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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Thank you FIDA and to the sponsors! Major thank you to Judge Lalwani and daughter!

Don't worry, I will not be a spoiler. Here's my take on the movie. 

At first, I was like.. how's it gonna work this time with a new casting?  Did Mark Wahlberg pull it off to improve the franchise? As for me, no disappointments. The movie was quite a whole new experience but still made it a point to anchor from the previous ones. It's like saying, "it's still the same yet it's different, different but in a good way". You be the judge too, watch the movie.😊😊

Apart from how movies are made and filmed, I am a huge fan of musical scores. What a way to have Steve Jablonsky as the main composer alongside with his teacher Hans Zimmer. Plus Imagine Dragons got so lucky to collab with the two musicians. Can't wait for the official score to be released.

Watch the Transformers: Age of Extinction on June 26, 2014 at SM Cinema Naga

A fundraising event of Federacion Internacional de Abogadas (FIDA) CamSur.

For tickets: 

• Regional Trial Court (RTC Naga) 2-5 PM Monday to Friday 
• Atty. Mygee Nieves of Public Attorney's office, Naga City Hall Compound, Naga City
• Or text 09054937712 


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