12 flavours of them that you can choose from.

Flavours Mushroom and Cream Spaghetti noodles tossed in delicious cream of mushroom 
and more flavours with essence of truffle
Crevettes & Basil shrimp sauteed in olive oil, garlic, green chilies and fresh basil

Chef's Signature Baby Back Ribs for only P220.
On the background is the Ginger Banana and Oreo Cookie Milk Shake

The a la carte dishes of Flavours are served with Flavours Pasta or Butter Garlic Rice and comes with a side dish. So if you are cutting down your rice intake or depending on your mood, you can have the pasta instead. 

Choose from among Fish and Seafood, Chicken, Pork and Beef. Price ranges from P170 to P295.

Chef's Signature Baby Back Ribs
Moist and tender slow-cooked Baby Back Ribs, sweetened molasses and grilled

L-R: Grilled Salmon with Garlic and Herbs and Baked Salmon Crusted Pesto
both served with aioli and green salad

Lemon and Lime Chicken. Can you see the lemon grass?
Grilled Chicken breast marinated in lemon grass and lemon with zesty cayenne sauce 
served with green salads.

Breakfast, brunch/lunch is also served for only P120 with Crepomelette, Beef and Mushroom Turnovers and Flavours Farmer's Breakfast. It's not only the adults who gets to enjoy Flavours, they also have a Kid’s Menu where you can create your own tasty combo of 1 chicken dish, 2 side dishes, and drink for only P199. Also, try to check Flavours Facebook Page from time to time, Chef Gerald posts promos and new creations.

Teapots of all kinds on display.

Congratulations and more power to Flavours Gastronomica, Happy 1st Year Anniversary and looking forward for more flavour-full adventures with you! You indeed added more flavor and color to Naga City! 

Enjoy 20% discount from their Menu and get a free Cupcakes
Thank you very much Chef Gerald! God bless and more power!

Flavours Gastronomica
Crescini Bldg, CBD II, Brgy. Triangulo Naga City
(Near STI College Naga)
Restaurant Hours: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.
Facebook Page: Flavours
Instagram: @flavoursgastronomica
Contact No. (054) 472 8350
Flavours accepts all major credit cards.


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