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Thursday, September 10, 2015

LCC Food Garden Catering

Naga City - The Peñafrancia Festival is an annual celebration which means an annual thanksgiving for our family. We usually have a rural atmosphere kind of cooking for the fiesta, much comparable to a rinconada way of preparing a banquet for a wedding or any other celebration. My mom hails from Buhi to be exact, which means most of our relatives who are good in cooking are our chefs for a day or two. Before the cooking extravaganza with all the "talyasi" and huge "kalderos", the usual practice is to of course butcher a pig. From breakfast to dinner of every Saturday (Fluvial Procession day) means everything is from the home cooked dishes of my relatives. While it's fun and at the same time a form of bonding for us and the relatives, we also grew tired as the host because we usually prepare days before Saturday and be as busy with all the errands that you can think of.

We grew tired of that yearly routine and realized that we were missing something every fiesta celebration. Not only that we get tired but sometimes have lapses in entertaining ALL our guests and relatives especially that some of them even come as far as Ilocos, Cavite to be specific. With this reason in mind, we decided to have our table for the fiesta prepared by a caterer. 

For the past 6 years we shifted to Naga and/or CamSur based caterers for our fiesta. The first one we booked lasted for 2 years but during the 2nd year, we felt that there was a change in the kind of service that we were receiving, considering that it's our second time, we were expecting the same or a better kind of service. It was either the food is late to arrive or yeah that's the reason why we changed the caterer the following year. Our guests ate their lunch so late and that was so frustrating. The next one was from a town away from Naga, it was recommended by a family friend. We got amused that after lunch, the crew started washing the utensils in our sink, in our sink!!! Like wth?!

The following year we searched for a new caterer. One Sunday, we heard mass at LCC Mall Naga, we saw a flyer saying that they offer catering services. We inquired and immediately, Ms. Sherjun Pabirao of LCC entertained us so well we even had a food tasting on the spot. They offer a variety of dish from meat, poultry, fish, and a whole lot more. There are no fixed or minimum amounts of food to be purchased. Whatever works best with the customers' budget, LCC sees it you get the better if not the best of their service. Dishes will depend upon your budget, they also recommend their best sellers and matches every food that you will order. From food to drinks and dessert everything is well served, clean and on time. They cater other kinds of event and special occasions too. In other words, "madali silang kausap". 

Chairs, tables, utensils, glassware, food trays are included in the service. If you need a food server (which in our case we don't) you can just request for that. A day before our scheduled booking, the tables are set with all the things needed for the big day. HASSLE FREE fiesta indeed and GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. It's our 4th year of availing LCC Food Garden's catering service, I think it's time they deserve a space in my blog because my family is a satisfied customer over the years. 

So perhaps if you need a caterer for next week or anytime you need your food catered? You can contact or visit LCC Food Garden at LCC Mall Naga and inquire about their best dishes for your guests this fiesta. 

Contact Person: 
LCC Food Garden
LCC Mall Naga
Felix Plazo Street
Naga City
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