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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Finds in Naga: Biniribid

"Kakanin" or sticky rice snacks are very common in the Philippines. Here in Bicol there is this a one of a kind kakanin locally known as "Biniribid" (Pinilipit in Tagalog) and is a deep fried rice flour with coconut milk, glazed with brown sugar on top.

When I was a kid, I always get excited every Sunday when my mom brings home this Biniribid after her market day. Last weekend I finally got the chance to eat again biniribid because of an office gathering. Usually the Biniribid is formed like a number eight (8) but the one we ate as shown below is almost like an infinity sign or shall I say half of a number eight. Nevertheless, they tasted the same.

WHERE TO BUY? You can buy this kakanin usually at the second floor of the supermarket (Naga City People's Mall) near the dried fish section in the morning at a very cheap price. Other vendors sugar coat the whole biniribid, others usually put the sugar glaze just on top of it. 

Biniribid is not entirely for the sweet tooth, but your food trip will never be complete in Naga if you haven't tasted even a piece of it. This is a simple craving that we Nagueños enjoy, thus this is a happy find when you are in Naga.

*Can anyone comment below how much is the Biniribid nowadays? 


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