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Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Top 5 Dream Homes from Property24.com.ph

Bicolano by birth and by blood. There might no place like home but beyond this fact about me, I also wish to build another home somewhere next to my birth place, a dream home. My dream home may be property where it can add to who I am for the better. I too, dream of a #PerfectHome. Who does not wish about owning a dream home? I checked out Property24.com.ph which is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines.  They provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allows them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective Buyers.
See that ribbon up there? Property24 is the Philippines' Number One Property Website

With my blog nagacitydeck.com, it is undeniable that I have so much passion and love for my city. Everything that I see and experience around as a Nagueña is on my blog. I share my life to fellow Nagueños and Bicolanos online. I will never replace Naga as my original home. With that reason in mind, I searched over #Propery24Ph  for my second home, Baguio City. Most of my preferences would definitely add up to who I am. I believe they are still realistic and still in my bucket list.

I dream of owning a home in Baguio, it is because of Baguio that I was able to build my 7 year old blog. I was away from home during my college years and updates about Naga City were limited on the internet. I missed Naga for four years and Baguio made a huge change in my life. Without Baguio, there would be no NagaCityDeck. So therefore my first and second #Property24 that I loved are in Baguio City. 

1. The Courtyards in Baguio City - Having resort-like amenities, with cabins and lodges in Leonila Hill, the Courtyards amongst the pine trees with an Old Baguio Country charm will be perfect as a home. I may not be a Cordilleran, but living in Baguio for four years made me a better Filipino. The culture and people are amazing, the weather is just a bonus to that.

2. Outlook Ridge Residences in Baguio City - A studio condo unit with be nice in Baguio, good enough for my small family whenever we can visit the city. Driving up to Baguio from Bicol is always memorable every kilometer. I have college friends who lives in Outlook Drive, having friends as neighbors is homey for me. This part of Baguio is cold and quiet. 

All images are screenshots from property24.com.ph

3. The Woodridge Place II in Tagaytay Highlands - It's like a fantasy living in Tagaytay Highlands which I only see from afar whenever I visit People's Park in the Sky. A fully-furnished 2 bedroom have a seamless blend of traditional charm and modern conveniences plus a warm rustic appeal of wood and modern feel of glass and steal. Assured of magnificent sights from spacious balconies would be a perfect morning. Cavite is always considered our family's yearly destination in Dasmariñas City. We always visit Tagaytay when we are in Dasma, having a home here would still be reasonable on our end.

4. 4-BR House and Lot in Talamban Cebu City - Cebu, Cebu, Cebu, I have never been to Cebu. But I would like to get there by driving South crossing San Juanico Bridge. This time I would like the usual home and not from a high-rise building. I imagine Cebu like Metro Manila, so perhaps this spacious modern house in Talamban with 4 bedrooms will blend enough with the city life.

5. 1 BR Condominum in Cubao, Quezon City - Let's face it, I am not a Manila girl but this metro is needed destination especially in my line of work. I am in the academe and most of the National Conventions are held in Metro Manila. Finding a place to stay for an overnight or two in an unfamiliar place is very taxing. I am not that oriented with it comes to directions in the metro and I thank God for Google Maps and other apps that get's me going to my destination. Cubao is my usual drop off point whenever I take the bus from Naga City. So Cubao is a little bit familiar to me and a having a property will at least be very helpful on my part and even my family if we have to visit Manila for a family gathering.

All images are screenshots from property24.com.ph

These would be my Top 5 Dream Homes from #Property24Ph. I would have included Palawan because it is also one of my dream destinations but I have to be practical. #Property24 can provide us with different properties that can suit our needs. If God permits that I win the lottery, then any location will never be an issue. Find your condominium, house, townhouse, etc at Property24.com.ph, your dream home is just a click away. 


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