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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Daet: Kundalini Healthy Cuisine

When people are usually offered a healthy dish, the first question would often be, "Does it taste good?". It's as if there's always a doubt as to how tasty and delicious the food can be if it's a healthy dish. Well, Kundalini Healthy Cuisine has proven me wrong, healthy dishes can be as delicious and fun like any average dish.

What is Kundalini? "It is the natural energy of the self, that nourishes and awakens it. For those seeking a healthy but tasty alternative, check out the fresh fruit smoothies at Kundalini Healthy Cuisine. Using fresh fruits and vegetables, these refreshing drinks will complement your choice of Vietnamese spring rolls, and a selection of authentic noodle entrees, including pad thai, japchae, or Singaporean. A perfect combination to beat the heat and stay energized. Also available are milk teas and fruit teas, hot and iced coffee, hot herbal teas and panini sandwiches. Kundalini also serves detox juices and vegetable salads."

Kundalini is located along Daet-Mercedes Road, just a few meters away from the corner of F. Pimentel Avenue. 

The crew preparing the Super Fiber. 

The Super Fiber is healthy smoothie with malunggay, alugbati, kamote tops, papaya, pineapple, and babana. The moment I had a sip, I think I had the best shake/smoothie to date. I'm not exaggerating, really, but that was the first time I had a drink with all those fruits and leaves combined but damn it really tasted good. Having said that, I'm willing to give up my coffee cravings for the Super Fiber! I wish Kundalini invests here in Naga City! 
A sample of the Mango to the next level with mango and cheese as the main ingtedient. It really is to the next level kind of smoothie, truly UNIQUE than any other mango smoothie that I have tasted. 

The Vietnamese Spring Roll (VSR) is also a very interesting version of our usual "lumpia". The peanut sauce really matches the vsr. 

I loved the Jap Chae!!! Everything ingredient just blended well plus the spicy paste was really a hot stuff. 

Oh I like this chili paste!  Perfect for the Jap Chae

The drinks served to us were refreshing. It's not the like the usual tea drinks that gives you a rough after taste but rather it leaves your throat fresh and gives you a soothing feeling.
Ms. Apple with the owner of Kundalini. The owner came up with the business because they wanted to share their way of living specifically their eating habits. For that, I salute you for introducing this one of a kind restaurant.

Kundalini also delivers their specialties. I hope one day they find a better place or do a little renovation so that people can have a cozier stay stay at the shop. 

Image Source: http://handpaintedsky.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/food-find-kundalini-healthy-cuisine/


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